[cordia] European Modern Stainless Wood Sliding Barn Door Hardware Set

[cordia] European Modern Stainless Wood Sliding Barn Door Hardware Set

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[cordia] European Modern Stainless Wood Sliding Barn Door Hardware Set:

CORDIAStainless Wood Sliding Barn Door Hardware Set

A modern set of barn door hardware for WOODsliding door at incredible price!!

Made with high quality Stainless Steel, in Satin finish.

The set includes:
  • (5x) Wall Hangers
  • (2x)Door Stops
  • (1x) 76-3/4"Rail (1 inch diameter) This is slightly shorter thatn 6 1/2 feet. (For International shipment I will send you the rail in 2 pieces plus a connector because most couriers cannot ship long boxes)
  • (2x)Rollers
  • (1x)Floor Guide
  • (1x)Door Handle
  • (1x) Hex tools and all screws.
  • (2x) End Caps
  • Door Weight Capacity: 150LB
  • For use with openings up to 38".
  • HARDWARE ONLY! Door not included:Home Depot or big box stores usually have a desk for special order doors at reasonable prices. Visit the desk after your purchase to choose a special door for your installation.
We have two similar sets. The Basora and Cordia. Which one should you get?
  • Get theBasoraset if you:
    • Need absolute locking mechanism to prevent door from falling off
    • Know the stud distances are even 16" apart or
    • Have access to bare wall to install a horizontal stud
    • WHY?Because the hangers that mount the rail to wall are fixed on the rail. They are movable but takes the right tool to drill the rail.
    • Link to Basorda theCordiaset if you:
      • Are not sure about if studs are 16" apart
      • Have no access to bare wall
      • WHY?The hangers can be mount on the wall on the stud locations first, then rail is then placed on them.
    Why you should buy from us:
    1. Over 1000 sets sold! #1 in ! Many satisfied customers!
    2. Superb Quality will exceed your expectation.
    3. Come with 5 wall hangers, other sellers only comes with 4. Why is this important? Most of walls around the world aren't made with wood studs andSheetrock. They are with brick, concrete and mortar. While 4 hangers may work for elsewhere, 5 hangers provide the right number of supports for wall with studs. With only 4 hanger installation, middle part of the rail may sack after long term usage.
    4. These came direct from the factory! No middle man!
    5. Ship within 24 business hours of payment!
    Extra Services: