Grandparents Day Handprint Card Craft for Kids

child paint

September 8th is National Grandparents Day! How can your child celebrate? Instead of a store-bought card or an impersonal email, check out this easy artsy option for kids of all ages.

Your child can make a Grandparents Day card from the heart. Adapt the idea for your child’s developmental level, helping your younger child or simplifying the steps to accommodate their growing abilities. Older children can try this activity with little adult assistance (you should still supervise the art-making).

Craft Materials You’ll Need

  • Card stock paper
  • Tempera or finger paints
  • Marker or crayons
  • Glitter

How To Steps

  1. Fold an 8×10-inch piece of card stock paper in half to make the card. Your child can choose between a book type of style or a tent shape (vertical or horizontal).
  2. Pour the paint onto a paper plate, piece of cardboard or paint palette.
  3. Dip your child’s hand into the paint.
  4. Press your child’s hand onto the front of the card (older kids can do this themselves).
  5. Sprinkle glitter on top of the painted handprint. Shake off the excess. Your child needs to add the glitter to the paint before it dries. Failure to do so will mean the glitter won’t stick.
  6. Write a holiday message. Add “Happy Grandparents Day” to the front and another message inside.