Inauguration Day Activities for Kids

president home

January 20th is Inauguration Day. Whether you voted for the president-elect or not, this day provides you with the chance to help your child understand the American political system. Along with watching the televised ceremony (if your child is at school can’t watch it, you can always take a look at it online later on), you can spend some time trying out a few president themed activities!

White House Model

Start with a shoe box and some card stock paper. Cut the paper, paint the box white and have your child model the president’s home. Younger children can make a basic model, while older kids can go into detail.

Presidential Portrait

Use a pre-stretched canvas, a piece of cardboard, poster board or any other paper as a base for a presidential portrait. Your child can draw the portrait, and then fill it in with tempera paints, markers, crayons or colored pencils.

Inauguration Book

After watching the Inauguration, your child can create her own book about the day. Younger kids can draw pictures. Older children can draw pictures and write the text too! Staple the pages together and add a cover/back with a piece of folded cardboard. Your child can draw a picture on the front of the book, add the date and title it.