The Passover Seder

Taking place the first 2 nights of the 8 day holiday, the Seder is the most important event in the Passover celebration. Usually gathering the whole family and friends together, the Seder is steepedsederplate2 in long held traditions and customs

Leading up to the first night of Passover, the home is cleaned and cleared of all yeast foods, calledhametz. All hametz is either eaten before Passover begins or “sold” to non-Jewish neighbors and friends.

The rules surrounding Passover are strict and many, with only special foods, utensils, and dishware allowed.

Kitchen utensils and dishware normally used in the home are not be used during Passover.
Special dishes and utensils for the Passover holiday are taken out of storage, cleaned and used.

Only foods that are“Kosher for Passover”are allowed. No leavened (containing yeast) foods or grains are eaten. In their place matzoh and foods containing matzoh are eaten. This is to commemorate the Israelites who fled quickly into the desert with no time for their breads to rise and were forced to bake the dough into hard crackers in the desert sun. All foods prohibited during Passover must be disposed of the morning of the first night of Passover.