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❀bluebonnet Babies❀ Reborn " Coco-malu " Newborn Baby Girl ~ Elisa Marx Sculpt:


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Original Sculpt Name: Elisa Marx's ''Coco-Malu'' Newborn

Date of Birth: April 25, 2013

Weight: Approx. 5lbs (2.3 kg)Length: 18.5 inches ( 46.99 cm) w/ legs curled up

I hope you enjoy the following photos of this adorable newborn girl that I've reborn in my nursery. I took all the photos you see in a variety of natural lighting conditions both indoors and outdoors to show how her complexion changes in different light intensities of the day (as real skin often does).

If you have trouble seeing the photos in this description or want to know more about Josie than what is described below, please feel free to email me. Sometimes refreshing your page will help with the completion of the download.

Please feel free to email me and get on my email notification list for new babies available for adoption! See box at the bottom of this listing description. Custom orders on request. Limited Openings now available!

Limited 4-6 week layaway available on this baby! Or you can take advantage of interest free payments for 6 months using Paypal's ''Bill Me Later''. Click link below to see if you qualify.

In The Beginning...

This sweet little girl started out as the very popular ''Coco-Malu'' doll kit by talented sculpting artist, Elisa Marx. I have decided to name her ''Josie'' but you can change her name and gender to any wish if you become her new mommy.

Just at approximately 18.5 inches in length, she has the look of a healthy newborn baby and will easily fit in newborn size and some 0-3 month size clothing depending on brand name. All of Elisa's babies are highly collectible as they are so detailed and very well sculpted. From her sweet little dimples to her chunky baby hands and feet... She is a joy to dress up and pose. Truly a masterpiece to add to any reborn collection!

Body and Complexion...

I have given this baby a classic newborn complexion using layers of Genesis paints that is slightly mottled but not overly blotchy. Each layer of Genesis paint is applied in such a way to give the skintone depth and realism. Faint bluish undertones are spread throughout in all the appropriate places. This is to mimic areas of thinner skin and veins, and they lie just below the skin surface so they look blended...not simply ''drawn on'' and do not overpower her complexion with a bunch of ''blue lines'' that look unsightly.

Her 3/4 vinyl arms and 3/4 vinyl legs are attached to a fleecy soft, cloth torso body with fully jointed legs and arms that rotate all the way around and made just for her.


I have given this little girl a mix of pale/sandy blonde mohair with wispy painted ''peachfuzz'' around her hairline to mimic the left over ultra-fine baby hair that newborns often have when brand new. This mohair is extremely HIGH quality and silky smooth with no kinky frizz when dampened and left to dry naturally. No conditioner is needed on this very premium blonde hair, it has a natural gloss and shine to it. It can be combed straight or flipped for natural cowlicks and curls. I left enough on her crown for adorable pig tails or top knots.Rooting it took days to complete and was achieved with the smallest needle available at 43gauge German so you know there is only 1-3 hairs inserted at a time giving her a natural ''baby hairline'' look to her head. It is secured with adhesive to do lots of different hair styles on this luscious blonde hair!

Eyes, Nose & Mouth

I have given Josie a gorgeous set of newborn skyblue eyes by Eyeco that matches her blonde hair and mottled newborn complexion beautifully.

Her eyebrows are painted wispy and fine and do not overpower the her face. The nose was gently opened and backed with dark felt for depth and realism.

Her mouth was painted a soft mauve color and is glossed to protect the paint and give it a moist look.


Each of the baby's tiny nail beds have been given realistic touches and glossing so they look like they've just been clipped. The gloss finish is permanent and will resist chipping or yellowing with normal handling.


The baby's limbs have been weighted with glass beads. I also put some polypellets in the body area and head... with more concentrated weight in the baby's bottom and legs to balance the body weight. You will need to support her head as she is a newborn and has extra weight in her head to mimic a more floppy newborn feel when cradled in your arms or lifted from her crib.

Coming Home...Ang

Josie will come home with all the top quality outfits seen in these photos. Included is an adorable Gymboree caterpillar gown that can also be made into a romper if you prefer. Also included is her ocean themed footed sleeper a Carter's brand outfit. I will include an ''anatomically correct'' belly and chest plate for diaper only poses (if you prefer this baby to be a boy just let me know and I can accommodate you on this).

Hair bands, bows, top knot clasps, and magnetic pacifier are included as seen in photos. Magnets can be removed if requested as they can harm those with pacemakers.

I always include a birth certificate from my nursery and you can change the baby's name if you wish.


*All other blankets, bottles, toys, baby grooming materials, etc you see in the photos are only photo props and will not be included.*


I hope you enjoyed looking at and considering this adorable, dimpled newborn baby girl for adoption! She is as cute in person as she is in these photos and will make an excellent addition to any reborn collection.

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✧ In Conclusion...

Does Josie remind you of a someone you've seen or had in your life? If so, don't let this darling one get away as there will not be another just like her!

Layaway options are available! Just email me for more info, but be prepared to put at least some money down immediately upon adoption!

New ers and those with response less than 10 who may need help with anything about this sale are especially encouraged to ask questions.

I reserve the right to cancel offers for non-payment response/strikes or a new account holder has not sent me an email regarding their sincerity and clarity of the offerding details and rules.*


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I back my work 100% and use only the finest materials to make this baby. I have described him/her to the best of my ability and have provided many pictures for you to get a portrayal of him/her as accurate as possible. All babies come from a 100% smoke free Environment.**Please read my return and refund policy below. If you are unsure of anything about this baby and how he/she was ''reborn'', please ask questions and/or additional pictures BEFORE offerding! This is SO important as I realize that with any art-form, tastes will Buyers: Paypal is the payment option for this sale. If you need another way to pay you'll have to email me first...before offerding or buying. === PAYMENT DUE WITHIN 3 DAYS OF sale END UNLESS YOU HAVE EMAILED ME PERSONALLY PRIOR TO offerDING TO DISCUSS OTHER OPTIONS! ==== The item will have to be relisted if payment isn't made within this time frame!! Shipping will be UPS Ground at $19.99 or $26.99 Priority Mail. Tracking and insurance are INCLUDED in the shipping costs provided.**If you are the winning buyer you MUST contact me within 24 hours of sale end to let me know how and when you intend to pay! THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!
Overseas and Canadian buyer please see shipping calculator to see your shipping costs.
I use Global EXPRESS as it is the fastest route possible as it's the safest route and it can be tracked, but time of delivery overseas can vary greatly due to customs inspections. ** ((( Duty fees or taxes upon arrival is the BUYER'S responsibility.)))) Know your duty taxes due BEFORE you offer so you wont be surprised by what you are charged by your country when the package arrives. LAYAWAY OPTION: Email me for more info on layaway. I do offer a limited time for paying her off if you can't afford her price all at once. I do require a downpayment immediately after the sale to assure you do intend to follow through with the agreed layaway terms, so be prepared to put some money down. Those with great response will qualify. Email me for more info!Thanks for looking! See below for Email and Website links.

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❀bluebonnet Babies❀ Reborn " Coco-malu " Newborn Baby Girl ~ Elisa Marx Sculpt:

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