Fireworks Show Displays For Cities, Birthdays, Weddings

Fireworks Show Displays For Cities, Birthdays, Weddings

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Fireworks Show Displays For Cities, Birthdays, Weddings:

American Fireworks Co. Michigan, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virgina


Sales and Distribution

Ask for Nick


Basic Proposal for a show in Ohio, Michigan,Virginia, and West Virgina

Outside of our home states will increase costs due to travel and transportation.

Show Duration: Approximately 18 minutes

This Fireworks Display Proposal Includes:

  1. 1. Licensed Pyrotechnicians and Technician Assistants necessary to set up, fire, and take down the display in a safe, professional manner.
  2. 2. Delivery of all product and materials to the display site by qualified drivers as required by the U.S. Department of Transportation.
  3. 3. Professional, computerized choreographing and Electronic Firing.
  1. 4. All equipment necessary to setup, fire, and tear down the display.
  2. 5. All mortar racks necessary to pre-load all shells in the display. All racks are built to NFPA code specifications.
  3. 6. Public Liability and Automobile liability insurance of $10,000,000 combined single limit. Our insurance company has an A++ rating.
  4. 7. Workers Compensation coverage for all pyrotechnicians and technician assistants.
  5. 8. Explosives License as required by the U.S. Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.
  6. 9. State of Michigan Storage license as required by the Michigan State Fire Marshall.

Show Production and Design

American Fireworks will provide professional, computerized scripting of the entire fireworks display. We will utilize coordinated segments, matching like colors and effects, to create a variety of spectacular scenes for the crowd. The entire display can be fired electronically, so that we make sure there is no dead sky!!!

Show Segments and Highlights

The choreography of the aerial display will utilize several segments, including:

Patriotic—Five different segments utilizing red, white, and blue shells with various effects. These segments will be distributed throughout the show as detailed in the program and will be approximately 20 seconds in duration each.

The Fast and Furious—Will include several segments that will build in intensity throughout the show, culminating in a spectacular Finale (Pre-Finale and Grand Finale) that will be over 4 minutes in duration! An abundance of thundering, fast-breaking shells will be utilized in these segments (Crossettes, titanium salutes, tourbillions, peonies, and fish).

Soft and Slow— During these segments we will utilize soft-breaking, long duration shells such as arcing comets, brilliant glitters, willows, kamuros, and brocades.

Silver and Gold—No fireworks production would be complete without a glittering array of silver and gold effects. We will utilize coconut shells, flitter shells, and gold brocades to present curtains of brilliant golds and silvers to the crowd.

American Specialties—These segments will utilize specialty shells that will provide the crowd with many opportunities for "ooohs" and "aaahs." Color changing chrysanthemums, multiple-ring shells, pattern shells, and whistles are among the favorites that will be accentuated here.

Display Shell Detail

In order to simplify the information about the shells in our proposal, we have provided shell counts in three different categories of shells that we offer: Premium Star Shells, Fancy Color Changing Star Shells, and Special Effect/Pattern Star Shells. Below we have listed a sample of specific shells that you could expect to find in each category of shells that we have included in your proposal. This is only a sample of the extensive selection of high quality import and domestic shells which we feature in our inventory.

Premium Star Shells

Purple Peony, White Peony, Gold Peony, Red & Blue Peony, Half Green/Half Yellow Peony, Silver Chrysanthemum, Blue Chrysanthemum, Variegated Chrysanthemum, Purple and Spangle, Green Flashing, Gold Flash w/Blue Pistil, Glittering Chrysanthemum, Red Diadem, Silver Wave, Red and Silver Glittering, White Flashing Flower, Green Dahlia, Gold Palm Tree, Silver Surf, Red Tiger Tail, Glittering Comet, Diadem Chrysanthemum w/Palm Core, Red/White & Blue Waves, Crackling Dahlia, Aqua Chrysanthemum w/Glitter Tail.

Fancy Color Changing Star Shells

White Twinkling Kamuro, Purple to Crackling Flower w/Green Pistil, Rainbow Dahlia, Golden Wave to Variegated Chrysanthemum, Red/White & Blue Glitter, Red Gamboge to Blue to Silver Chrysanthemum, Purple to Green Chrysanthemum, Red to White Peony w/Crackling Pistil, Purple to White Flashing Chrysanthemum, Glittering Blue to Crackling, Green Diadem to Purple w/Silver Pistil, Golden Rippling Peony, Purple Sun w/Glitter Palm Core, Three Color Kamuro, White Twinkling Kamuro, Golden Wave to Green to Crackling.

Special Effect/Pattern Star Shells

Glittering Coconut, Crackling Spider w/tail, Silver Strobe to Crackling Flower, Brilliant Brocade Waterfall, Green Dahlia w/Salute, Bowtie Ring, Bee and Flower w/Strobe Tail, Brocade Kamuro, Silver Tourbillion, Crackling Willow, Red Crossette, Whistling & Crackling Fish, Dragon Eggs w/Ring, Glittering Crackling Coconut w/Rising Tail, White Flitter Crossette, Silver Ring w/Artillery Pistil, Fish and Whistle, Silver Brocade Dragon, Gold Strobe

Opening Barrage

Our program will begin with a "mini grand finale" that will fill the sky with colors and effects. This impressive salvo will set the mood for your spectacular display.

150 Special Effect Barrage Cakes (1 cake —150 Shot)

6 2.5" Red, White, & Blue Premium Star Salutes

Body of The Show

The body of the program will consist of 2.5" to 5" aerial shells and rapid-fire cakes. The aerial shells will be fired in volleys of 2, 3, and sometimes more. We will fire the body of the show at a smooth, consistent pace with no dead spaces between firings. Rapid-fire cakes will be intermixed with the aerial shells to provide high-energy, intense segments to the show. During the firing of the cakes, we will launch aerial shells of similar colors and effects over top of the cakes to give a layering effect of pyrotechnics.

Special Effect Barrage Cakes

1,050 Special Effect Barrage Cakes (7 cakes -150 shots)


36 2.5" Assorted Color Premium Star Shells

36 2.5" Assorted Color Premium Star mines


36 3" Assorted Color Premium Star Shells

36 3" Assorted Color Premium Star mines


20 4" Assorted Color Premium Star Shells


10 5" Assorted Color Premium Star Shells

Grand Finale

The crowd begins to applaud as they think the show has concluded. Suddenly, we unleash most memorable part of your spectacular display—our Grand Finale. This enormous, thundering, and awesome barrage will overwhelm the crowd with an amazing array of colors and shattering titanium salutes. The finale will begin with a low rumble, as titanium salutes explode every forth shell. Gradually the intensity will increase as we approach the ear shattering conclusion—over 24 titanium salutes ringing out in a thunderous explosion that can only be described with one word—AWESOME!

300 Special Effect Barrage Cake (2 cakes - 150 shot)

120 2.5" Assorted Color Premium Star Shells

Show Shell Summary

Total Shots: 2,088

American Fireworks History

In 1899, a young man named Vincenzo Sorgi decided to leave his home in Avenzzano, Italy and come to the United States. After a series of jobs, the last of which was laying track for the Pennsylvania Railroad, he found himself in Hudson, Ohio. In 1902 he started the American Fireworks Company and became the fourth generation of his family to be involved in the field of pyrotechnics.

Starting out in one small building, he quickly gained recognition for his handmade products of beauty and quality. In 1929, "Jimmy the Bomb" (as his friends referred to him) gained worldwide recognition by becoming one of the first attempting to shoot a rocket to the moon. Though never achieving his goal, his designs and plans closely parallel those used today and he was regarded as an innovator, well ahead of his time.

Today, over a century later, things at American Fireworks have changed very little. The business is still family owned and operated. Vincenzo’s son Jim and grandson John guided it from the late 20’s to the early 2000’s; they were the fifth and sixth generations of the Sorgi fireworks family. Now, over a hundred years later, Jim’s wife Nancy, John’s wife Mercy and the seventh generation of Sorgi’s, his three great grandsons Jamie, John and Roberto, are carrying on the family’s passion. Over their seven generations they have always tried to raise the bar in terms of quality and most importantly safety.

Vincenzo's one building on 1/2 acre has grown into more than 60 buildings on 70 acres. Customers that numbered no more than a dozen are now in the thousands. Yet the special formulas, handmade craftsmanship, and unique touch for each show are still hallmarks of the company. Although they are no longer trying to shoot rockets to the moon, their firework displays are still like Vincenzo said, “ahead of their time.”
American Fireworks Michgan Sales and Distribution 586-615-7016 Ask for Nick Giachetti

Fireworks Show Displays For Cities, Birthdays, Weddings:

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