***** Nice Old Antique Vintage Italian E. Paolo Labeled Violin *****

*****  Nice Old Antique Vintage Italian  E. Paolo  Labeled Violin  *****

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***** Nice Old Antique Vintage Italian E. Paolo Labeled Violin *****:




The old label inside reads:

ERBA PAOLO fece in

Mariano Comense 1906

(..06 is in writting)

SIZE: 4/4


Violin Length: 590 mm

Body Length: 357 mm

Upper Bout: 166 mm

Center Bouts: 112 mm

Lower Bouts: 205 mm

Stop Length : 196 mm

Neck: 130 mm

Rib Height: 30.5 mm

Nut to Bridge: 331 mm





This violin exhibits all the traits of finest Italian violin making tradition starting with well chosen tone woods:

Two piece back of bold, flamed maple. The top is of beautifully shimmering medium grained spruce. The workmanship of the violin is outstanding showing nicely cut corners; well executed upturned round edges and precisely inlaid purfling. Note exquisitely fluted: "F" - holes, and elegantly carved scroll volute with defined under cut.

The varnish applied is of beautifully rich and translucent redish amber hue, over golden ground. It goes without saying that the highest level of workmanship is also applied inside this violin. The inside is neat, shavedlinings are inserted incorner blocks (all 4 of them) contoured and shaped. The Bass bar is hand carved and the sound post is properly positioned.

The fittings are quality one, and working fine. The fitted bridge is: Aubert A , and violin is set with new Pirastro Tonica strings.



This violin sounds great with clear harmonic, and full sonorous Italian soprano voice rich with resonant overtones. It plays with admirable sustain, great "carry" power, and marvelous projection. It posses nice balance and progression both up, and down the fingerboard. I think the tone of this violin would please very accomplished player. It will be be recognized for it's unque quality, beauty and volume;and will stand out in orchestral setting.


This violin has visable past repairs on the top:

- 2.5 inchhair line fixedsaddle crack - stable.

- The neck was off, and thanset back at one point in time - holding fine. There are couple edge interventions - one on each side of the neck - pictured.

-Violin displays various nicks, dings scratches and the varnish ware - all normal for used instrument.


I bought this violin from family of a violin impresario and collector. I didn't get bill of sale, or certificate with it; and I don't have any to pass down to you. The gentleman who collected these violins was very old, and had been collecting them for many years. Kindly read my description, and study my high resolute pictures as they are essential part of this presentation. This violin is described to the best of my ability, and knowledge; it is to be sold as is, and as seen on the pictures. This is sale where buyers decide the closing price, and consequently the sale is final. If you have questions please ask them before you offer, and before the end of the sale. This violin comes with an old case suitable for shipping,but there is now bow.

Shipping in continental US -$41 The insurance is mandatory, to be determined based on the final price, and to be paid by buyer! International shipping by insured USPS express post for: $88



Thank you and Good Luck offerding.


***** Nice Old Antique Vintage Italian E. Paolo Labeled Violin *****:

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