۞ Tru-bleu Antique Doll Cleaner ► 2 Oz Concentrated All Purpose Cleaning Paste ◄

۞ Tru-bleu Antique Doll Cleaner ► 2 Oz Concentrated All Purpose Cleaning Paste ◄

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۞ Tru-bleu Antique Doll Cleaner ► 2 Oz Concentrated All Purpose Cleaning Paste ◄:

Antique Doll Paste
For Most Types of Dolls & SurfacesThis is a BUY IT NOW Listing.
The Purchase Can Be Made at Anytime! ツ ♥- CONCENTRATED CLEANING PASTE -♥☆Multiple Surface - ALL Purpose Cleaner;☆

For Composition, Hard Plastic, Vinyl, Rubber, Fired China, Porcelain, Metals, Sealed Wood, Celluloid, Dolls, Action Figures & Figurines
★PLUS! + Bakelite, Brass, Stoneware, Glassware, Dishes, Stainless Steel Tableware, Tupperware, Tile, Jewelry &even the Kitchen Sink!

Restores an Original Finish
To It's Factory Luster
With Only One Application! This product was developed and tested for over a period of 10 years, by the efforts of professional doll doctors & collectors. It is not a craze concealer, but simply a cleaning paste, which cleans away the dirt that makes craze lines, scratches, cracks, or imperfections so noticeable. Craze concealers can be used, if desired or needed, after using Tru-Bleu.Leaves NO residue, when used as directed - Just the ORIGINAL clean, buffed finish.~F.Y.I.~Tru-Bleu contains NO WATER, NO OIL JELLY,which one or more ARE found in everyother doll cleaner available on the market today.Those ingredients are considered harmful and willdeteriorate composition, rubber, & metal, and can discolor some plastic or vinyl surfaces. Those adverse effects are sadly deceptive, because they aren't always immediate, but the damage will surface in time. Most importantly, KNOW YOUR DOLL before attempting cosmetic care. Always consider cleaning as only an option. Cleaning is never a requiredmaintenance for every doll. ♥ Best Cleaning Golden Rule of Thumb: "When in Doubt ... DON'T!" ♥ ツ
The best guide to whether anything should even be cleaned at all, is usually answered by your own first instinct.
Just because you CAN clean it, doesn't always mean you should clean EVERYTHING ..."Patina" can be Tru-Bleu Facts◄
Tru-bleu is NOT a stain lifter for soft platic, rubber, or vinyl surfaces. It is a safe & concentrated all-purpose cleaner.
It can not change the original pigment, or remove embedded color changes; like ink, or green ear, often seen on Barbie dolls.
★ It's NO Miracle Why Professional Restorers Prefer Tru-Bleu to Other Cleaners .. ★
    • Cleanser Contains NO Water, Oils, Wax, or Flammable Ingredients.
    • Concentrated! One 4 oz. Container Cleans 25 or More Dolls
    • Removes Years & Layers of Dirt & Grime from All Types of Doll Surfaces without altering the originality of a surface.
    • Proven Successful On Most Dolls Exposed to Smoke or Nicotine
    • Removes Crayon, Ink Marks, Tar, Bug Residue, lipstick, and flaking glue, from Composition & 1940's Hard Plastic
    • Removes Mold & Mildew
    • Unlocks A Dolls' Beautiful Original Finish
    • Preserves The Natural Appearance
    • Easy to Apply, Leaving a Light, Fresh Clean Scent.
    • Can Greatly Improve Dolls Which are Stricken with Hard Plastic Disease (but there is no guaranteed cure for this affliction.)
    • Does Not Dry Out Rubber or Vinyl Surfaces.
    • Gently Lifts Embedded Dirt From The "Pores" of Bisque Head Dolls.

      ★Satisfaction Guaranteed!★... or I'll give you your money back!!
      Your Good Common Sense is Required! ツ As Always, Keep Tru Bleu & Other Household Cleaners, Out of Reach of Children.
      Product Instructions Included
      ☆ Proudly Made in America ☆ And Shipped from USA ☆

      Test on a small inconspicuous area using a soft cloth, & small circular motions, while cleaning.
      With a very light hand, use Cotton Swabs for cleaning around painted eye lashes & brows.

      ۞ Comments received & written byActual Customers:۞

      ☆(All referrals below are personally with areal name or ID)☆

      "My poor hard vinyl dolly had mold stains on her legs. I had used 2 different liquid cleaners & the stains did not come off.ONE cleaning with your True Blue paste cleaner took every one of them off!!!
      Huggers, Judy" ID:( jujus5gkids ) **********************" The best doll cleaning product I have ever used!! Thanks so much!! " -- Buyer: I can say is WOW!!! Your cleaner is AMAZING!! I've tried it on several of my composition dolls!! They're clean & shine like brand new! One was so dirty I didn't even realize how cute she was! AND I just tried it on one of my newer vinyl dolls that had those "mystery" black marks on her .... THE MARKS ARE GONE!! I'll admit I was very skeptical about the vinyl dolls ONLY since I've tried EVERYTHING to try to get those black marks off! I am tickled pink! And you WILL be hearing from me again soon!Very Happy "Doll" Mama, "- purchased some of your Tru Blu doll cleaner this week and tried it on some really grimy composition dolls last night. I just wanted to tell you how great it worked. It is the best I have ever seen and I have been restoring dolls for 25 years. It leaves the most beautiful finish without affecting the original paint. I am so impressed with your cleaner that I would be interested in trying any product that you sell for doll repair or restoration.Thanks,"
      - Mintha Beane I am very impressed with your product!
      I can't believe how easily 40+ years of dirt and grime are coming off with so little "Great Doll Cleaner. Tru Blue Works as Good as Glass Wax!!Thanks!!! A++"
      Buyer: (clifftrick)


      Buyer: this stuff, it's my second jar! thanks!"
      Buyer: product, amazing results! I never use any other doll cleaner but this!"
      Buyer: agathasworld *************** " Just wanted to let you know that the doll cleaner arrived safely yesterday. I haven't had time to try it very much, but I did try it on one little doll I had purchased at a garage sale. She had tar or black ink or something on her face and soap wouldn't remove it. I am pleased to tell you the True Blu Paste DID remove it! You should include a reorder form in the package, because with as many dolls as I have I will probably be reordering. Thanks for making this product available!"~ Beverly Huff -


      "This cleaner really works! Thank you! My doll looks great~AAA+++"
      Buyer: aikman2657


      "Works just like the photo shows! Used on composition Ideal doll. Very Happy! A+!"

      Buyer: de très bonne qualité. eur sérieux A RECOMMANDER"
      Buyer: berjeanfrance


      "I just used your Tru Blue and it is absolutely the most fantastic stuff. I had just gotten a couple of real old composition dolls and they were in pretty bad shape and now they almost look new. They still have a few cracks here and there but they aren't nearly as noticeable and they were and they shine like new.Thank you and I will tell anyone who asks about your product!Thank You again!"- Cj-User GREAT! Found beautiful color on compo doll under gray! DELIGHTED!"
      Buyer: mutsvalley1997


      "Thank you! AWESOME PRODUCT fast shipping most recommended A+++"
      ID: "Product is great! Took a lot of dirt off Skipper. Highly recommend."
      Buyer: barbiesr


      "Fantastic product, super fast shipping Great seller A1+++"


      "It really works. Thanks a lot!"
      Cleaner I've EVER Used & I've Tried 'em ALL!"

      Buyer: rahnemo


      " Hey Deb! Received the cleaner today - what a cute container!Can't wait to try it!Thanks for all your help and encouragement! It's great to know you're just an email or phone call away, if I have anymore :)


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۞ Tru-bleu Antique Doll Cleaner ► 2 Oz Concentrated All Purpose Cleaning Paste ◄:

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