One Oz Bottle Fragrance Oil Candle/soap Making Supplies-tart/oil Warmer For Sale

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Christmas CookiesFrench vanilla with butter, spices, and milk....right out of the oven.Christmas CottageSweet vanilla, cinnamon, and spice perfectly blended with peppermint for a delightful holiday fragrance. (VCS Custom Blend)Christmas EveA warm blend of pine, orange, and cinnamon that will make you think of Christmas Eve by the fireplace. (VCS Custom Blend)Christmas in ParadiseA fruity delight that reminds you of being in a tropical paradise for Christmas holiday.Christmas MemoriesA pleasant wintery aroma of sweet pine, peppermint, and cinnamon.Christmas MulberryA rich mulberry fragrance mixed with the right amount of cedar and pine.Christmas PineA pine tree farm in the middle of a cold winter morning with fresh sap coming out of the bark.Christmas SplendorA fruity spicy bouquet with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and juniper notes with a sweet musky background.Chunky MonkeyA fun blend of ripe bananas and rich chocolate. (VCS Custom Blend)Cinnamon LatteRich, decadent, fluffy steamed froth and dark espresso blended with cinnamon.Cinnamon Spice CakeFresh baked cake chocked full of cinnamon and nutmeg.Cinnamon SticksRich and powerful, a super strong straight cinnamon.CitronellaA sweet, woodsy, grassy fragrance.Citrus SplashA fresh, traditional citrus scent that is bright, clean and refreshing.Clean CottonNostalgic aroma of fresh linens dried on a fresh breezy day.Cocoa Pebbles TypeSmells like you just opened up the box of Cocoa Pebbles.CoconutImagine you're on a tropical beach and you've just cracked open a ripe coconut.Coconut Cream PieA buttery sweet blend reminiscent of a coconut custard pie.Coconut Lime VerbenaA creamy blend of coconut, tangy lime with hints of verbena, vanilla and muskCool Water TypeAn amazing duplication of the popular designer men's fragrance.CosmopolitanA perfect blend of cranberry and lime…reminding you of the popular martini drink.Cotton CandyIt's rich, it's sweet, it's aromatic, just like at the carnival.Country BlissCrisp fresh breeze mixed with daisies and clementines while walking through the the country side.Country Clothes LineA fresh aroma-just like laundry off the clothesline.Country LemonadeLuscious accords of juicy lemon, tangy citron zest, and sweet clementine.Cozy CabinEvergreen and spicy citrus with a slight musk, just like a cabin in the woods.Cranberry ChutneyA very edible cranberry chutney accord with subtle hints of grape, spice, and vanilla.Cranberry CobblerA sweet aroma of rich red cranberries with baked sugar and lightly baked cobbler.Cranberry OrangeA crisp blend of sun ripened oranges perfectly blended with tart cranberries.Crème BruleeIt's so rich and creamy you'll swear someone has just made you a fresh creme brulee.Cucumber MelonThe coolness of a cucumber with a delightfully sweet melon.Daisy Dreamgirl - BBWA sophisticated blend of juicy clementines and daisies immersed in passion fruit and rich jasmine.Dark Kisses - BBWTempting blend of black raspberry, plum, amber, dark vanilla bean, and sensual balsam.Downy April Fresh TypeFresh and clean…smells like you just got sheets out of the dryer.Dr. Feel GoodFresh florals come together with woods and musk notes to make this scent a truly sensual masculine blend.Drakkar TypeA great men's musky cologne fragrance.DreamcicleSmells just like the Popsicle™ Dreamsicle you remember as a child. A rich, delicious creamy mixture of vanilla and citrusDuck FartsA great smooth fruit fragrance that smells as wonderful as its name is oddDusty RoseA sensual and elegant fragrance dominated with powdery notes and rose petals.Easter FlowersThe wonderful aroma of a mixed bouquet of tulips, lillies, and jasmine.Ed Hardy TypeA unique fragrance that is very clean and fresh.Egg NogDelicious blend of eggs, milk & rum.Endless LoveA mix of fruit & floral on a background of musk & vanilla.Eskimo KissesA sweet combination of peppermint and pine. (VCS Custom Blend)Espresso LatteRich, decadent, fluffy steamed froth and delicate caps of deliciously dark espresso…the perfect coffee blend.EucalyptusThis strong, pungent scent of eucalyptus is like no other scent in the world, but close to a true menthol.FiresideWarm spicy notes with subtle citrus and pine notes to make a perfect fragrance for warming up frigid winter nights.First GlanceAn invigorating blend of sweet melon, musk, floral, and citrus. (VCS Custom Blend)Fluffy TowelsThe fresh, crisp, strong scent of clean towels warm from the dryer.Forest RainA delightfully crisp fragrance of pine with warm apple and quince undertones.French ToastYummyfrench toast, hot off the griddle, with a touch of vanilla and lots of cinnamon.French VanillaTempting, delicious, rich & creamy with a buttery vanillascent.Fresh Baked Apple PieA nice aroma of hot apple pie baking in the oven. Just like mom used to make.Fresh LinenWill remind you of fresh sheets out of the dryer.Fruit Loops TypeSmells just like you opened the box of Fruit Loops.Fruity Pepples TypeCrisp lemon and berry…smells like you need a bowl.Gain Apple Mango Tango TypeThe fresh clean detergent infused with a tropical blend of sweet floral and exotic fruits.Gain Original Fresh TypeSmell just like the classic detergent.GardeniaA very appealing fragrance of the gardenia flower, sweet, musky and romantic.Georgia PeachThe aroma of a ripe, juicy, Georgia peach…GingerbreadFresh baked bread with spice notes of cinnamon, clove, ginger, nutmeg and vanilla beans.God's LoveA perfect combination of baby powder and mulberry make this a delightfully clean fragrance.Grandma's KitchenA baking fragrance of spiced cookies and other spices and fruits.Granny Smith ApplesA crisp, tart apple fragrance that will make your mouth water.Gummy BearsJust open up the bag and take a deep breath…Hansel & Gretal's HouseHansel and Gretel's house covered with vanilla frosting, cinnamon sticks, toasted graham crackers and juicy raisinsHawaiian BreezeA tropical outdoor blend of juicy fruits blended with exotic flowers.Hawaiian ParadiseJuicy pineapples blended with fresh coconut and citrus to make you think of a tropical paradise…Hawaiian Tropic TypeA great summer smell of a coconut bases sunscreen with a light fruity undertone.Heavenly TypeA floral bouquet with orange, lemon, rose marine and jasmine top notes with a sweet woody musky background.Holiday WreathA vibrant, green, herbal based aroma with crisp pine and spruce top notes.Home Sweet HomeA spicy blend of cinnamon and clove with subtle hints of floral rose and ylang ylangHoneysuckleYou'll think you're outside in a garden of honeysuckle vines and flowers.Honeysuckle & BerriesA refreshing blend of sweet summerberrieswith a crisp floral burst ofhoneysuckle.Hot Apple CiderThe scent of fresh made apple cider with a hint of spiceHot Maple ToddyA blend of rich maple, creamy vanilla, soft butter spiked with the essence of rum.Hugs & KissesA fresh baked vanilla cake blended with mandarin, bergamot and orange. (VCS Custom Blend)Jack FrostA crisp winter fragrance that smells very similar to a candy cane with a bit of an edge and hints of vanilla.Japanese Cherry BlossomA seductive and mysterious floral scent, inspired by the exotic gardens of Japan.Jasmine Vanilla - BBWWith just the right ratio of jasmine to vanilla, it's a breathtaking, soft, feminine fragrance.Jelly BeansA handful of jelly beans coated with sugar and ready to enjoy.Jeweled CitrusA fresh citrus blend of sweet oranges and grapefruit with a touch of lime.Jolly Rancher TypeSweet, sugary blend of fruits…similar to a flavorful bag of jolly ranchers.Key LimeThe tart, zesty fragrance of key limes. Very refreshing and zingy.Key Lime PieCool and refreshing key lime, vanilla whipped cream and a graham cracker crust.LavenderA soothing and relaxing aroma of fresh cut lavender.Lavender EucalyptusThe fresh aroma of Lavender, relaxing and calming, mixed with the strong invigorating aroma of eucalyptus.Lavender LemonA sensual lavender floral scent with a touch of zesty lemon notes.Lavender VanillaA combination of soft lavender and creamy vanilla.LeatherThis fragrance smells amazingly realistic, just like rich leather.Lemon DropIt's very lemon and very sweet.Lemon FreshA fresh, tart lemon fragrance.Lemon Pound CakeRight out of the oven, bakery fresh and dripping with buttery, lemon aromas if you are a lemon lover this scent is for you!Lick Me All Overit's a fruity blend of vanilla, orange, pineapple & cherry.Lightning BreezeAn energizing blend of peppermint and lemon that will awaken all your senses. (VCS Custom Blend)LilacWild flowers picked off the tree.Lily of the ValleyThe sweet, strong smell of lilies of the valley with subtle green notes.Linen & LilliesClean laundry smell perfectly blended with the subtle scent of lillies.Love & LaceA lovely blend of fresh lavender and bergomot with hints of citrus and berries. (VCS Custom Blend)Love Spell TypeSweet citrus bouquet enhanced by hints of peaches and berries on a background of musk.Macintosh AppleA juicy sweet apple with slight green notes.MagnoliaA sweet blend of fragrant southern magnolia flowers that will fill your senses.Mango ParadiseFresh crisp sparkling mango with hints of pear, peach, grapefruit & orange.Marshmallow CreamThis smooth creamy scent will make your fingers sticky just thinking about it!Marshmallow PeepsSweet marshmallow sprinkled with sugar.Melon SplashNewly harvested, sweet and juicy, mouth watering melons.Midnight PomegranateJuicy red pomegranates sparkle like rubies in moonlight.Enticing. Fiery. Seductive.Midnight RendezvousA light floral fragrance with hints of champagne on a background of velvety musk.Midsummer NightA masculine scent that is very clean and uplifting.Mocha CappuccinoSmells like a fresh cup of café mocha.Monkey FartsA unique blend of bananas, coconut, mango, and vanilla.Moon CanyonA relaxing and invigorating blend of lavender, cinnamon, and spice. (VCS Custom Blend)Moonlight Path TypeMusk bouquet enhanced by exotic woods with hints of flowers.Mrs. ClausFabulous aroma of musk, floral, and citrus blended with peppermint. (VCS Custom Blend)MulberryVery pronounced scent of mouth-watering mulberry!Muscadine GrapeA very strong, sweet purple grape.NutmegAn inviting and warm blend of fresh ground nutmeg.Oatmeal, Milk & HoneyA fantasy blend with wheat notes, honey, vanilla and musk.Ocean BreezeClose your eyes and you can almost hear the waves splashing in the ocean. A very clean scent.Orange PatchouliA sweet juicy orange blended with the unique woodsy blend of patchouli.Orange SpiceJuicy orange mingled with cinnamon and some other sweet spices.Passionate NightsAn exotic fruity blend with coconut top notes, and light musk backgroundPatchouliThe unique woodsy blend of Patchouli Roots that will bring back memories of the 70's..Patchouli RoseA rich and sensual floral fragranceblended with the woodsy patchouli root and soft musk.Peach CobblerSweet peaches, a hint of spice and rich sweet cream.Peach Magnolia RaspberryA rich blend of succulent peaches, magnolia blossoms, and sweet raspberries.PearberryFresh fruity blend of pear and berry with a slight musk undertone.PecanThe aroma of warm roasted pecans.Peppermint TwistAn invigorating, cool, and sweet peppermint and vanilla blend.Perfect PearA ripe, fresh pear, juicy and succulent, sliced to perfection.Pina ColadaA tropical blend of juicy pineapples and coconut mixed together with a delightful sweet vanilla milk and rum blend.Pineapple ParadiseThe tropical fresh scent of sweet pineapples with light vanilla notes.Pineapple Upside Down CakeSweet pineapples, vanilla flavored cake with hints of butter and brown sugar.Pleasure MeA sweet combination of White Peach, Lime, Lemon Leaf, Sweet Lilac, and Sheer Hibiscus.Pumpkin Apple ButterA pleasantly sweet combination of fresh apples and sugar blended with just the right amount of pumpkin and spice.Pumpkin LatteA rich blend of coffee andpumpkinspices for a delicious aroma.Pumpkin Pie SpiceSmooth pumpkin with the warm, spicy notes of nutmeg, clove and cinnamon.Pumpkin SouffleA wonderful blend of thick, rich pumpkin pie blended with super sweet and creamy vanilla.Pure Seduction TypeBlend of musk, floral, apple and fresh citrus.RainClean and uplifting like a summer rain stormRainbow DropsFabulous aroma of musk, floral, and citrus that will make you smile like rainbows after the rain.RaspberryA sweet, succulent fruit picked fresh from the bushRaspberry CreamThe delightfully inviting swirl of rich, cool cream and tart summer berriesRise & ShineAn eye opening blend of fresh oranges, apples, and bananas. (VCS Custom Blend)Rose GardenThe wonderful aroma of fresh picked roses.SandalwoodStrongly aromatic, Asian orient woodsy, musk, earthy fragrance.Sandalwood & RoseAsian sandalwood combined with roses and jasmine for a pleasing erotic fragrance.Sandalwood VanillaPerfectly blended sandalwood and vanilla; sweet and creamy, yet woodsy enough to use as a man's fragrance.Satin SheetsA clean, romantic and sensual fragrance. Soft, passionate and elegant, yet strong.Screaming OrgasmA mysterious rose, wrapped in incense.SeascapeA refreshing wave of soft rose petals blended with the salty smell of ocean waves. (VCS Custom Blend)Sex on the BeachA delectable blend of orange, cranberry and peach…will make you think of the popular drink.Smell of ChristmasA warm fragrance with notes of cinnamon and spices.SnickerdoodleA perfect blend of gourmet sugar cookies rolled in cinnamon & sugar.Snuggle TypeA clean, comforting fragrance that smells similar to the cuddly bear fabric softener.SoCal - Hollister TypeA clean, fresh and masculine scent; similar to Hollister's signature scent.SpearmintA burst of minty freshness sure to awaken the senses!Starbucks Coffee TypeSmells like you walked into a Starbucks.Strawberries & CreamStrawberries with a hint of delicious cream.Strawberry CheesecakeThe perfect aroma of cheesecake with a nice thick strawberry sauce.Strawberry LemonadeA tart lemonade blended with sweet strawberriesSugar CookieSweet, sugary aroma of a fresh baked sugar cookieSugar PlumA lively blend of candied Christmas fruits with that touch of magicSummer BreezeThe sweet fragrance of melon and berries in the early morning breeze.SunsetThe perfect fusion of fruit and spices inspired by juicy pomegranates. (VCS Custom Blend)Sweet CowboyA spicy blend of leather and chocolate. (VCS Custom Blend.)Sweet CowgirlA romantic blend of leather and a sweet citrus bouquet. (VCS Custom Blend)Sweet DreamsA sweet blend of juicy pears and rich vanilla. (VCS Custom Blend)Sweet PeaDelicate scent of sweet peas along the garden fence.This Old HouseA warm, inviting fragrance with hints of eucalyptus, ginger, and spice blended with cedar, balsam, and fir.Tide TypeSmells like a fresh washed load of laundry with the classic Tide detergent.Toasted AlmondThe unmistakable rich notes of oven-toasted almonds.TulipsThe essence of spring - green, stemmy fragrance with distinctive tulip overlay.VanillaA rich and creamy straight vanilla fragrance.Vanilla BeanReminiscent of a classic sophisticated vanilla liqueur with a bit of spice.Vanilla Bean NoelA rich vanilla blended with a hint of peppermint and caramel.Vanilla Pumpkin PieA sweet and spicy pumpkin pie with rich, creamy vanilla.Warm Cinnamon BunJust the right amount of sweet icing and cinnamon rolled into a buttery pastry.Warm Vanilla SugarA yummy combination of sweet brown sugar, buttery vanilla with a soft undertone of musk.Watermelon PatchRipe, juicy watermelon on a hot summer day.White Peach & HibiscusAn elegant, sophisticated blend of fresh peaches and hibiscus blooms.Wild BlueberriesSweet, tart blueberries.Wild JasmineAll the strength and aroma of this beautiful white flower.Winter Candied AppleA perfect balance of sweet candy, crunchy apple, and just a hint of spices.Winter SplendorA spicy bouquet with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and fresh cut pine.


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 One Oz Bottle Fragrance Oil Candle/soap Making Supplies-tart/oil Warmer

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One Oz Bottle Fragrance Oil Candle/soap Making Supplies-tart/oil Warmer :

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