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For this project you will need 2 different types of leaf garlands. I used a Canadian maple leaf garland in fall colors. (Some of the leaves were coated with rubber) I have also used a grape ivy vine garland. I have decided to use 2 garlands in this project because:


Most faux garlands look kind of thin. Some even scrawny. So by using 2 garlands you will have a fuller finished garland. This also makes for a better-looking garland.


The other reason for the 2 garlands is that by mixing the green of the grape ivy with the fall colors of the maple leaves the garland will make a nice “transition” piece. There is enough color to suggest “fall.” But not too colorful that the vegetables and fruit get lost in a clash of color.


Here are the materials and tools you need to make this garland…













      Indian Corn




  • Hammer
  • Wire cutter
  • Wire
  • Large (Display) Pins


Now lets begin our project…

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