Make an Airplane for National Aviation Day

Aircraft celebration

August 19th is National Aviation Day. Also marking Orville Wright’s birthday, this holiday celebrates the achievements made in flight. Help your child to focus on flight with a few airplane-making art activities! Even though he can’t (at least, not yet) build his own aircraft, he can start with a few paper and cardboard mock-ups right now.

Traditional Plane

This is the time-tested paper airplane design. All your child needs is a piece of paper. Use an 8×10-inch sheet to make the folding easier. He can use plain white or pick a colorful piece of paper. Position the paper vertically. Fold it in half, and then unfold it. Fold down the top two corners, creating a triangle at the top. Fold each half of the triangle again, making a long, slender triangle at the top. Fold the paper in half, and then fold down the ends. Now you have an airplane with wings!

Cardboard Box Aircraft

Magically transform an old cardboard box into an imaginative aircraft. Pick a larger box – such as an appliance or moving box. Open the top. Leave the side flaps attached, to make wings. Cut the other flaps off. Decorate the plane using markers, tempera paints or crayons.

Person Plane

Your child can turn himself into an awesome airplane. Cut ‘wings’ from pieces of poster board paper (each one should look like a larger, thin triangle). Use a hole punch to make holes at the top. Punch another set of holes about 6-inches down from the first ones. Thread yard through them to make arm holders. Punch another set of holes near the top center (one on each wing). Tie these together to bind the wings before your child puts them on!