World Science Day Kids’ Activity Ideas By Age

science activities

November 10 marks World Science Day. This special day is the perfect time to help your young child to learn about STEM or STEAM concepts, explore the world around them and experience new concepts. And you don’t need a biology or chemistry degree to do so.

How can you help your child to learn about science? Try these easy explorations that are based on your child’s age.


Use your tot’s natural sense of curiosity to their advantage and try:

  • A nature walk: Go outside and look for birds, bugs or different kinds of plants.
  • A sensory bag: Place slime, colored water, glitter and glue or another sensory-friendly material into a zipper baggie. Tape the ends and let your child explore away.
  • A sensory box: Fill a shoe box with differently textured items (such as cotton balls, fabric scraps or small toys). Cut a hole in the box, ask your child to reach in and encourage them to describe what they feel.


As your child begins to think more critically and solve problems, these experiment ideas will help them to explore:

  • Baking soda and vinegar: Discover chemical reactions by combining these two substances. Make sure to cover the area completely before you start (this activity can get messy).
  • Color mixing: Give your child the three primary colors (red, yellow and blue). Ask them to make a rainbow by combining the different hues.
  • Prism play: Explore the amazing abilities of light by shining it through a plastic prism.

Older Children

Your older child is ready for a more in-depth type of science. Along with what they do in school, try:

  • Garden growing: Help your child to get a better grip on the life-cycle of a plant by growing veggies in your home’s garden.
  • States of matter: Explore solids, liquids and everything in-between (plasma) with ice, water and slime-making activities.
  • Animal insulation: Learn about how some cold-weather creatures protect themselves by filling a plastic glove with Crisco (or another shortening). Have your child put their hand in the fatty glove then place it in cold water to see what happens.

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