✚5280✚ German Iron Donation Medal Eisenmedaille Ww1 Iron For Gold For Sale

Original German Iron Donation Medal for patriots WW1, WORN CONDITION, SHOWS MASSIVE RUST (MAGNETIC) - NICE SILKY RIBBON

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German Iron Medal (Eisenmedaille) - This is a private issue medal given to those who contributed jewelry to a fund, for the care of rest homes or graveyards for veterans of the First World War. 34 mm, iron. Front: "Ich hatt einen Kameraden“, back: „Am Schmuck der Ruhestätten unserer Tapferen half wer dieses Eisenzeichen nahm". At the decoration the peace places of ours tap far from helped who this iron indication took). Ich hatt' einen Kameraden "I had a comrade", is a traditional lament of the German Armed Forces. The text was written by the German poet Ludwig Uhland in 1809. In 1825, the composer Friedrich Silcher set it to music. "The Good Comrade" plays an important ceremonial role in the German Armed Forces and is an integral part of a military funeral. The song has also become traditional in obsequies of the Military of Austria, the Austrian firebrigades and the highly prussianized Chilean Army. It is also used to some degree in the French Army, particularly in the Foreign Legion. When the song is played, soldiers are to salute, an honour otherwise reserved for national anthems only. Occasionally the song is played at civil ceremonies, most often when the deceased had been affiliated with the military. It is also commonly sung at the funerals of members of a Studentenverbindung. Finally, the song is often played on Volkstrauertag, the German Remembrance Day, at memorials for the fallen.

✚5280✚ German Iron Donation Medal Eisenmedaille Ww1 Iron For Gold

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✚5280✚ German Iron Donation Medal Eisenmedaille Ww1 Iron For Gold: