Marklin Vintage Sk800 Ho Model Train, Huge Lot 11 Cars, More Mitropa Cars

 Marklin Vintage Sk800 Ho Model Train, Huge Lot  11 Cars,  More  Mitropa Cars

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Marklin Vintage Sk800 Ho Model Train, Huge Lot 11 Cars, More Mitropa Cars:

MARKLIN HO Train Set #3207


FULLY ORIGINAL MÄRKLIN - Made in Germany in thelate 40's to mid 1950s


#3007 black Streamline Steam Locomotivemarked SK 800 & 2 black Tenders WITH RED WHEELS!!Set includesEIGHT Additional assorted cars!!, also includes TWOtransformers andAPPROXIMATELY 90pieces of track, 4 TRACK SWITCHES, ONE SIGNAL LIGHT. 3RED and gold MITROPA CARS!! RARE RARE!!Note: locomotive missing motor and wheels.which can be easily acquired.Great collection!

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The Märklin system is the technique of using a third rail concealed in the roadbed with only small studs protruding through the ties of the track. The two outer rails are connected electrically. This provides the simplified wiring enjoyed by larger gauges—such as for reverse loops—without seriously detracting from the realism of the track because only two of the rails are visible. Because the two outer rails are not electrically isolated from each other, however, some do not consider Märklin's system to be a true three-rail system. However, older sections of 'M-Track' do have an actual conductor rail rather than studs. This older system is compatible with newer trains, although the reduced clearance for the pick-up shoe can sometimes cause running difficulties.

The Märklin system has some incompatibility with other manufacturers' H0 trains. Because the wheels on Märklin's cars are not insulated, it causes shorts if its cars are used on other manufacturers' H0 track without changing the wheels.

Marklin SK 800 Streamlined Locomotive

From Marklin Wiki Jump to: navigation, search BR 06 4-8-4 Locomotive, prototype of the SK 800

No pre-war Marklin locomotive ever lived as long as the Marklin SK 800 streamlined steam locomotive. From its release in 1939 to its slow retreat in 1959, this model was one of Marklin's most popular and widely sold 00 Scale models. During its over 20 years of life, the SK 800 underwent minimal changes that are key in dating the locomotive and determining which versions are rare and which more rare. The origins of the locomotive as also quite interesting as the prototype locomotive for the SK 800 was modeled on the class 'BR 06,' a 4-8-4 (wheel orientation), and not a 4-6-4 as were Marklin's prototype and production versions. This change in design is most likely due to practical reasons rather than stylistic ones: a shorter 4-6-4 locomotive would navigate Marklin's curved tracks better and the basis of the frame with a 4-6-4 wheel arrangement could be reused for other locomotives to save on expensive tooling and production costs. Because of Marklin's ingenious shortened design of the SK 800, only three parts are really unique to the model: both its locomotive and tender housings and a small truck bracket in the front of the locomotive. Despite its similarities in framework to other locomotives, we'll soon see that the SK 800 was revolutionary for the 00 production line. Let's start at the beginning -- 1939, the year Marklin first introduced its SK 800 model.

  • 1 1939: The Locomotive's Introduction
  • 2 1940: The SK 800 K in Black
  • 3 1941 - 1943: Green or Black, you choose
    • 3.1 Red SK 800 and Special Variations
  • 4 1945: A Post-War Favorite
1939: The Locomotive's Introduction Marklin SK 800 Version 1 in 1939 German catalog for 30 RM

We can't begin to discuss the SK 800 in detail without discussing its origins a little further. The model was almost produced as an SHR 800, 4-6-2, (similar to the earlier O Gauge Marklin model the SLH 66 12920, but the streamlined ash pan beneath the cab was found problematic when the locomotive negotiated curves. The solution was to make it a 4-6-4 model, replacing the large set of two wheels with four smaller rear wheels in the front and back which could easily move underneath the locomotive housing without problems (a small wheel well in the front was additionally added to accommodate the wheels). This takes us to the first SK 800 model from 1939, Version 1, which was introduced in a brilliant olive-green color scheme with black smoke deflectors, golden striping on both the tender and locomotive housings, and typical red-colored wheels. This model, as other subsequent pre-war and some post-war SK 800 models, had seven split-pins securing the upper hand railing around the perimeter of the locomotive as opposed to the later models (1946 and onward) which featured only 6 splints. The locomotive's tender normally features a silver claw coupler whereas the next version of the SK 800 usually has a BK coupler which was introduced in 1939, both couplers were used simultaneously for a few years. It is also important to note that this model has two small holes with a thick metal wire that runs through both holes above the brush covers. This area above the brush covers is another important way to identify which years an SK 800 was made because some models have this wire, others a brush cover, others lack both, and others have no holes holes at all. Interestingly enough the drawings for this version of the SK 800 in the 1939 catalog do show a brush cover on the locomotive while most examples do not have a brush cover until 1941. It is hard to say for certain whether the original 1939 SK 800 featured a brush cover or not because the piece is easily removed or added by two metal splints.

1940: The SK 800 K in Black Marklin SK 800 Version 2 in black from 1940

The next SK 800, Version 2, was black instead of green and with silver-white striping instead of gold. The SK 800 would remain this black color for a majority of its life with a few exceptions. The model also received an updated model number "SK 800 K" as listed in the 1940 catalogs for 00 Scale. The "K" (which would also be put on the box for the locomotive, not as an additional stamp, but as part of the model number) denotes the new coupler design introduced in 1940 (coupler is Kupplung in German). This version also does not have the metal wire running through the two holes above the brushes (nor does it have a brush cover) but most certainly does still have 7 metal pin splints as before.

1941 - 1943: Green or Black, you choose

Perhaps by popular demand Marklin brought back the brilliant green with gold striping SK 800 locomotive. This year's release of the model can be differentiated from the 1939 release by both the coupler (this one has a nickel-plated BK coupler instead of a claw coupler) and by the appearance of a green brush cover. The brush cover theory, however, is not recommended as the best way to determine between a 1939 and 1941 green SK 800 because brush covers can easily be removed and added. The best way to tell the difference, of course, would be if the model retains its original box on which a stamp of "9X" would be X quarter of 1939 or "1X" as X quarter of 1941. By this year, unfortunately, the effects of the Second World War are taking a toll on Marklin's operations. We can't even consult the customer catalog of 1941 because one was not issued in that year. We will even find out that later post-war versions of the SK 800 were built from pre-war spare parts and most notably leftover green SK 800 tenders. Were leftover green tenders painted black because Marklin over-produced anticipating a positive response of a re-release of a favorite model or did they under-sell due to the war. The years 1942 and 1943 are lumped into this time period as they are a definite gray area in Marklin's operations. Marklin ceased toy manufacturing in the summer of 1943 but it is uncertain whether any new SK 800 models were produced between 1942 - 1943. A surplus of these models in the post-war years suggests that it is highly possible, but there is no real certainty without seeing actual production records.

Red SK 800 and Special Variations

Before we jump the gap between the pre-war and post-war SK 800, it is important to discuss special variations of the SK 800 which appeared in the pre-war years. One such model is an SK 800 locomotive painted in an incredible red color scheme with gold striping similar to that of the green SK 800 models. This specially painted red SK 800 could only be ordered directly from the Marklin factory either by visiting the factory or making a special request through a dealer and was never offered in a customer catalog. A normal production SK 800 would be taken aside to be painted in this special color variation and would be placed in an appropriate box with the stamping rot to the lower right to signify the special red color scheme (rot "red" in German). Only a few such confirmed original models have shown up out of many hundreds of reproduction models which have been made in this highly desirable color scheme. There is speculation that other color schemes exist such as gray-white, blue, and purple. These other color schemes are unconfirmed, but seemingly possible even though the only prototypical colors of the BR 06 were green, black, and red.

1945: A Post-War Favorite


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Marklin Vintage Sk800 Ho Model Train, Huge Lot 11 Cars, More Mitropa Cars:

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