Easy Hamantaschen for the Busy Parent

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Hamantaschen are part of the Purim celebration. These triangle-shaped holiday cookies are perfect for your kiddo’s Purim carnival, family dinner or any other holiday celebration. If you’re not exactly the best baker, don’t worry. You can still make these holiday treats with ease. Take a look at the simple ways to cut the complication factor.

Doughy Shortcut 

Making the dough is the most challenging part of a hamantaschen recipe. Getting that perfect blend of lightness, yet solid structure (to create the triangle shape), isn’t always easy for the novice baker. Instead of struggling with a homemade recipe, substitute the lengthy dough-making process for the readymade version. use pie crust, pizza dough or crescent roll dough as the base for your kind of homemade version.

Easy Filling

If boiling fruit, adding spices or following a lengthy filling recipe isn’t for you, don’t stress about making the centerpiece of your holiday hamantaschen. Choose your favorite jelly or jam, spooning it into the middle of the triangle cookies.

Other Ideas

Do your kids want a different type of filling (other than fruit)? That’s okay. Spoon in chocolate hazelnut spread, peanut butter or a marshmallow topping. Keep in mind, some of these sweet fillings (such as most marshmallow toppings) aren’t Kosher.