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Five Romantic Ideas for Valentines Day

The February 14th holiday of Valentines Day is the perfect time to ring in the romance. It may be cold and dreary outside, but you can make sure that it's warm and snuggly inside by implementing one of these romantic suggestions for Valentine's Day.

#1 Destination: Romance

When money is no object, then your course of action is clear: pack a bag and catch a plane to somewhere sexy and seductive. From Las Vegas to Antigua, luxury hotels are offering a host of amazing get-away weekends for couples. But time is a ticking, so get on the horn now to your travel agent, or better yet check out a discount travel website for last minute deals.

For a less expensive option, look into local B&Bs. Even if it's just a 20-minute drive away, you will feel like you are in a different world - which is all you need to jumpstart the romance. In either case, call ahead to the hotel or booking agent and request champagne for your room. Another option if you don't drink would be some chocolate, try some amazing chocolate covered berries.

#2 Under the Stars

Even if a destination get-away does not fit in your budget, there are plenty of romantic destinations right in your backyard. An ideal choice is the planetarium. In fact, what is more romantic that a night under the stars? Especially when there isn't snow, sub-zero temperatures and frozen fingers to contend with.

If your town doesn't have a planetarium, call up your local university and ask for the astronomy department; they might have a night sky.

Some planetariums have already jumped on the romance bandwagon and are offering special Valentines Day showings, complete with love songs crooned by Frank Sinatra playing in the background. But even if your planetarium hasn't caught the love bug, the regular showings are still plenty romantic - and probably a good deal less expensive.

#3 The Lessons of Love

Check out dance lessons, cooking lessons, horseback riding lessons, or even rock climbing lessons. Whatever you and your partner are in to - or want to get in to - is the prefect choice for a Valentines Day date.

For more inspiration, check Craigslist for local offerings. The Minneapolis Craigslist, for example, featured a recent ad from a massage therapist looking to teach couples the fine art of a perfect backrub.

#4 Take to the dance floor.

Dancing cheek to cheek is the quintessential romantic move. Look for local jazz clubs for a quiet intimate setting. Of course, on Valentine's Day, if you really want some privacy, the ideal setting is your own living room. Push the couches and tables back to the wall and string up some white lights. Then turn on your favorite crooner and dance the night away.

#5 Write your own Valentine.

With the thousands of greeting cards available for Valentine's Day, the most romantic way to share your love is by doing it with your own words. Just write what is in your heart and even if you are not the poet laureate, your valentine will undoubtedly be a treasured keepsake.

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