World Youth Day Volunteer Ideas for Teens

youth day

August 12th marks World Youth Day. This special day celebrates the achievements of youth between the ages of 15 and 24. If you’ve got a teen and are looking for some way to spend this day, try a volunteer activity. Why volunteer? Aside from it being beneficial for the child and the cause (whichever one you choose), it also helps your teen to achieve something. This isn’t to say that your teen doesn’t already have a resume filled with achievements. But, why not add one more? Check out these volunteer activity ideas for teens.

Park Clean-Up

When your teen was younger she may have helped to clean up the local park or the school’s playground. Now that she’s older, she can organize the activity. Help her to get in touch with town council or parks department staff who can guide her through the process of creating her own outdoor area clean-up day. She can make posters, send out emails and organize other volunteers in preparation for this do-gooding day.

Senior Care

Celebrate youth by helping out the more senior members of the community. Your teenager can help out with an activity at a local senior center, offer to cut the grass or do the yardwork for your elderly neighbors or (if she has a special skill) teach a class at a nursing home.

Walk a Dog

The local animal shelter probably needs some help. If your teen is into animals, or is thinking about becoming a veterinarian, she can volunteer to walk dogs or even read to them (yes, this is a real volunteer opportunity that many shelters have).