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▀▄▀ Cac Christensen Guinea Marble ▀▄▀:

We are pleased to offer this consignment!

absolutely eye popping!! measures 19/32". nice seams. excellent busy colors. everything one would want in a clear base guinea. wet, mint 9.7++, it has 2 micro debris specks. as-made.teensy oven brick is all. melted into the surface. one too tiny to see unless under mag,. the other shows in very bottom picture near the top. see? told ya they were teeny. but have to mention.

Please note shipping costs usually include insurance. if it closes for less, of course your shipping will be less too!

I cannot run a tab for more than 3 days.

Please wait for invoicing, so insurance can be added please. International buyers, priority mail or however tracking or insurance can be added. this typically costs about 30.00 to 40.00 for shipping. sets the shipping available for my seller protection.


I can only run a 'tab' for 3 days. thanks :-)

The important stuff.... I can offer other methods of payments. just email me! I do accept returns, however, item must be returned in unopened original envelope. My grading islisted below the pictures on this page, and on my "me" page. please read.

You are offerding onone marble. You are looking at one marble from different views.(Please excuse any light reflections or finger prints!) Don't forget to check out our 'Me" page for more info!!and zaboo2smarbles for more great marbles and deals!

Please email w/questions. PAYPAL payment within 3 days.I offer other payment choices if paypal isn't your ideal. I shipTWICE a week. Let me know if you would like insurance added! Please wait for invoice for multiple items so I can save you $$ on shipping!

Thanks for looking!


Grading is subject to everyone's opinion. And yes, everybody has one. However, if you are offerding on my marbles, you are agreeing to my opinion on grading.

First... I do not grade with a 30X loupe. These were made as toys, not tiffanyart glass.

Many marbles will have factory defects and flaws, some companies more than others simply because of the glass or process used in manufacture.

Grading by numbers. I personally hate the numbers game, but many rely on it for grading info.

10. Not sure there is a perfect 10 marble. As close as I would get to this is 'dead mint'. Meaning it is as perfect as the day it was made.

9.8 looks free of any pocket wear, or play damage, but could still have an as-made little glass flaw, or melted bubble pops, slight cold roll etc.

9.6 to 9.7. Looks fantastic, wet surface, but could have a minute pin prick, or a pin tip sparkle or two (as-made or not). or a very slight roller mark, etc.

9.2 to 9.5 Again, looks great in hand, but could have a tiny flea or two, a little pocket wear, maybe a really tiny subsurface crescent or two., as-made roller scuff etc. General speaking a NM+ to M-.

9.0 I consider this grade a NM to NM+, meaning the marble is still shiny, but will have some pocket wear, or some play damage somewhere, or a combination, yet still very displayable and collectible.

I try not to list anything reconditioned or below a 9.0 unless it is a rare example, or simply a consignors request to list, and I will show and describe the issues.

▀▄▀ Cac Christensen Guinea Marble ▀▄▀:

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