Hms Bellona 40" Handcrafted Wooden Ship Model Tall Ship 1:100 Sail Boat

 Hms Bellona 40

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Hms Bellona 40" Handcrafted Wooden Ship Model Tall Ship 1:100 Sail Boat:

HMS Bellona

Historic Truly Scaled Wooden Model Ship

( Dimensions: L 40" x W 14" x H 31" )

Scale 1:100

(*** Not all ship models are created equal. This section is to assist buyers who already have some experience in ship modeling in comparing our models with others'. Although this section is somewhat technical, it does help you to distinguish our models from what some of other sellers are offering.

Please remember the model you buy will stay with you for a long time. After owning it for some time, you find out some outrageously wrong features but could not do anything about it.So go for the most accurate models from the best molder. Accuracy, beauty, and detail are the three components that you should look for in a model. Make your own homework, compare, and decide. ***)

This is an exquisite 1:100 scale model of tHMS Bellona, with details including bound masts, yards with stun'l booms and foot ropes, carved full sails running and standing rigging with carved scale blocks, dolphin-striker,safety nets, carved fiddle-end prow with coat-of-arms, anchor with chains and hawse pipes, catheads, bitts, stove pipe, sail winch, belaying rails and pins, companionway, helm and tiller, ship's bell and other details.The planked hull with open gun ports with metal guns, pressed stern and quarter gallery decoration boarding companionway.

Beautiful Metal figurehead is outstanding!

Authentic replica with accurate scaled measurements

Individual hull double planks bent and shaped

Meticulously hand painted to the actual ship

Beautiful Iron-alloy cannons and anchor

Light canvas and rigging (lightly waxed)

Authentic replica with accurate scaled life boats

Included: Beautiful LargeWooden BasewithNice Sculpture Strong Men Holders!

Requires hundreds of hours to build from scratch (we do not use model kit) by master artisan

History of "HMS Bellona":

HMS Bellona was one of the most famous ships of the British Navy. The 74-gun ship formed the backbone of the principal naval powers of Europe from the Seven Years War (1756 - 1763) to the end of the Napoleonic Wars (1815).Her design was so successful that it gave rise to two slightly modified classes that eventually included over two dozen additional ships-of-the-line.Right after her launch on 19 February 1760, Bellona sailed to join the battle fleet to blockade Brest.

In August, Bellona was detached to patrol off the Tagus River in Spain. While sailing with the frigate Brilliant, she sighted the French 74-gun ship Courageux in company with two frigates. The British ships pursued, and after 14 hours, caught up with the French ships and engaged, the Brilliant attacking the frigates, and Bellona taking on the Courageux. The frigates eventually got away, but the Courageux struck her colors, and was later repaired and taken into the Royal Navy.

In 1780, the important Bellona was coppered, becoming one of the very first British ships to receive the hull-protecting layer.In 1780, Bellona captured the 44-gun Dutch ship Princess Caroline.In 1801, she served with legendary Nelson at the Battle of Copenhagen, firing her cannons furiously despite having grounded on a shoal.HMS Bellona continued to serve in the North Sea and Bay of Biscay until 1814, when she paid off for the last time and was broken up.Sheserved in the navy for over 50 years--a very long time for a wooden ship.Bellona is also in Jack Aubrey's novel: "After his return to England aboard the Surprise, Jack Aubrey is appointed as commodore to command a squadron off the coast of West Africa, with secret orders to proceed to Ireland later to intercept a planned French invasion. As his Flagship he is given the 74-gun line-of-battle ship HMS Bellona, with Thomas Pullings as his Flag captain."

Shipping & Handling:

  • Item is shipped withinONE business dayafter receiving payment, andtracking informationis available upon request.
  • Shipping charge of $95to anywhere within 48 U.S. continental states ONLY! ***We do NOT cut the bowsprits or mast to save $50 oversize shipping!***
  • buyers from Hawaii, Alaska, PR and other international locations please emailus before offerding for shipping information.
  • Shipping & handling charge is non-refundable.
  • Local pick up is $45 with Sales Tax of 8.25 %in Texas.
  • Shipping cost to Canada: $320Standard Ground Shipping
  • International buyers pay additional costs at your city destination such as your country's import duties, taxes, and customs clearance fees which are not included in the item price or shipping charge. These charges are the buyer's responsibility! Please do not purchase until you have received and agreed to the international shipping cost!

Note: ThisH.M.S. Bellonaship model is shipped to you fully assembled and ready for display, with the exception of the bowsprit and top mast. Those are not in position in the interest of reducing the risk of shipping damage and saving on shipping cost. Simple assembly will be required and illustrations are included for your reference. Thank you!

Authentic Replica with Accurate Scale style="text-align: left; ">

Display & Protectyour 'HMS Bellona':

Thisbeautiful high qualityrosewood display case fits for the 40 inch "HMS Bellona" model. Let your model show moregreat lookingand prevent dust and dirt from damaging this fabulous artwork. Thecase is beautifully made from solid rosewood.It comeswith aseparate basecovered withsoft dark green cotton flannel. The display case is shipped to you flat packed andGLASSES ARE NOT INCLUDED.Assembly takes only a few minutes.You canbuyeither glass or plexi-glass at your local glass store.

Your price for the display case is$199including insurance shipping in the continental US.

( Individual case retail price is $499,discounted to $199 with model ship purchase. )

Enjoy this beautiful "HMS Bellona" model!
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Hms Bellona 40" Handcrafted Wooden Ship Model Tall Ship 1:100 Sail Boat:

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