Celebrate World Science Day with Slime

slime activity

World Science Day is held annually on November 10th. Celebrate this day with your child by planning plenty of educational activities, such as slime-making! Making slime helps children to understand states of matter, basic chemistry concepts and allows them to explore through their senses.

Basic Recipe

The basic slime recipe is simple to make. Your child can always add to it, creating plenty of different varieties to explore and experiment with. Combine one-quarter cup of clear school glue with equal parts liquid starch and water. Keep in mind, this is not edible in any way and should not be used with young children. Reserve this recipe for kids in grade school and up. Always supervise your child closely and watch for potential skin allergies or reactions. If any of the ingredients redden or irritate your child’s hands, stop the slime-making right away and consult a medical professional.

Glitter Slime

After mixing the basic recipe, mix in a rainbow of glitter. Another option is to split the slime into separate piles, adding different colors of sparkles to each one.

Feather Slime

Mix in craft feathers. This creates a different texture for your child to explore.

Ocean Slime

Use powdered tempera paint or blue glitter to turn the clear slime into an ocean-hued puddle. Mix small-sized plastic sea toys (such as toy turtles or fish) for an added experience.

Space Slime

Tint the slime black with glitter. Use modeling clay to make planets that your child can mix in.

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