Rosh Hashana, Apples & Honey and Your Family: Ideas for Kids

apples honey

Apples and honey are a traditional Rosh Hashanah treat. Before you slice and pour, check out what your child needs to know about this tradition and how you can create your own sweet New Year’s version.

Why Do We Eat Apples and Honey On Rosh Hashanah?

The sweetness of apples and honey symbolizes the wish for a sweet new year. Make this holiday treat into an annual tradition! Read on for more information on fun, family-friendly ways to add apples and honey into your Rosh Hashanah celebration.

How Can You Prepare Apples and Honey for the Holiday?

The easy answer is to slice an apple and spoon out some honey. But if you want to dress up this sweet treat, try a variety of apples. Choose green, red and everything in between to create a rainbow of apples or artfully arrange the food on a plate.

How Can You Artfully Arrange the Apples?

Have your child help you to create a special arrangement on the plate. Let them use their imagination and design an apple person, fan the fruit out or create a geometric picture. When it comes to the honey, you don’t need to stick to a plain pool. Drizzle the honey over the apples, draw a swirl pattern on the plate or let your child get creative with a special design.