Hand Dredge Combo Original Gold Sucker And 2 " Super Sucker Prospecting Tool

 Hand Dredge Combo Original Gold Sucker And 2

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Hand Dredge Combo Original Gold Sucker And 2 " Super Sucker Prospecting Tool:


Hi. Thank you for visiting one of my sales.

Up foryour consideration is a hand dredge combo, with a custom made gold sucker with 3 nozzles, and a 2 inch super gold sucker. All of my hand dredges are designed and built with the KISS principle in mind. Simple in design, simple to use, and they work very well. The custom gold suckeris an easyto use tool that will help you clean out cracks and crevices that may contain gold. To use, you place the nozzle end in a water filled crevice. There is a vent hole about 6 3/4 inches from the top of the barrel. You keep your thumb over this hole. Pull up on the handle until you see a black line, then swing the gold sucker over your container and take your thumb off of the vent hole. This breaks the vacuum and the material falls out. Assimple as that. You do not have to push the material out, gravity does this for you. No "new" technology like check or flapper valves, hoses or bucket relief valves. You simply do not need them. Each gold sucker comes with 3 nozzles, a 1, 3/4 and 1/2 inch. These nozzles enable you to get into some of the smaller cracks.

Here is an email a gold prospector sent me, and is used with his permission:

Hey there i just got the chance to try out the hand dredge i got from you on . All i can say is that i feel like an idiot for not having one allready it is a wanderfull tool. I went to a gulch that i have been to before and only gotten small amounts of small gold I had limited time so i picked out one small crevice about 100 feet off the trail pickedout bigger materal and put whatwhat was easily hand scooped through screen then sucked out crevice with the hand dredge paned it all out about two pans worth and found more gold than i did all last season with sluice and shovel nice little pickers and pretty flakes THANKS MIKE(mikessexylady )

There is no better hand dredge on the market than the custom made gold sucker for quickly cleaning out cracks and crevices. The gold sucker is expertly manufactured, and custom built to fit each prospector. I build each one like I am going to use it. It is light weight and has a barrel diameter small enough so you can use it all day with out hand fatigue. It has the versatility of having 3 nozzles, so you can clean out many sizes of cracks and crevices. I have been a prospector since 1968, a lifetime GPAA member, and the gold sucker is one of my favorite pieces of gold prospecting equipment when working a creek or stream that has cracks and crevices. 2 INCH SUPER GOLD SUCKER

The 2 inch super gold sucker is very easy to use. The 2 inch super gold sucker tube has a barrel30 inches long, and a45 degree elbow on the end. You place the nozzle in the material you want to suck up. You pull up on the handle. At the end of the stroke, you give the barrel a twist so that the 45 degree elbow points up. This keeps the material inside. To empty, you point the 45 degree elbow down. The material falls out. As simple as that, and again with no so called "new" technology, you simply do not need it. The 2 inch super gold sucker excells in sucking up material from under boulders. Once you get used to using the super gold sucker, you can move larger amounts of material into you pan, bucket or sluice or use it to remove overburden on top of bedrock. In areas that do not allow motorized equipment, having a super gold sucker is the next best thing. I will use the super gold sucker to remove material from the on top of bedrock, and then switch to a regular gold sucker to clean out the crevices in the bedrock. The 2 inch super gold sucker hand dredge has a heavy duty adjustable rubber seal. You do not need any tools to adjust the seal, you just loosen or tighten the stainless steel wingnut. The bolt is also stainless steel so you do not need to worry about rust or corrosion.

The combo also comes with an adaptor that lets you use nozzles on the 2 inch super gold sucker, operation is the same.

Many prospectors have found gold using the gold sucker. One father and his 2 sons recovered an ounce during a weekend.Here is the response from this prospector: Unreal! This thing paid for itself within the first hour! 25 Hrs for an OZ!
Buyer licenseguy( 162) Another prospector paid for his gold sucker in 2 hours on the Klamath River. Here is an email from another satisfied prospector who bought a combo: Ray, sorry for the delay in giving response. I wanted to use your products before responding. I have not used the grizzly pan/sluice yet. But, I did have the opportunity to use the gold sucker hand dredge on a previously-worked crevice that I had labored on for more than 8 hours. When I had originally worked the crevice, I could never get to the bottom of the crack. Dirt and water would collapse upon my work area faster than I could scoop out the overburden. With the gold sucker and 5 gallon bucket, I easily cleaned out the crack and retrieved more gold in one hour than the 8 hours spent the previous week. I am excited about working similar areas, where I could never quite reach the bottoms of cracks and holes! You offer a quality product for the money. With over 1000 gold suckers sold at 100% positive response, your products will make a lot of people happy, and a few people rich. Thanks. Ron Ray Chico, CA

All of my hand dredges are made with heavy duty, schedule 40 pvc; none are made with abs plastic. All of my hand dredges have easy to grip 90 degree handles, and sturdy 1 inchpvc plungers, not skinny 3/4 inch or 1/2 inch pvc.

A note on handles. Most hand dredges come with a tee handle just because it looks better and other do it. But a tee handle is not the best choice for a simple reason. Your hand is made to grasp by wrapping your fingers around an object, like the 90 degree handle.

Our hands are not built to hold things a long period of time between the fingers.


I have used various bucket hand dredges from variousmakers, and none work any better than the custom gold sucker or the 2 inch or 3 inch super gold sucker. As in most cases, simpler is better! The bucket hand dredges are just more expensive, more complicated, more cumbersome with the hose connected to the bucket. They severly limit your abiltiy to move around. The custom gold sucker will clean out cracks and crevices just as well as any of the bucket hand dredges, and when it comes to moving bulk material, none of the bucket hand dredges even come close to moving the amount of materiual that a 2 inch super gold sucker will move. The bucket hand dredges look cool, with their bucket and hose, but if they worked well, I would build my own version and sell them, but I will not build and sell a product if I do not believe in andthat it will work well. in the field.

Thehand dredges of the combo are very easy to use, andwith a much moreaffordableprice than other comparable gold suckers,with a buy it now of $63.00, which includeds parcel post shipping. Another hand dredge, the BD-minimansells for $85.50 plus shipping! And another one,the DD-miniman sells for $59.50 plus shipping! And none of these other hand dredges work any better than the hand dredge of the combo, they just cost you more!

Here are some pictures of gold recovered by some prospectorsusing hand dredges theypurchased from me. You can see more pictures and the full story at my blog:

Feel free to comment or ask question!

Good luck on your prospecting, and I hope you find some good color! PAYMENT

Payment is expectedwithin5 days of the end of the sale. Paypal only.


Standard shipping and priority shipping are available in the USA, and other countries. I usually ship within 3 business days of receiving cleared payments.


Payment is expected within 5 days of the end of sale. Paypal only. I accept returns.

I stand behind all my products. I have the one of the best guarantees for hand dredges on , or anywhere else. I have built and sold between 3600 and 4000 hand dredges. Below is what I call the gold standard guarantee:


Deserdogs hand dredges now come with a 60 day money back guarantee. Guarantee covers defects in material and manufacture. Guarantee does not cover damage. Guarantee also does not include not finding gold. Buyer pays for return shipping, which must include delivery confirmation for tracking purposes. If you are returning a hand dredge, please email me atdeserdog@aol.com or call me at (760)948-1633 and give me the delivery confirmation number. Upon my receipt of the hand dredge, your purchase price and original shipping will be refunded.


My name is Ray Kobler. I started gold prospecting in 1968, and have been doing it ever since. I am lifetime member of the Gold Prospectors Association of America, GPAA, an active member in the local chapter, the AU MojaveProspectors, and an activememberin another prospecting club, the Hi Desert Gold Diggers. I have been the vice president and the treasurer for the Hi Desert Gold Diggers. There is nothing I enjoy more than gold prospecting, and introducing others tothis fascinatingvocation. Especially kid! When they find their first piece of gold, their face just lights up. I only make and sale gold prospecting equipment that works well. I will not make gimmicky products that look good, but do not perform the same in the field. My hand dredges have what I call a gold standard guarantee: If you are not satisfied, your purchase price and your shipping will be refunded. I have built and soldabout 4000hand dredges since 2003, and have yet had any customer ask for a refund.


If you have any questions,pleaseemail me at deserdog@aol.com or cal me at (760) 948-1633.I also go out gold prospecting 2 or 3 times a week, weather permitting. If you are local, you can come out and see in person how the hand dredges work.

Hand Dredge Combo Original Gold Sucker And 2 " Super Sucker Prospecting Tool:

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