Easy Ways to Break the Yom Kippur Fast

soup recipe

Breaking the Yom Kippur fast is an important part of the holiday. Instead of cooking all day, it’s likely that you’ll need to plan and prep this meal ahead of time. That means choosing recipes that easily reheat or don’t require heating at all. You’ll also need recipe ideas that easy on the stomach. Feasting on heavy foods after not eating won’t make you feel your best. When in doubt, go for lighter fare and gradually build back up to your typical diet. Before the holiday is here, check out these easy break-the-fast options.

Sandwich Buffet

This couldn’t be easier to set up. Instead of cooking, this idea only includes minor prep. And bonus, guests to your home can customize their own culinary creations. Offer a few different types of breads or buns. Provide something spreadable, such as jam, hummus or cream cheese. Add a variety of cheese and sliced or deli meats. Sliced or chunked grilled chicken is another option that you can served chilled. Finish the buffet with plenty of fresh veggies.

Break-fast Parfaits

These delicious delights are good any time of the day — not just in the morning. Simply scoop plain or vanilla yogurt into a cup, add a layer of your favorite cereal, sprinkle berries on top and repeat.

Chilled Soup

Even though Yom Kippur is a fall holiday, the weather may still be warm. Make a pot of a chilled melon, cucumber, cucumber and yogurt, chick pea and yogurt, avocado or potato leek soup ahead of time. Pop it into the fridge and take it out when you’re ready to eat.!