Valentine’s Day Hot Chocolate Recipes


Warm your heart (and your sweetie’s too!) with a freshly brewed cup of Valentine’s Day hot chocolate. With the winter weather still in full force, February is the perfect time for a toasty sweet treat. Instead of chocolate hearts or a box of candy, gift your kiddo, spouse, significant other or other sweetheart this marshmallow-spiked drink!

Instead of the same hot chocolate everyone is used to, up your Valentine’s Day game with these holiday-themed ideas.

Strawberry Hot Chocolate

Use the colors of the holiday to create a berry-filled hot chocolate drink. Instead of the brown chocolate color, use strawberry syrup to make warm pink berry milk. Top the pink drink with a whipped cream heart and a chocolate-covered strawberry. The chocolate from the berry will melt into the hot milk, creating a sweet combination taste.

Marshmallow Magic

Brew your favorite type of hot chocolate and top it with something special. Skip the regular  mini marshmallows and opt for holiday-themed heart-shaped treats (you can find these at most grocery retailers or online). Sprinkle the marshmallows liberally into the drink.

Heart Confetti

Serve a steaming cup of hot chocolate with a mountain of whipped cream. Add a special splash of “confetti” with heart-shaped red, pink and white sprinkles.