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May 18th, 2014
Lag B'Omer



ª"˜¨¨¯¨˜ Black Dragon Rose 5 Seeds Al1985sc Rose Bush Striped For Sale


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hardy zones: 5-11

in cooler climates it can be overwintered indoors to protect it

beautiful blooms

Height: 36-48 Inches

Width: 36 Inches


blooms till frost

Full Sun



SEEDS ARE LABELED AND SHIPPED IN SMALL PLASTIC BAGGIES! I buy from wholesalers and break the seeds down into quantities that a regular gardener will use. I try to provide directions on all of the packages but sometimes I am out of ink or my printer may not be working and I can not.

Sometimes if you buy more than one pack of the same kind of seeds, I may combine the seeds into one package to save some time. If you do not want this and want multiple packages, then please message me and let me know. Otherwise, your item will probably be sent out in ONE PACKAGE and I will not send any extra packs because you wanted multiple baggies. SO be SURE TO MESSAGE ME!


YOU MUST REQUEST AN INVOICE TO HAVE A COMBINE INVOICE!!!! YOU MUST PAY FOR ALL OF YOUR ITEMS IN ONE INVOICE AT ONE TIME TO RECEIVE THE DISCOUNT! If you pay for one item today and one item tomorrow, they will each have a shipping charge on them. WAIT TILL ALL OF YOUR ITEMS HAVE FINISHED THEN REQUEST YOUR INVOICE. will not combine your order at all and you will pay multiple shipping charges. I have had buyers in the past decide to just pay their uncombined invoice. would charge shipping on each item in one invoice or they would charge shipping on each item and break them all up into individual payment. The buyers would just go ahead and pay and then want me to go back and refund the overcharge. I WILL NO LONGER DO THIS FOR ANYONE! All you have to do is request the combined invoice when all of your items are done, and then the discount will be reflected. Any orders paid for that a invoice has not been requested and the shipping is wrong, will be considered that you have decided not to request the invoice and to pay the overcharge or multiple payments and NO refunds will be made! I do not want anyone to be overcharged on shipping and I do not want to have to send you a message saying there is no refund you chose to pay too much shipping, SO PLEASE PLEASE REQUEST AN INVOICE WHEN ALL OF YOUR ITEMS ARE DONE TO MAKE ONE PAYMENT AND RECEIVE A INVOICE!!

Some of my orders will actually cost me more than I charge in shipping, Some of my orders will cost me the exact amount I charge in shipping, and Some orders will cost me less than I charge in shipping. For US buyers, One flat rate on all packages is the best way I have found to ship the seeds.MY SHIPPING CHARGE INCLUDES SHIPPING, HANDLING, AND SUPPLIES! Meaning the shipping price helps me cover some of my fees for and Paypal which would be shocking if you really knew how much it costs per month, bubble mailers, baggies, paper, ink, plain envelopes, white labels, computer, printer, pens, address labels, folders, gas to and from the post office, gas to and from supply store, and much more.

During Peak season, it will usually take 1-4 BUSINESS DAY days for your order to ship. BUSINESS DAYS DO NOT INCLUDE SATURDAY, SUNDAY, OR HOLIDAYS! It depends on how many orders I have how fast it goes out. Orders go out in the order they come in. Once your items ships you will see the icon next to the blue $ sign lit up blue as well. Please check and see if your icon has turned blue to know if your item has been sent yet or not.

Also, sometimes my post office will say that a package can ship for a certain price and then the receiving post office will say it needs more stamps. The PO decides this solely on someones opinion and not on one precise exact way. This doesnt happen very often but if this happens to happen to your package then just message me and I will make it right immediately. In the few cases that it does happen it is simply an accident and can me made right within a few minutes. Please just message me and give me the chance to make it right BEFORE going and leaving negative response. Its not something that a negative should be left over because it is a accident and I am happy to fix it. But like I said it doesnt happen much but I just want to make you aware of it just in case it might happen.

TRACKING IS NOT OFFERED, unless it is a large order. Small orders will NOT have any tracking on them.



EACH YEAR USPS GOES UP ON THEIR RATES! International rates really went up this year, so shipping for international orders is now as follows:

$3.00 Shipping for the first item and then $0.15 for each additional item not to exceed $7.50 (that is as high as it will go).

I hate to have to go up like this. I have always kept a low shipping but this year USPS decided that a one ounce package would cost $6.75 at least and goes up from there depending on the size of the package and/or the weight!

For international orders, I will NOT be held responsible for packages lost in the mail or seized by your customs. It is your responsibility to know what can be imported into your country. I deal with way too many countries to know what can and can not be imported. International shipping usually takes 14 to 28 days to arrive. TRACKING IS NOT OFFERED ON INTERNATIONAL ORDERS!!!By offerding on or accepting the Buy it now option you are agreeing to these terms!

THE LAST THING I WILL SAY ABOUT SHIPPING IS PROVIDE YOUR CORRECT MAILING ADDRESS WITH YOUR PAYMENT!! Lately I have had orders coming back saying No such number, no such address, can not be forwarded, held with no pick up, and so on. By you buying and paying for your item I agree to send it to the address provided to me. I do not agree though to send it out twice because you didnt provide me with your correct address. As of now, any orders returned because the correct address was not provided will be required additional postage to resend. So KNOW YOUR CORRECT MAILING ADDRESS AND BE SURE TO PROVIDE IT TO ME WHEN YOU MAKE YOUR PAYMENT!

Flower seeds are a live organism. Their germination depends on many factor including heat, cooling, sun, shade, moisture, time of sowing, etc. None of these things I can control so I can not be held repsonsible for them. I promise to provide fresh viableseeds as I always have and the rest is up to you :)

Please e-mail me with any problems before leaving negative response, I am sure we can work it out! Some buyers are quick to just leave a negative and not give a seller the chance to make their issue right. Just take a minute, send me a message and I am sure I can make you happy. Also, I have some buyers send me such nasty messages when something bothers them. This is not necessary. I am a very nice lady and try my hardest to treat my buyers the way I would like to be treated.

Lastly, in the past I offered Free Packs of seeds per the number of sales that you won. For example, buy 4 packs get 1 free, buy 7 get 2 free, and buy 10 get 4 free. I ended up having confusion with some buyers over the free packs. The confusion ended up not being worth all the messages and trouble it caused with some buyers. So I have decided NOT to do the free packs like this any longer. So from now on, if you buy $5 worth of seeds ( the $5 DOES NOT include the shipping charge, it is $5 worth BEFORE the shipping charge is ever added ), I will include a surprise in your package. WHAT VARIETY and HOW MANY surprises you will receive is up to ME and ME ALONE!

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ª"˜¨¨¯¨˜ Black Dragon Rose 5 Seeds Al1985sc Rose Bush Striped:

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