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Craft Project: Braided
Baubles Christmas

Presented by Holidays on the Net and Perfect Christmas Book: Easy & Elegant Christmas Trees By Claire Worthington
Braided Baubles © 1998 Collins & Brown Limited

Braided Baubles

Braids, ribbons and sequins are quickly and simply held in place with dressmakers' pins making this project very versatile

You will need:


How to:

1. Cut out strips of tissue paper that are long and wide enough to wrap around the Styrofoam balls
2. Wrap the tissue paper around the balls and glue into place at the top and bottom with the rubber-based glue<
3. Wind the gold cord around each ball to make whatever pattern you want. Use the dressmakers' pins to invisibly secure it, gluing the pin in place to prevent it falling out accidentally
4. Embellish further using fancy braid. Here the braid overlaps alternate strands of the cord, but there are many other ways in which you can use it (see above for some further ideas)

Perfect Christmas Book: Easy & Elegant Christmas Trees

Reprinted with permission:
Perfect Christmas Book: Easy & Elegant Christmas Trees
By Claire Worthington
© 1998 Collins & Brown Limited

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