Crimson Red Realgar Specimen

 Crimson Red Realgar  Specimen

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Crimson Red Realgar Specimen:

crimson red REALGAR specimen




size:2.7" x 1.7" x 0.8"

location: jiepaiyu mine ,shimen hunan Province,China


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This is NEW FIND - an eye-catching, specimen of REALGAR on calcite from the SHI MEN MINE, HUNAN, CHINA. The realgar is a rich, FIRE-ENGINE RED, contrasting nicely with the CLEAR CALCITE CRYSTALS on the matrix. The overall impresssion created by the piece is very dramatic - it has a VERY STRONG PRESENCE, and because of the intense color will draw the eye even when displayed with a host of other fine specimens.Realgar is an oddball among the sulfides. It is one of only a few sulfides that are not metallic or opaque or blandly colored. Its structure is analogous to that of sulfur and resembles sulfur in most respects except for color (the name "ruby sulfur" has been applied to realgar). Sulfur has a structure composed of 8 sulfur atoms linked in a ring. Realgar's structure alternates between sulfur atoms and arsenic atoms producing rings of As4S4. The arsenic atoms affect the structure altering it from sulfur's orthorhombic symmetry to realgar's monoclinic symmetry.
Realgar occurs in hydrothermal veins with valuable metal sulfide ores and its bright red color can be an aid to prospectors. It also can be found in hot spring deposits and as a volcanic sublimate product (crystallizing from vapors). Realgar gets its name from the Arabic words for "powder of the mine" (rahj al ghar). Realgar is famous for some wonderfully beautiful specimens. Some specimens can have a deep ruby red color with an amazing clarity and a high luster. The color of realgar is truly something to appreciate and cherish.


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Crimson Red Realgar Specimen:

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