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Where to place the fruits? There are numerous ways to add the fruit and vegetables to your garland. You can simply add the fruit as you would for a Christmas garland, by evenly place the fruits through the garland. I choose to make a larger grouping of fruits and vegetable to the left corner of the amoure. This asymmetrical layout also allowed me to add some height to the garland so it will not look so flat.


I used 2 of the pumpkins and an assortment of other fruits, including the grapes, apples, Indian corns, etc.


Hint: You can use plastic containers if you need to build your height up. Just make sure the containers cannot be seen. I used one medium contained to help lift up the larger pumpkin and the corn. I then used some of the extra leftover leaves to fill in around the container so it cannot be seen.


I also added a yellow apple to the right hand corner of the garland. Basically just for some color balance. I also added a set of three acorns to the pieces of the garland that draped over the armoire edge.


You can easily add anything that reflects your style and taste and home. To give the garland a definite Halloween feeling I added a faux jack-o-lantern.


Since I plan on keeping the garland up till Thanksgiving, I will replace the Jack-O-Lantern with something else more appropriate for Thanksgiving. I haven’t decide what yet!


You can easily use real pumpkins, Indian corn, and those great fall gourds that are available now. Just use them in place of the faux vegetables.


If you do get inspired by our holiday decorating ideas, let us know. And we would love to see what you’ve done – send along a small digital picture for us to see.

Finished Fall Garland
Fall Garland w/ Jack-O-Lantern