Shamrock Art Activities for Kids

shamrock shapes

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with an easy shamrock kids’ craft. Start with card stock shamrocks. Trace the shape onto the paper, using a stencil or a cookie cutter. Cut the shamrocks out and try one of these artsy ideas!

Shamrock Bouquet 

Your child can glue the shamrocks onto a piece of poster board, creating a flower bouquet-style design. Add stems with green tempera paint or a green marker.

Shamrock Garland

Punch one hole in each side of the shamrocks. Tie the shapes together with green yarn. That’s it! Now you have festive holiday décor.

Shamrock Pattern Play

Instead of making all the shamrocks green, choose a few different colors (or shades of green). Ask your child to arrange the different hues into a pattern. Glue the pattern of shamrocks onto another piece of paper.

Shamrock Friends

Create a cute shamrock person by decorating the shape. Your child can draw eyes, a nose and mouth onto the ready-cut shamrock. Glue arms and legs (strips of construction paper) onto the shamrock to complete the craft.

Shamrock Collage

Help your child to build fine motor skills by picking up and gluing shamrocks onto a larger piece of paper. Vary the angles, overlap the edges and layer the shapes to create new and different textures.