Early 1924 Rare Roseville Pottery Futura Brown & Green Vase - 382-7

 Early 1924 Rare  Roseville Pottery Futura Brown & Green Vase - 382-7

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Early 1924 Rare Roseville Pottery Futura Brown & Green Vase - 382-7:

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This is a neat and beautifl

Older & Vintage






# 382-7

This Futuristic Vaseis shown on page 156 in the popular book


In all it's Spendor


Jack and Nancy Bomm

This Vase was part of the Futura Line.

This was a bold and brave move by Roseville in 1924 - as it took a step into the Future.

A design of things to come.

Very creative and open minded shapes from the Roseville Craftsman. Round, Square, Oblong adn angular shapes with melting and blending of colors were common in this design. The patterns would fit into the Modern Times, the Art Deco Period adn even the past. Mostly unmarked or marked with a paper label adn covered with a matt or high glass glaze. There are over 78 styles in this design and more and more are being discovered all of the time.

This piece of pottery measures

7" in height

4 1/2" in diameter

This line has grown in popularity in recent times because of the popularity of Retro items from the Mid-Century Modernism Era, that is very popular among younger people. They have re-discovered this line, along with the Silhouette Nude line and Rosecraft-Panel Nude lines. These lines are being bought up and collected by a younger collector base.

This Vaseis not marked, and the paper label is no longer attached. None of this line was marked on the bottom.

It is in the Brown & green glaze with wonderulshapes

For the age, it really is in super nice shape

There are no chips and no cracks or cracks on the upper part of the pottery.

Along the bottom rim, that is unglazed, there are some divits and chips. It is common for many pieces to have imperfections on the unglazed rim, because this is where the pottery would sit on the shelves before they were fired. And, the shelves had residue and dust and often the pieces of potteryvases would get some imperfections in the soft clay before they were fired and took on a hardness to the clay.

So, the bottom rim that is unglazed shows some imperfections andd roughness and this is the only thing that must be noted that would take away from this piece being listed as "mint condition".

Again, at the bottom, there is one little dot that has glaze flack that you could see if you were looking very closly when the vase it sitting on a shelf. All the other imperfections are completely under the vase on the unglazed rim.

Otherwise it has been well preserved and well protected

It is a dandy of a pottery piece


Futura is a middle period pattern introduced by Roseville Pottery around 1924. The colors vary and there is a Futura piece in just about any color scheme. Futura is Art Deco and is very popular with collectors. The shapes for the Roseville Futura pattern were primarily vases, but there were a few others, like flower blocks, bowls, baskets, jardinières, pedestals, candlesticks, and wall pockets. Futura was marked with paper labels, and some examples have been hand-written shape numbers. Over the years, Roseville collectors have developed nicknames for many of the 78 different patterns shown in the factory stock pages including such popular pieces such as Michelin Man, Elephant Leg, Tank, and many more.

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Early 1924 Rare Roseville Pottery Futura Brown & Green Vase - 382-7:

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