Most Efficient Hho Hydrogen Generator Diy 10 Cell Kit Better Than Dry Cell For Sale

Another Great Product From 's Oldest and Most TrustedSeller of Customer Proven "Worlds Best" HHO Equipment And The Undisputed "King of Efficiency" "Mighty Mite 4.5k"
One of The Most Efficient Hydrogen Generator's on The Market
“ABSOLUTE ENGINEERING Miracle" NOW EVEN MORE EFFICIENT THAN BEFORE Now Includes CompleteInstall Kit The Complete 4.5 IK Package FOR ONLY $99.95 How Much Longer Can You Afford To Pay $2.25 to $4.00+ per gal. For Your Gas Guzzler We are now making our Most Popular Model Available In a DIYKit Form. You Build it and Save $$$$$$$$$$$ Complete Color Pictoral Instructions Included (25 Pages) over 50 photo's With Complete Install Instructions.

The Buy it Now Price Assembled Used to be $239.95
with an install kit .
You Save $ 139.00 If you have some common household power tools, You Can Easilly Build This Unit WithMy Detailed Step by Step Instructions Ihave included Step by Step Color Pictures (over 50) photos, and9 hour per day Phone Support. Business Days Only ( Monday thru Friday) You could Start Your Own Business, Building and installing these Units.I send you EVERYTHING you need to know. (Special Dealer Pricing is NowAvailable) Contact us for our Dealer Catalog Not only how to Build them, but also How to Properly Install, and How To Tune Your Sensors for Maximum Mileage Gains I have 55+ Years Experience in the Automotive Industry and know the secrets to altering the signals to your vehicles Computer to Guarantee Mileage Gains.

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We are now offering our Tuning 101 Guide to HHO Success


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Truth is Folks, I am getting tired. I am wearing out physically.

This Model seems to sell more than the others,( I suppose due to it's lower price, ) but in any event I usually have to build 4 or 5 of this model per week. I have discovered that I am really only capable of building, No More Than 5 units per week, So I am going to concentrate on, And devote all of my timebuilding the Model's 5.0+1.and Pure Power "Y"Tee Mite This is why I am offering the Model4.5 in kit form. I just plain can't physically keep up the pace anymore. I am just too darn Old. At the age of 80+, I am finally going to take the advice I have been getting from Many of my Friends andMy Wonderful Customers. That being to SLOW DOWN and smell the roses. God Bless and Thank's for Your Understanding Your purchase is for All the assembly parts Needed to build the Model 4.5 Generator, aStarter Packet ofE-22 Electrolyte, We are no longer shipping E-22 electrolyte outside of the USA. We have had too many shipments seized by various Customs Agencys and destroyed. If your shipmet is being shipped outside of the USA We are now sending you our secret formula so that you can mix your own PLUS 5ft #10 AWG Shielded Copper Wire ( Red ) 5 ft #10 AWG Shielded Copper Wire ( Black ) 5 ft #16 AWG Shielded CopperWire ( Red ) 1- 30/40 Amp SPDT In Line Water Proof 4- 3/8 #10 AWG Loop 3- 1/4" # 10 AWG 1- 1/4" # 16 AWGSpade 2- # 10AWG Butt 1- 15Amp 3 ft Reinforced 3/8 Id Fuel Supply 5% Discount Couponon future Complete Assembly and PictoralInstall Instuctions, Plus FREE Copy of New UpdatedTuning 101 Guide to HHO Success Additional Install Accessoriesrequire a Separate Purchase. A Great Starter unit for Mileage Gains, Medical Treatments, and general experimentation

When Assembled Properly

This Unit Will Produce Up to------------------------ 2 Liters Per Minute Less than -------------15 amps of Current Draw Up to Maximum Temperature --------------------115F. Totally "Self Contained" With Built in Bubbler No other Bulky Tanks Needed Like *Dry Cells Need No Circulating Pump Needed Like *Dry Cells Need No external Cooler Needed Like *Dry Cells Need.
No Freeze up----Safe to -20F Below Zero Picture from Dry Cell ad, This all takes Space on your Vehicle None of these extra tanks or coolers are needed with A Mighty Mite Will Out Perform Any * So Called Dry Cell Or Wet Cell Unit On If you are purchasing this Generator for fuel savings, you will needto purchasefollowing items for **Guaranteed Mileage Gains Our World Famous Black Box Controller Controls the Gas Output, Amperage Draw and Temperature of You Model 4.5 Generator. Our 2014 Tuning 101 AFR Control Center This deviceWILL DO what Volo FS2 Tried And Could NOT DO The New 2013 Tuning 101 AFR Control Center Controlall your 02's, Upsteam and Downstream Plus Your MAP, MAF, IAT, CTS. From One Control Box All circuitsAutomatically switched On With Tstat Switch When engine reaches proper temperature to accept the modifications. Whatthe Mighty Mite 4.5Really Is It is ABrowns Gas Generator It is Not a Wet Cell It is Not a Dry Cell It is a True HYBRIDWith MultipleIndividual Isolated Cells "10" Cell--TWIN-Generator's (electrolyzer's) (Two Generators in one Housing) What we have done is take theBest Properties ofa Dry Cell and The Best Properties of a Wet Cell and Combine Them. Whileeliminating the Negative Properties of Both.
Good Luck with Your Project

God Bless and

May the Blessings be.

Darol Mason

D&N Engineering.

** Guaranteed mileage is based on proper assembly and installation as per our directions. It is also dependent on the operating condition of the vehicle.

We are located out in the country 50 miles to the closest city. We are two Old retired autodesign technicianswith over 97 years experience in the auto industry. Actual mileage gains can vary greatly dependent upon proper installation of the Mighty Mite, proper installation and calibration of the EFIE , running condition of your vehicle, condition of your air filter, and many other factors which are beyond our control. We do not guarantee any specific percentage of gain because of the aforementioned factors. Hydrogen is a very explosive gas, improperly handled can be fatal. TheE-22 electrolyte is dangerous to work with if certain precautions are not taken. By offerding on this Item you are acknowledging these statements and are taking full responsibility, and relieving the seller of any and all responsibilities regarding the installation and operation of this unit.We assume no responsibilityfor loss or damage by the USPS or any other carrier.

You Are Purchasing The Best. Enjoy the Gas Savings. D&N Automotive Engineering
 Most Efficient Hho Hydrogen Generator Diy 10 Cell Kit  Better Than Dry Cell

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Most Efficient Hho Hydrogen Generator Diy 10 Cell Kit Better Than Dry Cell:

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