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All Natural Cleaning Recipes:
Furniture Care

Furniture Polish

If you have all natural wood surfaces in your home, this polish is a great substitute for noxious spray-on cleaners.

1/2 cup olive oil
1/4 cup fresh lemon juice

Mix oil and lemon juice in a small spray bottle and shake well before use. Mist on to a dry, lint-free cloth and polish wood surfaces to a shine. Do not use this formula on wood veneer or other non-natural surfaces.

Polishing Cloths

Think you just can't live without your pre-moistened, disposable polishing cloths?

Try this all-natural approach and you'll change your tune.

Furniture Polish formula (above)
3-4 square cotton cleaning cloths 1 large glass jar

Pour several teaspoons of furniture polish into a jar. Cover tightly and shake thoroughly until the sides of the jar are completely coated. Pour any excess back into the spray bottle. Place unfolded cotton cloths inside jar and cover tightly. Leave the jar overnight. By the morning, the rags will have absorbed the polish and be ready for use. Cloths can be stored for up to three weeks.

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