Interesting Antique Violin, Rare Tiger Maple Fingerboard, Superb Sound, Listen

 Interesting Antique Violin, Rare Tiger Maple Fingerboard, Superb Sound,  Listen

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Interesting Antique Violin, Rare Tiger Maple Fingerboard, Superb Sound, Listen:

ABEAUTIFUL SOUND...Listen & Watch this Violin being Played...
Sound Sample Video for your examination is an exceptional hand-made
violin with a gorgeous and unusual tiger maple fingerboard.
According to our local luthier its probably from around 1900
and likely American made (possibly English or Irish). It bears
an oldStrad label but is of original design. It has a nice,
strong, open sound...very beautiful and lush. As usual,
I'veposteda videoof this violin being played below.

"Click" on the video below...if it doesn't work with yourbrowser,
paste this link in your Search Bar: hear this sample, click the "play" arrow
in the middle of the video box...enjoy!)ABOUT THIS SOUND SAMPLE: This video clip is shot on
myinexpensive Casio digital camera in video mode. There
isabsolutely no enhancement of thesound
special microphones, no computer alteration, no studio effects.
The piece is "Allegro" from Kreisler's Praeludium& Allegro.
The player, a student,welcomes your SOUND...AND POWER

This is a gorgeous violin.....powerful and resonant with
deep, growling, bass tones & soaring trebles. I am very
impressed with the rich, lush, powerful sound. Its
perfect for a any advanced violinist, soloist or for
a serious violin or stringed instrument collector.

This violin is a wonderful example of the work of
early 20th century American violin-making at a time
when many American makers were either trained
in Europe by the great Italian, French and German
makers, or immigrated from those countries
andset up shop here in violin bears an old Strad label, but it is clearlyan
early, handmade violin which my local luthier believes
is of American (possibly English or Irish) MEASUREMENTS:FULL SIZE, 4/4 VIOLIN
Overall Length: 23-1/8" Body Length: 13-7/8" Lower Bout Width: 8-1/8" Upper Bout: is a superbly made violin; the carving is nicely done.Thepowerful, rich, velvetyvoice of this violin speaks for
itself. As usual, I have included a video sound
sample so that you can judge it for yourself.
(it may be some other exotic wood, but my luthier
believes it is likely a highly flamed an unusual violin with a gorgeous fingerboardofexotic wood and a lovely flamed maple back. This is
a strong violin with a powerful voice...dark, growling
bass tones, full of velvety resonance...soaring, full
treble tones...a mature, mellow sounding instrument. CONDITION: This viola is inexcellent condition.There are no sound post cracks.
It is in excellent vintage condition. I find no cracks or open seams.
There is theusual wear and tear, dings, scratches, etc. that
you'd expect.I've posted many photos which are part of the
description.It is fully playable as you cansee and you may wish to put on fresh
strings and haveit set up to your personal preferences.
Ships in a used shaped case, No bow.
The case is old and may be originalto the violin.
It will serve to protectthe violinin shippingbut
should bereplacedwith something more
befitting such a nice old instrument.
I've started it at under a dollar so that everyone can participate. Thisfine instrument and will be sold to the highest buyer.
I ship via USPS Priority Mail AT COST...absolutelyno extra fees, no handling charges, no charge for packaging materials. You pay ONLY the actual postage.The shipping calculator will determine the actual cost. And I provide freeInsurance to protect your investment.
This fine violin will be sold without a real sale format!
I have started the sale with a low starting offer to allowall to participate. I like the old-fashioned format for violins like this; s, no buy it now. The highest buyer wins it.This is a fantastic opportunity to have a vintage, hand-made Violin . It is an antique item;sold as is, as it was found.These estateitems are being sold without a reserve.
I have sold many violins and violas from this estate including some extraordinary Italian, German, English, American, Spanish, South American, Irish, Swedish, Czechoslovakian - Czech, Hungarian, Austrian, French, Tyrolean instruments; copies of Stradivarius, Guarnerius, Amati, Amatus, DaSalo, Stainer, Steiner, and original, handmade luthier instruments with maker's label. If your looking for a fine, old, antique violin please check back.
SHIPPING: I ship via USPS Priority Mail to theU.S. cost...the shipping calculator determines the actual shipping cost. I also will provide full insurance at no additional cost to protect your investment.If theinstrument or case is damaged in shipping, the original packaging and contents must be shown to your local postmaster and buyer will be asked to apply for compensation directly. All salesare final, pleaseask any questionsthat you might have. Enjoy!

Interesting Antique Violin, Rare Tiger Maple Fingerboard, Superb Sound, Listen:

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