Kids’ Crafts for World Teacher’s Day

teachers day

What can you do to celebrate World Teacher’s Day? Help your young child to mark this day by creating a few cute crafts. Not only will your art-loving child get the chance to express themselves through their favorite activity, but they’ll also make something memorable for their teacher. Instead of giving a store-bought gift, try one of these heartfelt ideas for World Teacher’s Day.

Pencil Holder

Even though it may seem like everything is digital, pens and pencils aren’t a thing of the past. Your child’s teacher still has pencils, and that means they might need a pencil holder. Start with a washed and dried plastic container (such as large yogurt or cottage cheese container). Cover the outside with a wash of glue. Your child can paint clear-drying school glue on with a brush. Press pieces of cut felt or tissue paper onto the glue, creating a collage. Let the glue dry and fill the holder with brand-new pencils.

Mini Chalk Board

Kids can craft creative cards that look just like small-sized chalkboards. Make a teacher appreciation thank you note by starting with a piece of cardboard. Your child can make a smaller 5×7-inch card or something larger. Cover the card with chalkboard craft paint (you can find this at most craft stores). Let the paint dry and then write a special message on the card with chalk.

Apple for Teacher

This picture frame craft is easy and fun! Start with an unfinished wood picture frame. Have your child paint it a solid light color or white. Dip pom pom, or a similarly sized circle shaped item, into red paint. Press the shape onto the frame (after the first layer is completely dry) to create apples. Add green leaves at the tops of the apples with paint and a thin brush.

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