Easy Valentine’s Day Treat Recipes

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is filled with sweet treats. And this year you can have your child help you to whip up a few. Spend some together time with your little one, making Valentine’s Day goodies to share with the entire family. Serve your treats at a holiday party or send them to family members and friends. If you need a few simple Valentine’s Day recipes for your child to help you create, check out these holiday ideas.

Valentine’s Sundae

Crush your Valentine’s Day chocolates into a bowl of cherry red ice cream. Mix the candy into the ice cream and top generously with whipped cream. Add a cherry, or a chocolate-covered cherry, on top. Sprinkle with candy hearts and drizzle with cherry and chocolate syrup.

Cherry S’mores

Turn your regular s’mores into a Valentine’s Day treat. Cover marshmallows in cherry juice, turning them a holiday red or pink. Stack the cherry-flavored marshmallows with cholate on graham crackers. Heat the stacker in the microwave for 10 seconds or until the marshmallows starts to melt.

Candy Bark

Melt white chocolate in a microwave-safe dish, stirring often. Don’t allow your child to handle the hot chocolate. Sprinkle candy hearts into the chocolate. Spread the mix onto a wax paper-covered cake pan. Freeze the chocolate until it hardens. When it’s solid, Break the chocolate bark apart into pieces.