World Oceans Day Art Activities

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Celebrate World Oceans Day on June 8th with a fun-filled kids’ craft. Your little learner can get artsy, making all kinds of sea-themed designs. Whether you live by the beach or just want to help your kiddo to learn more about the world’s largest bodies of water, check out these awesome ocean art activity ideas!

Underwater Diorama

Recycle an old shoe box, magically transforming it into an underwater world. Your child can paint the inside blue, and then add sea creatures by making mini clay model. Glue green tissue paper to the bottom on the box to create ocean plant-life.

Oil Pastel Ocean

Oil pastels provide your child with a way to ‘paint’ without the mess. Your young artist can draw an underwater picture and then use their hands to smear and blend the colors to create blue-green water or an orange-yellow golden-hued fish.

Crayon Water Color Resist

Your child can draw their favorite fish or sea creatures onto a piece of white construction or drawing paper. Next, have them paint a wash of blue water colors on top. Watch as the water color paint beads off of the crayon fish/sea creatures.

Ocean Map

Help your child to learn where the different oceans of the world are by creating your own map. Use a piece of poster board to draw a map of the globe. Have your child paint or color in the continents and oceans.

Shaving Cream Ocean

Spray dollops of shaving cream onto a piece of white card stock paper. Add a drop of blue food coloring or mix in blue tempera paint. As your child spreads the colorful cream around the paper they’ll create ocean-like waves. Add in sea creatures or plants with other colors of paint/food coloring.


Creation Of The World, Third Day, Creation Of The Ocean, Domenico Mastroianni picture
Creation Of The World, Third Day, Creation Of The Ocean, Domenico Mastroianni