Trim Silk Embroidery Passementery Flower Iris French Vintage

  Trim Silk Embroidery  Passementery  Flower Iris French Vintage

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Trim Silk Embroidery Passementery Flower Iris French Vintage :


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French vintage trim silk embroidery
with large flowers , iris, quilted

Elegant french passementerie, made in France.

Origine : Lyon.

Background : fantastic blue silk color
and large iris embroidered colour : purple, rust and yellow.

embroidery first quality, french elegance


Absolutly perfect for your projects,

quilt, dress dolls, hat, curtains border ,bonnet,

hat dolls, frame, pillows,
Dimensions : sold per yard : 1 yard x 2" 1/2.

I have more if you desired,
select the number of yards, the top of the listing.



You have
all known Madame Soussou
for lot of years now,
and I would like to thank you for your kindness and continued support.
For more than fifteen years
I have been passionate about antique textiles,
rare brocades, silk confections from Lyon, embroidered items,
lace, trims, fringe, ribbons and all fabrics in general.

And, of course, in all colors!
I love color!

In the beautiful regions of France,
from magnificent manor houses or castles,
I can sometimes purchase the most splendid textiles of the highest quality.
These rare and precious French fabrics
must be truly appreciated and valued because they are becoming extremely difficult to find. They are rare, therefore,
their asking prices keep going up.
I travel a lot and cover numerous miles in order to find
these marvelous items from another, faraway time.
I also frequent numerous antique shops, sales,
open-air antique markets and attend
the largest international antiques fairs
requires travel throughout Europe.
For your pleasure and your numerous projects,
every day I offer antique textiles
vintage fabrics, haute couture items, etc.
I invite you to visit my shop on a regular basis
and you will always be thrilled to discover
rare and wonderful items from France, Italy, and Spain.

I am always available to answer all questions
and will happily assist you in your search
for specific items and antique documents concerning
these wonderful creations from the past.

Care and Washing Instructions

Always be careful to wash antique textiles gently.
They have spent a very long time tucked away
in large trunks in castles or on the shelves of grand linen and wardrobe closets.
A careful cleaning and airing will restore their former splendor.
Thank you for your patience.

Your purchases will be sent quickly with the most careful preparation and packing within two days of receiving payment.
Every precaution will be made to insure the security of your purchases, including professional preparation for shipping in the most expedient manner.

Please make full payment within forty-eight hours maximum after the end of the sale. Your complying with this time frame is very much appreciated. Thank you very much.

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Trim Silk Embroidery Passementery Flower Iris French Vintage :

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