Mother’s Day Gift Guide

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, the crunch is on to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Of course, mom says that all she wants is a homemade card and maybe some breakfast in bed. But we know that even the most selfless mother (and aren’t they all?!) wants and deserves a little pampering. If you’re stuck for the perfect gift idea, then check out our Guide to Mother’s Day Gifts. Whether you’re the husband, parent, child or best friend of a new, veteran or expecting mommy, you’ll find the perfect gift (in a variety of price ranges) in our Guide to Mother’s Day Gifts.


For the Mommy To Be

If the expecting mommy in your life tends toward the irreverent, than she’ll love the Ts at Georgie Tees, including “Bigger is Better,” “Does this T-Shirt Make Me Look Fat?” and our personal favorite: “Made It Past Third Base”. Georgie’s short-sleeved Ts are made in Peru from 100% Pima cotton. They have a light stretch, making them perfect for any stage of pregnancy. $32/each.


Every pregnant mama enjoys a little pampering and Mama Mio’s spa gift sets are the perfect solution. Arranged by trimester, the sets range from $35-$65. The third tri package includes our favorite Belly Butter($9), perfect for those end-of-pregnancy tummy itchies.


For the New Mommy

There is one thing, and one thing only, that every new mom desperately craves: Sleep. No, you can’t wrap it up and put a shiny little bow on top of it. But sleep is, without a doubt, the most valuable gift you can give. If sequestering mom for eight straight hours of sleep isn’t in the cards, then perhaps you can help make sure that she’s at least comfie for the few hours she does manage to snatch. The All Nighter Body Pillow is just the ticket. The pillow is shaped like a candy cane, providing specially designed contoured support, elevation and comfort. has the All Nighter (Ha! As if!) on sale now for less than $55 with free shipping.


If sleep of any kind is too “holy grail” for the new mama in your life, then you may need to go with Plan B: a house cleaner. For mommies too weary to remember their own name, a maid to vacuum their carpets and scrub their sinks is an immeasurable gift. If you really want to show your love and appreciation, select a company like Maid Brigade, which only uses products that are safe for mommy, baby and the rest of the family, too. Rates vary by region, size of home and cleaning tasks.

For the Eco-Conscious Mommy

Your mom may be green, but that doesn’t mean she can’t love brown – chocolate, that is! Equita, a division of Oxfam, sells the perfect guilt-free chocolate. It’s Certified Fair Trade, bought directly from local cocoa co-operatives for a fair price, and comes in a range of mouth-watering flavors. Our favorite: Belgian dark chocolate with organic Earl Gray tea nibs. Equita also sells fair-tree coffee, tea, rice and more. Gift baskets with chocolate and other free-trade products are available.


When the eco-mama in your life runs out to the store, she probably brings along her own cloth grocery bags. Now she can shed those boring off-white canvas bags in favor of something a bit more eye-catching b. happybags. These ultra-hip, retro-patterned bags are made in the USA. Each bag holds as much as a standard paper grocery bag, with handles long enough to fit comfortably over mom’s shoulder. We especially love the brown and light dottie pattern. Cute and conscientious – now that’s a winning combination! $19.95/each. 

For the Book-Worm Mommy

If the mom in your life is a voracious reader, then she’s probably already read everything written on the subject of parenting. However, these two new(ish) releases aren’t your run of the mill parenting books. No angst-filled mea culpas about child-rearing short-comings here – just (shockingly) funny, beautifully crafted and even a little bit poignant. Great beach reading, bathroom reading or anytime-of-the-day reading:


You’re Not the Boss of Me: Adventures of a Modern Mom, by Ericka Schickel According to the Las Angeles Times, “Erika Schickel, the author of “You’re Not the Boss of Me,” is the girlfriend we had in high school and college who was soda-through-the-nose hilarious.” While no one might have pegged Schickel as the natural mama type, her book shows that she’s the real deal. $10.36 at, with free super saver shipping.


Haiku Mama (Because 17 syllables is all you have time to read), by Kari Anne Roy. This is the book that’s inspiring blog entries, magazine articles and water cooler chatter all over the country. With over 100 irreverent haikus about the fun and foibles of motherhood, Haiku Mama will definitely keep you laughing out loud. Also $10.36 at Amazon.


For the Gadget Mommy

“Honey, I Shrunk The Digital Picture Frame!” For the gadget-obsessed mom in your life, Brookstone has the perfect gift: A Digital Key Chain that holds up to 60 full-color photos. The perfect way to take her pictures with her, Brookstone’s priced-right key chain features a high-resolution, 1.5″ screen with bright images and a wide viewing angle. Pictures of all of Mom’s favorite people can be easily and quickly uploaded with the included USB cord. Rechargable battery lasts up to 2 hours. $39.95.


Help mom turn down the CD clutter and turn up the volume on her favorite music with the ever-popular iPod nano. The 4 GB and 8 GB models are thinner than ever, with new video playing features and screen brightness, too. The iPod nano also now comes in a host of fun colors, including our personal favorite: Tiffany Box Blue. $149 and up.


If mom’s already got her MP3 player, then how about an iTunes gift card? The perfect way to let her be in charge of the music selection for once, the gift card comes in $15, $25 and $50 denominations.

For Bling-Bling Mommies

There’s a good reason jewelry is the most popular Mother’s Day gift: there’s no mom out there that doesn’t love a little bauble… or even some full-on bling! If you’re not sure where to start, go classic – a mother’s ring (or bracelet or necklace). We’ve got three great selections, so you can match the gift to her style sensibility (and your budget).


For the traditional mom, a simple, sparkly pendant necklace like a sterling silver one is the perfect way to show off her favorite gems: Her kids! The pendant is specially made to feature up to four gems, one for each of her children. Precious gemstones (or semi-precious, if that’s your preference) are channel set in the order requested. Prices range from $125 – $1,480, depending on the number and quality of stones chosen.


No, it’s not a traditional mother’s bracelet, but Lucina’s gorgeous pieces are the perfect gift for a mom with a big heart – so big that she cares not only about her own family, but also about struggling families around the world. Lucina’s exquisite jewelry is made with fair trade-imported and ethically-sourced gems, sliver and other materials – a practice that creates economic opportunities in war-torn communities around the world. It’s almost impossible to choose a Lucina favorite, since one piece is more breathtaking than the next, but we especially love the Women to Women International collection. This stunning Nadia Bracelet in purple is especially stunning. Prices start from under $100.


For a mother’s ring, we love the classic, crisp lines of a stackable gem ring, like the sterling silver ones on sale right now at Sorella. These stunning rings are custom-made, which takes 2-3 weeks – so if a gem ring (precious or semi-precious, depending on your budget) is on your gift list, order it now for guaranteed Mother’s Day delivery.


For the mom whose jewelry box is already over-flowing (is there such a thing as too much jewelry?!), you might be on the prowl for a more practical gift to help her shine. How about Brookstone’s Jewelry Cleaner? Only $50, the ultra-sonic cleaner will keep her fine jewels (and eye glasses, too) sparkly, without any harsh chemicals.


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19c.rare Russian Imperial Icon Mother God Kazan Silver Gold Enamel Filigree Tsar

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Very Rare Russian Icon Mother God Kazan Gold Plated Relic 19c Antique

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@17th Century Old Antique Tibet Tibetan Buddha Statue "victorous Buddha Mother"@

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The Mother Of All Star Wars Movie Poster Originals Only 9 Known Rare Billboard

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Brass Gold-plate Marici Maricideva Molizhitian Marishi-ten Dipper Mother Statue

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100'' Tibet Temple Ushnisha Sitatapatra Mother Buddha Bronze Statue

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