Valentine’s Day Heart Postcard

Heart card

Your child can send a special holiday greeting on Valentine’s Day with a creative homemade card! Don’t worry if you’re not the craftiest parent out there. This is a super-simple project, that both you and your child can create together. The heart design is perfect as a postcard or you can pack the card up into an envelope and deliver it to a special friend or family member.


  • Card stock paper
  • Scissors
  • Craft felt
  • Clear-drying school glue
  • Markers


  1. Use 8×10-inch or letter-sized card stock paper as a base for the Valentine’s Day card. Go with pink or red (traditional holiday colors) or choose any hue that your child likes.
  2. Cut the paper into index card-sized pieces. They should look like postcards.
  3. Make hearts. Fold the craft felt sheet in half. Have your child draw half of a heart onto the felt, starting at the center (where the fold is). Size the hearts so that at least two fit on the card. Cut the felt (while it’s still folded). Open it up to reveal a whole heart.
  4. Glue the hearts onto the front of the card. Your child can overlap the edges or make a design (such as a flower) using the hearts.
  5. Turn the card over and write a message on the back.