Tu B’ Shevat Tree Activities for Kids


Are you looking for ways to celebrate Tu B’Shevat with your kids? The new year or birthday for trees is a Jewish holiday that gives your children the chance to learn more about nature. Check out these fun-filled family-friendly Tu B’Shevat activities that will help your preschooler to develop new skills while learning about the holiday!

Plant a Tree

The winter chill may have left the ground frozen. But that doesn’t mean you can’t plant a tree—indoors. Start a seedling inside. Help your child to pick a tree, plant the seed, and care for it daily. When the spring arrives, transplant the seedling outdoors. If you prefer to keep your plants inside year-round, choose a pint-sized tree to grow in a planter pot.

Make a Tree Print

Use tempera or finger paint to create an artsy tree. Pour brown and green paints onto two separate paper plates. Your child can dip their fingers into the paint to print a holiday tree!

Create a Clay Tree

Along with a 2-D painted tree, your child can create their own three-dimensional clay tree. Form a trunk around a popsicle stick, molding the bottom onto a wooden or cardboard base. Use green clay to create leaves at the top!