Lot Of 5 ~ 1 Oz Of Candle & Soap Fragrance Oil Uncut / Strong 230 New Choices

Lot Of 5 ~ 1 Oz Of Candle & Soap Fragrance Oil Uncut / Strong 230 New Choices

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Lot Of 5 ~ 1 Oz Of Candle & Soap Fragrance Oil Uncut / Strong 230 New Choices:

One Ounce Bottles of Fragrance Oil Uncut, Strong, True to there name, Fragrance OilsGreat for candles or any bath and body product application.

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These are the real deal professional grade candle and soap fragrance oils. Please message me your fragrance choice as the paypal messages are not always coming through. You may choose more than one of a particular fragrance. But if you do I will combine them in a bigger bottle unless you ask me not too. Safe for all bath and body products.

Verbal descriptions are just my attempt to describe them because I have been asked to. Please don't hold me accountable with negative response just because I was a little of. If I am off please let me know your opinion so I can update my data base. It is still yourresponsibilityto smell the fragrance before you use it. I take returns but shipping is your responsibility.

I give response as soon as you pay.

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AF WOODMANS (TYPE) ~ Why buy the expensive cologne when you can get the dupe here.

AFRICAN MUSK ~ Musk with a twist of patchouli, softenes with the sweetness of sandalwood & rose petals.

ALASKAN WILD BERRIES- A sweet & tart mix of fresh berries picked right off the bush.

ALMOND- Rich, nutty aroma of oven-roasted almonds.

ALOHA ORCHID (BBW) ~ Slip on your lei & enjoy this dupe from Bath & Body.

AMARETTO - Reminiscent of the sweet almond flavor of the Italian liqueur.

AMAZON RAINFOREST ~ Take a walk in the rainforest without the airfare.

AMBER ROMANCE (VS) - Rich amber is enhanced with fruity top notes to create a seductive fragrance.

AMBER SANDS - Soft breezes of sandalwood, luscious orange flowers, & warm tonka beans.

ANGELIC ~ White lily, jasmine & Rose followed by middle notes of citrus, violet & pepper sitting on base notes of patchouli, sandalwood & white musk.

ANGEL WINGS- Light floral notes of jasmine & lilac on a warm musk background.

APPLE BLOSSOM~ A floral bouquet of just opened apple blossoms.

APPLE PIE- Warm, juicy apples inside a crispy pie crust with a hint of cinnamon.

APPLE PUMPKIN- A rich accord of sweet pumpkin with fresh apple & a host of spices.

APPLEWOOD SMOKED BACON ~ An authentic smell of smoked bacon over apple wood flames.

APRICOT ~A wonderful aroma of ripened fresh apricots.

AUTUMN SUNSET- A base of juicy harvest apple with creamy pumpkin & a medley of warm spices.

ARUBA COCONUT ~ A tropical island bland of creamy coconut, pineapple & vanilla white musk.

AUTUMN LEAVES (YANKEE) ~ A woody smell of birch & maple leaves, pomegranate, juniper breeze & orange blossoms.

AQUA BLOSSOMS ~ A seaside escape of ocean melon, white lotus & dewy gardenia.

AZURE SKIES ~ Will remind you of day dreaming at the sky on a clear summers day.

BABY POWDER- A soft & clean powdery fragrance.

BABY POWDER BERRY- Soft baby powder with a hint of sweet berries.

BACON- Crispy bacon fresh off a firewood grill!

BAHAMA BREEZE (YANKEE) ~ A summer drink of mango, pineapple, grapefruit& citrus.

BAJA COCONUT ~ Fresh cracked coconut.

BAMBOO ~ Exotic sweet aroma of crushed Asian bamboo.

BAMBOO MUSK- A harmony of bergamot & lemon balanced with a base of ylang & soft musk.

BAMBOO RAINFOREST ~ The fresh scent of wet bamboo.

BAMBOO & WHITE GRAPEFRUIT~ White grapefruit, petitgrain,tangerine, mimora petals & balanced with a base note of rainforest bamboo, juniper breeze & musk.

BANANA NUT BREAD- Sweet baked banana bread with walnuts.

BANANA SMOOTHIE (BBW) - Sweet, ripened bananas smothered in deliciously rich cream.

BARBERSHOP~Will make you remember snuggling your nose into grandpa’s collar as he gave you a big hug, smelling his aftershave & hair tonic.

BASIL SAGE MINT ~ A garden medley of basil leaves, clary sage & peppermint sprigs accented by hints of citrus zests, fresh spring flowers & soft, smoothing musk.

BAY LAUREL- An aromatic bouquet of deep woods & spiced citrus with bayberry & patchouli.

BALI MANGO (BBW) ~ A summery fruity smells that reminds you of being on vacation.

BE ENCHANTED (BBW)- A charming mix of frosted florals sweetened with sugary pomegranate.

BE THANKFUL (YANKEE) - A combination of sweet fruits & spices on a rich lactony background.

BE STILL (SCENTSY) ~ Creamy sandal tree will embrace your senses as soft as soft violet petals caress your skin & scintillating mandarin adds an element of energy.

BEACH (SCENTSY) ~ Blend of sand, sea spray, salf, jasmine & mandarin.

BEACH FLOWERS (YANKEE) ~ Tuberose, lily, hyacinth & watery notes.

BEACHWALK (YANKEE) ~ Refreshing salt water & sea musk warmed with sunny notes of tangerine & orange blossom.

BEACHWOOD (YANKEE) ~ Vetiver, salt air & driftwood.

BELLA SUCRE- A sweet floral combination of sugar, tiara & coconut milk.

BERRY COBBLER- A mix of sweet berries surrounded by a cloud of pastry crust.

BERRY TANGERINE- Tangerine, berries, & a sweet orange blend with tart cranberries & fresh ginger.

BERRY VANILLA (BBW) - Sun-kissed notes of juicy berries with a dollop of freshly whipped cream.

BIRDS OF PARADISE - Pink jasmine & sheer musk with notes of strawberries, pomegranate & sweet vanilla.

BIRTHDAY CAKE- A mouth-watering vanilla cake scent with rich buttercream frosting.

BLACK CANYON ~ A deep musk with a light floral notes & a touch of sandalwood & patchouli.

BLACK CHERRY (YANKEE) - The wonderful aroma of fresh black cherries.

BLACK LICORICE- Candy twists with absinthe & black anise.

BLACK KNIGHT ~ Seductive & smooth exotic woods of amber, sandalwood & cedar blended with a hint of patchouli & a soft musky base.

BLACK RASPBERRY VANILLA (BBW) - Sun-sweetened, delicious dark berries warmed by sweet, creamy vanilla.

BLUE KIWI ~ An exotic blend of blue kiwi & juicy fresh berries.

BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE- The perfect combination of rich cheesecake with thick blueberry sauce.

BLUEBERRY MUFFIN- Warm blueberry enveloped in a sweet cloud of cake with top notes of vanilla.

BLUEBERRY POMEGRANATE- A sweet fragrance of juicy pomegranates with plump blueberries.

BLUEBERRY SCONE (YANKEE) ~ Sweet aroma of English quickbread with blueberries, sweet cream & light hints of vanilla.

BLUE HYDRANGEA- The sweet yet subtle aroma of hydrangea flower with a hint of spice.

BOMBSHELL (VS)- Red currant flower with sparkling fruity accords on a musky amber base,

BOSS IN MOTION- A take-charge fragrance of fruit & floral blends of bergamot, spices & amber.

BOSTON CREAM PIE- A delicious pie dripping vanilla custard filling & topped with rich chocolate ganache.

BRANDY PEAR TART (YANKEE) ~ Baked pear ina sugary confection with a hint of brandy.

BRAZILIAN ORCHID ~ Sweet notes of exotic orchid, pink peony & soft marine notes.

BRILLIANT CITRUS (BBW) An invigorating blend of lemon & orange blossom with hints of bergamot & spiced vanilla.

BROWN SUGAR CINNAMON- Spicy cinnamon & sweet sugar with a lactony background.

BROWN SUGAR & FIG ~ Ripe fig, amber & a variety of fruits including peach. It continues with creamy coconut milk, caramelized brown sugar & vanilla bean on a base of soft silky musk.

BUTT NAKED- Strawberries, peaches, & melons on a warm vanilla base.

BUTTERCREAM- A creamy, sweet scent of buttercream frosting.

BUTTER RUM ~ Rum scent with mild buttery notes.

BY THE CHIMNEY TYPE ~ Orange spice notes from the kitchen, fir & pine notes from the Christmas tree & an earthy smokiness from the fireplace.

CAFE AU LAIT ~ This romantic aroma is a fabulous blend of rich espresso with warm caramel, brown sugar & creamy vanilla & a shot of steam milk.

CANDY APPLE- The fragrance of the popular carnival treat.

CANDY CANE- The scent of the sweet peppermint Christmas candies.

CANDY CANE BLISS (BBW) ~ A creamy vanilla with tingling peppermint.

CANDY CORN ~ Sugary sweet Halloween treats!

CAPPUCINO BRULEE ~ A rich coffee spiked with Irish Cream & caramel top notes.

CARAMEL- Aroma of hard-scorched caramel.

CARAMEL PECAN PIE (YANKEE) ~ A thick slice of gooey pecan pie topped with rich golden caramel.

CARIBBEAN ESCAPE (BBW) ~ Chilled pineapple & melon with a light hint of coconut.

CARIBBEAN SALSA TYPE ~ Pineapple nectar, bright citrus & succulent fresh peach is perfectly infused with exotic yuzu flower & Tahitian vanilla to delight the senses.

CARRIED AWAY (BBW) ~Grapefruit, fresh lemon & sugared raspberry, tuberose, jasmine, violet petals with a subtle hint of sandalwood & whipped vanilla musk.

CARROT CAKE- Sweet cake covered in cream cheese frosting with alluring hints of cinnamon & nutmeg.

CASMERE GLOW (BBW) - Vanilla & golden peach on a warm musk background.

CB ORIGINAL (TYPE) ~ Roses, lavender & spiced laced with patchouli & vetiver.

CEDAR ~ Fresh woody Cedar during a light autumn breeze.

CEDAR & AMBER- Rustic scent of cedarwood with swirls of amber musk.

CEDAR & MISTLETOE ~ A perfect match of woodsy cedar kissed with mistletoe.

CEDAR & SAGE ~ A beautiful calming blend of fresh sage & woodsy cedar.

CHAMOMILE ~ The wonderful aroma of freshly picked chamomile flowers.

CHEESECAKE ~ Classic cheesecake made with cream cheese & a graham cracker crust.

CHERRY ALMOND ~ A crunchy blend of sweet almond & red, ripe cherries.

CHERRY BLOSSOM BBW ~ A floral fragrance of Spring’s first blossoms bathed in warm sunlight.


CHOCOLATE ALMOND COCONUT BAR ~ A rich backed chocolate, almond & coconut treat that you can’t wait to taste.

CHOCOLATE AMBER- Dark chocolate surrounded by a cloud of warm amber.

CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE DOUGH- Sweet cookie dough with rich chocolate chips.

CHOCOLATE MINT- Rich scent of chocolate & peppermint.

Christmas AT THE BEACH (YANKEE) ~ A bright, festive blend of pineapple, coconut & cilantro.

Christmas CABERNET- Strong wine aroma with hints of berries & oak.

Christmas COTTAGE (SCENTSY) ~ An inviting blend of juicy orange, raspberry & clove.

Christmas CUPCAKE (YANKEE) ~ Rich vanilla cupcakes topped with buttery frosting.

Christmas MEMORIES- Pine, cinnamon, & peppermint, reminiscent of Christmas time.

Christmas PEAR- Warm, baked pears.

Christmas SPLENDOR- A musky blend of spices & juniper.

Christmas TREE- Snow-dusted pine trees freshly cut & ready for decorating.

CINNAMON ROLL (YANKEE) - A delicious blend of cinnamon & rich, creamy icing.

CINNAMON STICKS- A sharp, straight cinnamon spice.

Cinnamon & Sugar

CITRONELLA- A herbal, outdoor blend of woods & grasses.

CITRUS & SPICE (BBW) ~ Fresh picked citrus with warm tones of ground spices.

CITRUS BREEZE- Juicy orange, lemon & grapefruit mingled with crisp, green accords.

CITRUS GARLAND (BBW) - A citrus bouquet with hints of cranberry & balsam fir.


CITRUS RAIN ~ A refreshing blend of lime, mint & hyacinth.

CITRUS ROSE ~ A Blend of rose petals with fresh citrus & a little undertone of vanilla.

CLEMENTINE & DAISY- The flowery scent of youthful daisies interspersed with the citrus aroma of clementines.

CLEAN MIST ~ A brisk ozone scent, clean & refreshing.

CLOVE- Strong, spicy clove fragrance.

CLOVE & CINNAMON (SCENTSY) - Classic scent of cinnamon sticks infused with clove bud.

COLA- Smells like you just popped the tab of a classic cola!

COCOA MANGO ~ Sweet suntain oil with a slice of mango.

COCONUT- Rich islnd scent of a freshly cracked coconut.

COCONUT BAY (YANKEE) ~ Coconut milk, shea butter & palm.

COCONUT BOURBON ~ Blend of vanilla, cedarwood, musk & island coconut.

COCONUT GROVE (BBW) - Coconut & vanilla with hints of peach, lily & rose.

COCONUT, HONEYSUCKLE & PASSIONFRUIT ~ A Perfectly Blend of coconut, honeysuckle & excotic passionfruit.

COCONUT LIME- A zesty blend of sweet coconut & tangy lime.

COCONUT LIME VERBENA- A mix of fresh coconut, exotic verbena, & juicy lime.

COCONUT MILK & PAPAYA ~ Take a tropical vacation with a papaya smoothie & Caribbean Coconut.

COFFEE BREAK ~ The simple pleasure of a relaxing cup of joe.

COOL CITRUS BASIL (BBW) -Aromatic basil is blended with lime & wild mint, sprinkled with a touch of geranium, linden blossom & cyclamen.

COOL TROPICAL BREEZE (BBW)- Sparkling grapefruit, red currants, & light musk notes interspersed with hints of citrus & peach.

COOL WATER This is not the cologne dupe. This is a fresh clean water scent. Very pleasant.

COTTAGE BREEZE (BBW)- The refreshing scent of a cool Spring breeze with fresh citrus.

COTTON BLOSSOM ~ A fresh, clean scent of cotton flowers.

COTTON CANDY- Just like the clouds of the sugary sweet treat from the county fair!

COUNTRY BERRY HOTCAKES- Fluffy buttermilk pancakes with blueberries & strawberries, topped with warm maple syrup.

COUNTRY CINNAMON- Sweet & fiery cinnamon fragrance.

COUNTRY CLOTHESLINE- Fresh & soapy fragrance, like freshly-washed clothes.

COUNTRY SPICE- A baker's heaven! Freshly-ground spices including tangy clove & warm cinnamon.

COUNTRY COCONUT (BBW) ~ Tropical, nutty sweetness that will make you feel the island breeze while you sip that refreshing, sweet coconut milk.

COUNTRY HEATHER ~ A blend of rose, lilac & jasmine with an undertone of fern & green notes of oakmoss.

CRANBERRY CREAM ~Crushed tart cranberries topped with farm fresh sweet cream.

CRANBERRY COBBLER- Warm country cobbler bubbling with fresh cranberries.

CRANBERRY CHUTNEY- Top notes of cranberry blissfully intermingled with hints of sandalwood, spice, & mandarin.

CRANBERRY MANGO (SCENTSY) ~ Tropical mango, cranberry and spicy pineapple.

CRANBERRY ORANGE- A spicy cranberry & citrus accord with vanilla & spice.

CRANBERRY PINE ~ Cool tart cranberry bog alongside a tall pine forest.

CREME BRULEE (YANKEE) ~ Rich caramel brulee with notes of creamy vanilla.

CRISP MORNING AIR ~ Eucalyptus & mint layered beneath soft pear and sage.

CUCUMBER CANTALOUPE- A base of garden-ripe cucumber & cantaloupe with accents of floral nuances.

CUCUMBER MELON- Refreshing cucumber with sweet melons.

CUSTARD- A deliciously rich vanilla custard.



Dancing Waters BBW

DARK KISS (BBW) - A seductive blend of black raspberry, rose & vanilla bean.


DECADENT CHOCOLATE ROLL- Dark chocolate cake enveloped in creamy chocolate icing.

Deck the Halls

Dew drop


Downy Original

DOWNY CLEAN BREEZE (TYPE) - Fresh & clean scent, like the detergent.

DRAGON'S blood - A sensual blend of incense, amber, vanilla & patchouli.

DREAMSICLE - An orange sherbet scent with creamy vanilla.



Drift Away Type Yankee

DKNY BE DELICIOUS- Sparkling fruits & dewy greens with white amber & vanilla musk on a light floral backdrop.

Driftwood & Sea Salt


Egg Nog

Egyptian Dragon

Egyptian Myst

Egyptian Musk

ENGLISH IVY- A floral ambiance blended with fruity bergamot & light green notes.

EUCALYPTUS (BBW & YANKEE)- The camphor scent of eucalyptus with light hints of lime.

EUCALYPTUS BLOSSOM- The scent of eucalyptus softly blended with powder, creamy vanilla & light notes of violet.

Eucalyptus Leaf

EUCALYPTUS MINT (BBW) ~ Fresh eucalyptus, spearmint & a dash of citrus.

Eucalyptus Rain

EVERGREEN (BBW) ~ I call this one Christmas Tree.

Exotic Bloom

Exotic Coconut

Fairy Dust Type

FARMER'S MARKET (YANKEE)- A sweet blend of juicy apples, berries, & peach with a hint of warm spices.

Fierce Type AF

FIG- The sweet & spicy fragrance of the popular desert fruit.

Fig & Melon

Fig Kiwi


FLORAL ODOR ELIMINATOR- An airy blend of flowers freshly picked.

Floral Rain

FLUFFY TOWELS (YANKEE)- Towels still warm from the dryer with light notes of lavender, lily & apple.

Forget Me Not

FOREVER SUNSHINE (BBW)- Glittering notes of mandarin & exotic berries with a heart of white flowers & a hint of vanilla.

FRANKINCENSE & MYRRH- An exotic blend of patchouli & balsam, added with myrrh & musk for an evocative appeal.

French Oak

FRENCH VANILLA- A straight fragrance of rich, creamy vanilla.

French Vanilla Oak

FREESIA- The scent-sational aroma of freesia in full bloom with top notes of clover, rose & jasmine.

French Lavender Scentsy

FRESH & CLEAN (BBW) - The refreshing scent of clean clothes hanging outside drying in the sun.

FRESH CUT GRASS- Clean & fresh green notes combine perfectly for the fragrance of a freshly mowed lawn.

Fresh Ginger Lime


Fresh Lavender BBW

FRESH LEMON (BBW) - Freshly squeezed, zesty lemon scent!

Fresh Lime Basil BBW

FRESH LINEN (BBW)- The comforting blend of clean linen with notes of apple & violet.

FRESH PEAR- Sweet Bartlett pears ready to fall from the trees.

FRESH PEACH- Juicy, ripe peaches drenched in Southern sunshine.

Fresh Picked First Bloom BBW

Fresh Sparkling Snow BBW

FRESH PICKED TANGERINES- Tangy, citrus aroma of juicy tangerines.


FRESH STRAWBERRY- The irresistible scent of plump garden-grown strawberries.

FRESH WATER CUCUMBER - Cucumber with a twist of wild florals infused with cashmere musk.

FRUIT FUSION (YANKEE) - A sweet & tart mix of sweet wild berries with orange & lime.

FRUIT SALAD- A fresh mix of watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple & strawberry.

FUDGE BROWNIE- A warm milk chocolate brownie with a hint of whipped cream.

GAIN (TYPE)- A fresh, clean scent, just like the detergent.

Garden of Eden

GARDENIA- Sweet & musky blend of gardenia in a white floral bouquet.

GEORGIA PEACH- Golden southern peaches picked right off the Georgia trees.

GINGER AMBER- An alluring blend of amber & fresh ginger with juicy citrus & cashmere musk.

Ginger Bread


Ginger Bread Tree

Ginger Cookie Cottage

GINGER PEACH - Fresh ginger & sweet, juicy peach.

Go-Go-Goji Type BBW

Golden Sands Type Yankee

Good Day Sunshine Type BBW

GRANDMA'S GARDEN- Stroll through sweet roses, jasmine & gardenia with subtle scents of peach & lily.

GRANDMA'S KITCHEN- Spices, fruits & nuts blend with creamy vanilla & sweet cinnamon top notes.

GRAPE JELLY- A Mason jar full of sweet purple jelly.

GRAPEFRUIT- Sweet & sour ruby red grapefruit.

GRAPEFRUIT JASMINE Pink grapefruit delicately balanced with summer jasmine.

Grapefruit & Ginger

Grapefruit & Jasmine

Grapefruit Vanilla BBW


HANSEL & GRETEL'S HOUSE- Vanilla frosted graham cracker & gingerbread with cinnamon & notes ofnutmeg.

HARVEST- An alluring blend of cranberry, citrus, & fall spices.

Harvest Welcome Yankee

HAWAIIAN BREEZE- Juicy tropical fruits blended with exotic flowers.

HAWAIIAN DREAM- The fragrance of a tropical paradise! Pineapple, coconut & sweet citrus with notes of white flowers.

HAZELNUT- Rich tones of hazelnut & vanilla combine on a warm spice background.

HEARTS & FLOWERS- A charming bouquet of fruits & florals.

Heminway Scentsy


Heavenly Dream Angels


HIBISCUS & WHITE AMBER- Tropical blooms of hibiscus & jasmine intertwine on a white amber base.

Hidden Lake

Holiday Bayberry Yankee

Holiday Garland Yankee

HOLLY BERRY WREATH (BBW)- A cheerful twist of cranberry, tangerine, & fresh evergreens.

Home for the Holidays Yankee

HOME SWEET HOME (YANKEE)- Blends of cinnamon & vanilla with light hints of rose & ylang ylang.

HONEY- Rich & golden, dripping from the honeycomb.

Honey Blossom Yankee

Honey, Do! Scentsy

Honey & Mango

Honey & Oatmeal

Honey Pear Cider Scentsy

Honeydew Melon BBW Yankee

Honeydew Pear

HONEYSUCKLE- The fragrance of sweet summer honeysuckle lingering on the vines.

HONEYSUCKLE ROSE- Golden honeysuckle vines intertwined with red rose petals.

HOT BUTTERED POPCORN- Just like extra-buttered popcorn at the movies!

HOT FUDGE CAKE ~ Decadent scent of dark chocolate cake with rich chocolate frosting.


Iced Gingerbread BBW

ICED ORANGE PINEAPPLE- Fresh citrus blend of juicy orange & sweet pineapple.



India Moon

Island Bouquet

Island Breeze BBW

ISLAND COLADA (BBW)- Escape to paradise with this fragrance of white nectarine, coconut & cool vanilla bean.

Island Guava

Island Getaway

Island Mango & Coconut

Island Spa Type Yankee

Jack Frost Peppermint

Jamaican Breeze

JAPANESE CHERRY BLOSSOM (BBW)- Sweet cherry blossom, alluring white lily & soft violet blended with notes of vanilla.

JASMINE- Succulent fragrance of vines full of white jasmine.

Japanese Lotus Blossom

Jasmine & Melon

Jasmine Orchidea

Jeweled Citrus BBW

Juicy Peach Yankee

Juicy Watermelon Yankee

JUNIPER BREEZE (BBW)- The refreshing essence of juniper on a crisp morning breeze.

KEY LIME- The zesty fragrance of cool key lime.

KITCHEN MANDARIN (BBW)- Fresh squeezed mandarin orange with a hint of thyme.

KIWI- Smooth & sweet green kiwis.

Kiwi Berries Yankee

Kiwi Melon

KIWI STRAWBERRY- Sweet strawberry with a twist of kiwi.

Lake Sunset Type Yankee

LAVENDER- The relaxing scent of wild lavender.

LAVENDER BLOSSOM- Sweet bouquet of lavender blossoms & light notes of lily-of-the-valley.

LAVENDER SILK (BBW)- Fields of French lavender in bloom is sure to captivate the soul!

LAVENDER VANILLA- Fresh lavender, vanilla, & wild jasmine.

Lavender Spice

LEATHER- That unmistakable “new car” scent.

Leaves BBW


LEMON CHIFFON- Fragrance of lemon with a twist of honey, brown sugar, vanilla, & sugared grapefruit.

LEMON CUSTARD- Tart lemon zest mixed with creamy vanilla.


LEMONGRASS- A touch of lemon combined with wild green grass.

Lemongrass Coconut

Lemongrass Eucalyptus

Lemongrass Grapefruit

LEMONGRASS SAGE- An uplifting fragrance of wild lemongrass & fresh sage with sparkling citrus notes.

LEMON LAVENDER- A fresh combination of tangy lemon & sweet lavender.

LEMON MERANGUE- Sugary sweet lemon meringue whipped to peaks of perfection.

Lemon Twist

LEMON VERBENA- Scent of tart lemons & exotic verbena with top notes of wild lemongrass.

Lick me all Over

LILAC- Strong floral scent of lilacs in full bloom.

Lilac Blossom BBW Yankee

Loves Me Loves Me Not Yankee

LOVE/SEX ON THE BEACH- A tangy, tropical blend of cranberry, orange& peach.

LOVESPELL (VS)- A sweet citrus bouquet with hints of berries & peaches on a musky background.

Lucky in Love Scentsy

Lush Berries Yankee

Macintosh Apple

MAGNOLIA-Southern Magnolia trees in full bloom.

MAGNOLIA BLOSSOM- A romantic floral blend with sweet magnolia, amber, & sandalwood.

MANGO- Scent of a freshly peeled tropical mango.

Mango Madness

MANGO MANDARIN (BBW)- An aromatic blend of sweet juicy mango & mandarin, with cool greennotes.

Mango Papaya

Mango Paradise

Maple Pumpkin

MARASCHINO CHERRY- Sweet cherries floating in thick red grenadine.

MARSHMALLOW- Fluffy marshmallow fragrance with a hint of vanilla.

MEADOW MIST- Sweet meadow flowers kissed by morning dew.

MEADOW SHOWERS (YANKEE)- Tranquil summer showers falling on green grass.

Mediterranean Spa Scentsy


Midnight Jasmine

Midnight Pomegranate BBW

MIDSUMMER'S NIGHT (YANKEE)- An intoxicating, blend of patchouli, sage & musk.

Mistletoe & Fig Yankee

Mocha Cappuccino

MOCHADOODLE (SCENTSY)- Exotic roasted coffee beans blended with mocha, & then topped with caramel & chocolate syrups.

MONKEY BOMBS- Rich banana with mango & coconut with light notes of vanilla.

MOONLIGHT PATH (BBW)- A heavenly floral blend of French lavender & wild violets, with shimmery soft musk.


MOUNTAIN LAKE- Scent of the fresh outdoors, with cypress & mountain pines on a soft musk background.

Mountain Lodge Type Yankee

MULBERRY- A sweet & sour berry blend.

MULLED CIDER- Apple cider mulled with nutmeg & cinnamon

MUSCADINE GRAPE- Very fragrant & sweet grape.

Mum's & Marigold's Scentsy



My Dear Watson Scentsy

My Home Scentsy

My Sunshine Scentsy

My Wish Scentsy

NAG CHAMPA- Nostalgic aroma of patchouli, musk, amber & sandalwood.

NUTMEG & CEDAR (YANKEE)- Freshly-ground nutmeg is blended with notes of cedar for an inviting scent.

Napa Valley Harvest Yankee

NECTARINE MINT (BBW)- A creamy blend of nectarine & peach withhints of grapefruit & melon.

Neverland Scentsy

North Pole Type Yankee

NOVEMBER RAIN (YANKEE)- A bold blend of crisp watery tones with a hint of woody amber.

Nutcracker Suite


Nutty Caramel Crisp

Oak Moss

OATMEAL COOKIES-Just out of the oven oatmeal cookies with hints of cinnamon & vanilla.

OATMEAL MILK & HONEY- Scent of rich honey, whey notes & vanilla on a musky background.

OCEANA (BBW)- A sweet bouquet of hyacinth, carnation, & lily-of-the-valley, with notes of white musk.

Ocean Breeze

Ocean Side Yankee

OCEAN SUNSET (BBW)- A tropical blend of island flowers& salty ocean mist.

ORANGE BLOSSOM- Warm white orange blossoms with a citrus swirl.

ORANGE CLOVE- Citrus fragrance with hints of clove buds.

Orange Dreamsicle Yankee

ORANGE GINGER (BBW)- A spice & citrus blend kissed with invigorating ginger.

Orange Gingerbread

ORANGE MARMALADE- Sugared oranges in marmalade jelly.

ORANGE OIL- A strong fragrance of pressed orange peel.

Orange Patchouli

ORANGE SPICE- A host of sweet spices & juicy oranges.

ORANGE VANILLA- A citrus bouquet with swirls of rich vanilla.

ORCHARD PEAR (YANKEE)- Succulent, juicy pears with light notes of jasmine.

Orchid Yankee

Over the River Yankee

Paradise Punch Scentsy

Passion Fruit

PASSIONATE KISSES (VS)- An intoxicating combination of tart berries & golden musk.

PATCHOULI RASPBERRY- Fresh patchouli root with sweet red raspberries.

Peach Bellini BBW

Peach Blossom BBW

Peach Cobbler

Peach Cinnamon

Peach Clove

Peach Lavender

Peach Lemonade

Peach Magnolia

Peach Melon

PEACH & SWEET BERRIES- A fresh blend of tender peaches, juicy strawberries & ripe raspberries.


PEANUT BUTTER- Fresh, creamy peanut butter.

PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES- Peanut butter with vanilla & cinnamon spice on a pastry background.

PEAR & EDEN- Sweet blend of Asian pears with sparkling top notes of lemon vervaine.

Pear & Pomegranate

PEARBERRY (BBW)- The sweet scent of wild pears & juicy berries mingled with sheer musk.

Pear Blossom

PECAN- Roasted pecans dusted with sugar & spices.

PEONIES IN SPRINGTIME- Fruity bouquet of peach, plum & tangerine with peonies & white blossoms with an amber base.

Peppered Bacon

PEPPERMINT- A traditional peppermint that is both cooling & sweet.

Peppermint Bark Yankee

PEPPERMINT CREAM (BBW)- Sweet peppermint with notes of creamy vanilla.

Peppermint Swirls Yankee

Pima Cotton Scetsy

Pina Colada

PINEAPPLE CAKE- Sweet pineapples with vanilla, butter, & sugar on a rich, lactony background

Pineapple Cilantro Yankee

PINEAPPLE CREAM- Juicy pineapples with a vanilla cream topping.

PINEAPPLE MANGO- A succulent fragranceof sweet pineapples, ripe mango & light floral notes.

PINEAPPLE PARADISE- Enticing blend of pineapple & creamy vanilla.

PINK (VS)- A complex blend ofneroli, freesia, bergamot, violet leaves & juniper berry.

PINK BUBBLEGUM- Delicious, sugary sweet scent of bubblegum.

Pink Sands Type Yankee

PINK SUGAR (TYPE)- A charming blend of caramel & vanilla with top notes of bergamot & fig, on a cotton candy background.


Pomegranate Cider Yankee

Pomegranate Spice

PLUMERIA (BBW)-A tropical inspiration of seductive plumeria mingled with a hint of sweet melon.

P.S. I LOVE YOU (BBW)- A sensual blend of golden amber, dazzling fruits & velvet rose.

Pumpkin Buttercream Yankee

PUMPKIN CARROT STREUSEL- The aroma of a spiced pumpkin pie with a sugared carrot peel topping.

PUMPKIN CORNBREAD- A true scent of pumpkin with a host of spices on a buttery caramel background.

PUMPKIN HOLLOW- An enticing fall fragrance of pumpkin, vanilla and cream.

PUMPKIN PIE- A holiday favorite! Creamy pumpkin with warm notes ofcinnamon, nutmeg & clove.

PUMPKIN SPICE- Toasted pumpkin with warm clove & sweet cinnamon.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Pumpkin Vanilla

PURE SEDUCTION (VS)- A floral bouquet accentuated with apple, citrus & seductive musk.


Rain Kissed Leaves BBW

Raspberry Rain

Rattlesnake Island

Red Apple Wreath Yankee

Red Berry & Cedar Yankee

RAINBOW- A heavenly fruit & floral fragrance with jasmine on a base of white musk.

RASPBERRY- Plump red raspberries in summertime.

RED DELICIOUS APPLE- Smells like you just took a bite out of a ripe, red apple.

RED HOT CINNAMON- Fiery, red-hot cinnamon candies packed with a punch!

Red Velvet Yankee

RIO RUMBERRY BBW- An exotic blend of tropical fruits & juicy berries with orange & vanilla blossoms & a hint of fresh papaya.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN BREEZE- Northern pine, blue spruce & douglas fir mingled on a warm breeze.

Rose Jasmine

ROSEMARY & MINT- An herbal scent of rosemary spiked with mint.

ROSE PETALS- Take your mother's hand & wander among the dew-covered rose bushes.


SAGE & CITRUS (YANKEE)- Earthy harmony of sage & zesty lemon-lime.

SALTED CARAMEL- Scorched caramelized sugar with sweet coconut & vanilla.

SAND & SEA SPRAY- The refreshing aroma of salt water & English Ivy.

SANDALWOOD- Strong, oriental musk fragrance on a woodsy background.

SANDALWOOD ROSE- Asian sandalwood with spicy notes of musk, cedar, & rose.

Sandalwood Ylang

SATIN SHEETS- A clean, fresh fragrance with a heart of jasmine, lavender, lily & rose on a cashmere & sandalwood base.

SCARLET GERANIUM- A floral accord of rose geranium with light notes of hyacinth & violet.

Sea Breeze

Sea Island Cotton

Sea Salt


Season's Blessing Side Yankee

Secret Waterfall BBW

SECRET WONDERLAND (BBW)- Sweet fragrance of wild goji berries & white gardenia, on a base of coconut & sensualwhite amber.

SENTIMENTAL CIDER (SCENTSY)- Apple cider infused with star anise & allspice.

Shimmering Sage Leaf

SNICKERDOODLE- Warm sugar cookies rolled in cinnamon, fresh out of the oven.

Silent Fury

Simply Irresistible Scentsy

Skinny Dippin Scentsy

SNOW ANGEL- A sophisticated blend of bergamot & exotic woods with green floral notes.

Snow Kissed Mint BBW

Snow Day Type BBW

Snowed in Type BBW

SOFT BLANKET (BBW & YANKEE)- Sparkling citrus, sweet vanilla & warm amber...sweet dreams.

SPEARMINT- Invigorating spearmint fragrance.

SPEARMINT & BASIL- A sweet minty treat of perfectly balanced basil & spearmint.


Spiced Apple BBW

SPICED Christmas- A sweet blend of Cinnamon, spice, vanilla, & light fruity notes.

Spiced Cranberry

SPICED MULBERRY- Sweet & sour mulberries with a hint of warm spices.

SPICED PEAR-Fresh pear with vanilla cream & notes of nutmeg & cinnamon.

SPICED VANILLA- Luscious vanilla buttercream with a hint of spice.

SPICY CRAN-ORANGE- Sweet mandarin orange & tart cranberries blended perfectly with cloves & spices.

Spring Meadow BBW

Spring Rain

Spring Time in Paris

STORM WATCH- A fragrant bouquet of cyclamen, rose, jasmine, & carnation with a hint of apple.

STRAWBERRY BANANA- The irresistible blend of juicy strawberries & ripe bananas.

STRAWBERRY CHAMPAGNE- An effervescent aroma of strawberry champagne with light notes of apple cider & lily-of-the-valley.

Strawberry Cobbler

Strawberry Cupcake BBW

Strawberry Fresh

Strawberry Lemonade BBW

STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE- Flaky shortbread biscuits filled with juicy strawberries & fresh whipped cream.

STRAWBERRIES & CREAM- Summer strawberries kissed with freshly whipped cream.

SUGAR COOKIE- Warm cookies with notes of vanilla, pastry & sugar.

Sugar Plum BBW Yankee

Sugar & Spice Yankee

Summer Breeze

SUMMER CITRUS-A tart blend of clemetine & tangerine with a hint of lemon zest.

Summer Escape BBW

Summer Nights

Summer Sea

SUMMER SPLASH- A fragrant blend of sweet pea, sugar & summer berries.

SUNFLOWER- Summer sunflower bouquet with notes of jasmine, rose & white blossoms on a sweet flowery base.

Summer Wish Yankee

Sun & Sand Yankee

Sun & Sea

Sunkissed Citrus Scentsy

Sunkissed Leaves

SWEET CINNAMON- True aroma of cinnamon spice.

SWEET LAVENDER- Very soft & sweet scent, unique to other lavenders.

SWEET MELON- A crisp blend of sweet melon, citrus on a musky background.

SWEET ORANGE- A strong, straight scent of juicy oranges.

Sweet Patchouli

SWEET PEA- The very essence of floral elegance captured in a blend of sweet pea, pear & wild lily.

SWEET PINE- A holiday mix of pine & smooth hints of vanilla.

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin BBW

Sweet Pea BBW

Sweet Pea & Vanilla Scentsy

Sweet Pine Tangerine

Sweet Rain

TANGERINE- The sweet citrus aroma of fresh tangerines.

Tart Red Raspberry

Teak Bamboo

Thunderstorm Scentsy

Tobacco- The scent of freshly cut fine pipe Tobacco.

Tree House Memories Yankee

Trix Cereal

TROPICAL PARADISE- An exotic garden of sweet melons, kiwis & juicy pomegranates, with a kiss of star fruit.

TROPICAL RAIN- An alluring blend of pink peony & light marine notes.

Tropical Spice BBW

Tulip Tuberose Yankee

Turquoise Sky Yankee

Twilight Woods BBW

Twisted Peppermint BBW

VANILLA BEAN- A true, creamy vanilla bean fragrance.

Vanilla Chai Yankee

VANILLA & FRESH BERRIES- Vanilla blended with blueberry, strawberry& raspberry with ribbons of sweet cream.

Vanilla Grapefruit

VANILLA HAZELNUT- Hazelnut blended with sweet vanilla cream.

VANILLA SPICE- Rich, creamy vanilla with a sprinkling of warm spices,

Verbena & Lemon BBW

VERY SEXY FOR HIM (VS)- A spicy blend of citrus, cinnamon& sage with notes of vetiver & orange blossom.

VERY SEXY FOR HER (VS)- A seductive aroma of clementineand desert cactus flower, kissed by vanilla orchid.

Waikiki Melon Yankee

WALNUT- Fresh cracked scent of walnuts.

Water Lily BBW

WATERMELON- Red ripe watermelons on a Sunny summer day.

WARM VANILLA SUGAR (BBW)-Delicious combination of creamy vanilla & sweet brown sugar, with a soft musk undertone.

WEDDING CAKE- A creamy French vanilla wedding cakewith hints of pineapple, coconut& maraschino cherry.

WEDDING DAY- A fruity floralcy with fresh greenery & romantic flowers.

Welcome Home Scentsy

WHITE BLOSSOMS- A heady bouquet of orange blossom, jasmine & gardenia.

White Christmas Yankee

WHITE PALM- An inviting blend of crisp palm leaves, white peach, fresh citrus& a hint of vanilla.

White Tea & Catcus Scentsy

WILD CHERRY- The fragrance of a bushel of sweet & powerful black cherries.

Wild Passion Fruit Yankee

WINTERGREEN- Zesty mint aroma of fresh wintergreen.

Wildberry Dahia BBW

WISTERIA- An intoxicating fragrance of purple wisteria clusters cascading from the vine.

Witches Brew Yankee

WOODSMOKE- Fir balsam, needle & pine, with cedar & moss, are reminiscent of a fire blazing in the hearth.

YLANG & AMBER- A “floriental” bouquet of ylang ylang & dark amber, accentuated with sandalwood & vanilla.

Ylang Ylang

YULETIDE- A great holiday fragrance of citrus, fruits & spices.

YULETIDE PEAR VANILLA (BBW) - A festive blend of pear, vanilla sugar & roasted marshmallows.

ZUCCHINI BREAD- A bakery-inspired scent of zucchini bread cake with cinnamon & vanilla sugar

Zen Garden

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