Chanukah Games, Recipes and Crafts for Kids

Hanukkah games

With eight nights, you’ll find plenty of time for Chanukah activities with your child. From cooking to games, your child can have all kinds of holiday fun (each and every night). If you’re looking for a few family-friendly ideas, check these out!


The traditional holiday spinning top game is hours of fun for kids of all age. The kids can spin the dreidel (each side has a different Hebrew letter on it), after adding to the collective ‘pot’. Give the kids something simple to add, such as raisins, small pieces of chocolate or gummi candies. If the dreidel lands on “Nun” the player doesn’t win anything. If it lands on “Gimel” the player gets to take everything. “Hey” means the player gets half of everything, and “Shin” means the player must add one. Keep playing until someone wins it all.

Holiday Cookies

Christmas isn’t the only winter holiday that comes with cookies. Bake sugar cookies and decorate them with blue and white frosting. The kids can also use icing to draw a candle on each cookie. Line them up to build a dessert menorah. If you’re looking for a no-bake treat, use grahams, white chocolate and marshmallows to male holiday s’mores.

Arts and Crafts

The kids can make their own menorahs, using soft modeling clay to build a base and sculpt mock candles. Try an over-sized version, reusing old boxes as gigantic pretend play candles. Line them up, paint them or use markers to decorate the sides. Make faux lights with crunch and crinkled yellow tissue paper sheets.