[rear] Gold Edition Cross-drilled Brake Rotors & Ceramic Brake Pads Rgx.6106802

[rear] Gold Edition Cross-drilled Brake Rotors & Ceramic Brake Pads Rgx.6106802

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[rear] Gold Edition Cross-drilled Brake Rotors & Ceramic Brake Pads Rgx.6106802:

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Fitment based on U.S. specification.
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Actual product may vary from photo.
Rear Brake Package •

2 Rear eLine Series Cross Drilled Brake Rotors

Rear R1 Ceramic Series Brake Pads

Approximately 15,000 reported car accidents occur each day. Stopping faster means stopping safer. Whether you’re taking your children to a dance recital or hitting the town with your friends, you need to be able to remain in complete control of your vehicle. Reliable and durable, eLINE Series Brake Rotors will get you to your destination safely no matter where you’re going.
Better braking performance made affordable eLINE Series Brake Rotors provide high-quality stopping power at a low and affordable cost. With our state-of-the-art technology, you don’t need to choose between performance and budget: it’s all there in a single package. Your brake rotors will last longer, cost you less, and ensure your vehicle’s safety for thousands of miles to come.
Importance of changing your brake disc Are your brakes wobbling? Squeaking? Losing pressure? When you notice erratic behavior from your brakes, it nearly always means that your brakes need to be serviced immediately. A failure to properly maintain and replace your disk brake system will eventually cause your brake system to fail – and that could have disastrous results.

Failing to change your brake pads or rotors as needed will also cause additional wear and damage to your car over time, which can be quite costly to repair.

Zinc Plated for corrosion protection All of our eLINE Series Brake Rotors, excluding our blank pattern rotors, come with a special zinc plating designed to protect from corrosion. Though some of this corrosion protection will inevitably wear off through use, the rest of the rotor will remain protected. This leads to better appearance, longer life, and overall improved maintenance and replacement costs. Our eLINE Series Brake Rotors are available in silver, black, and gold.
Break in Procedure Please be advised that when you first receive the rotors, they are completely covered with the gold zinc coating. During the initial embedding process, the gold zinc coating on the braking surface, the area where the pads come in contact with the rotors will wear off, leaving only the hub and inner vane structure coated.

Includes Shims to Reduce Brake Noise

For Any Vehicle that Needs
that Extra Brake Bite!
No Modification Needed
Provides long lasting braking power without having the squeal of an actual race pad. Works great on any vehicle that needs that extra brake bite. It doesn't matter if it is quick stops in traffic or that spirited drive down your favorite backroad.

OUR MAIN PRIORITY "Great product. Looks great when installed and I definitely feel the braking difference. I'm also loving the look, it gives the car an aggressive touch overall compared to stock. Will definitely purchase for my other cars in the future. Thanks R1Concepts!" -Max89

"I am very happy with the pads & rotors. They work great and the price was great." -Loon1324

"Perfect! Fast shipping, works perfectly, recommended seller. Now I have a great setup, price and quality can't be beat. Arrived a week early" -Rob_67
Our Brake Rotors come with a 365 Days Warranty We want to reassure you fitment, excellence in quality, and machined with precision. Our warranty covers warping and manufactured defects. Buy with Confidence. We are Paypal Verified. Please be sure to check vehicle application above to see if these parts will fit you vehicle. Your Satisfaction is Our Main Priority. We offer a 30 days return policy starting the day buyer receives the item(s). Item(s) being returned must be in brand new condition as its originally came with the original box(s), hardware, manuals, accessories, etc. R1 Concepts is not responsible for any return shipping expenses including duty and/or custom fees.
FAST, FREE SHIPPING! No Code, No Hassle! Ships within 24-72 Hours!

Shipping Brake parts are shipped within 24-72 hrs when payment is received before 6 pm PST Monday- Friday (excludes Holidays). We do not process orders or ship on the weekends. Payments received after 5 pm PST, on the weekends or holidays will be processed on the following business day and will be shipped within 24-72 hours.
Tracking Number Tracking number will be sent to your email once items are shipped.
Domestic FREE SHIPPING to 48 States only (Excludes Alaska, Hawaii, and APO)
International Shipping charges do not include Taxes/Duties. UPS/USPS may ask to collect Taxes/Duties fees; please contact your local UPS/USPS office or local government. R1 Concepts will not be responsible for any Taxes/Duties fees. DOMESTIC (48 STATES): UPS/USPS Ground (1-5 business days) ALASKA & HAWAII: USPS Priority Mail (3-7 business days) APO USPS Priority Mail (2-4 weeks) INT'L: UPS/USPS/GSP Int'l (3-7 business days) PUERTO RICO: USPS Priority Mail (3-7 business days) CANADA: USPS Ground (3-7 business days)
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Have questions? We got answers!
Call us toll-free (888)712-6623 What conditions are these items in? • All our items are 100% brand new. How long does your brake parts last? • The life of the brake parts are based on the drivers’ vehicle, driving habits, vehicle usage, and Environment. To extend the life of your brake parts, make sure you properly install the rotors and follow the bed-in instructions. Will these products require additional modifications or new brake calipers? • These items are Original Equipment specifications and will NOT require any type of additional modifications. However, we do recommend the use of new brake pads. Is there any coating on the drilled or slotted rotors? • Majority of our drilled/slotted brake rotors will come with some sort of coating, depending on the type you purchase. The coating can be zinc plating, electro-coat, or dacromet. Rotors that do not have coating are those with aluminum hubs and the OE design non-drilled and slotted rotors. Any coating on the braking surface (area where the brake pads come in contact) will come off during braking. The braking surface and the cross drills holes or slots if applicable can develop surface rust over time, depending on weather, climate, driving conditions, or left parked for days. This is perfectly normal with iron casted brake rotors. Any coating done on brake rotors is meant to help against rust. It is not meant to prevent rust indefinitely. Are the rotors and pads images the actual items I will receive? •

DO NOT CONFIRM FITMENT BASE ON IMAGES. The images are for display purposes. Items may vary from the images due to fitment specification. Fitment is specific and is stated in the listing details. We advise you to always thoroughly read the fitment details in the listing to ensure proper fitment. If you are unsure, it is best to get help before make a purchase.
Will I get a tracking number? • We will email you a tracking number when all items are shipped. What is your Warranty Policy? • • • • • • •

365 Days Warranty (1-Year) against warping and manufacture defects (rotors only). Warranty claims for 1 time replacement only. Warranty replacement claim for warped rotors will require a copy of a brake report from a certified and licensed shop or dealership. The report must indicate exactly which rotor or rotors are warped. A template of a report and required information will be provided upon request. Buyers are responsible for all returns, shipping, duties and/or custom fee. Warranty will not be granted if any signs of abuse or if the rotor(s) has reached its minimum thickness point. Warranty cannot be transferred to new owner or to different parts. Disclaimer of Warranty: By purchasing parts, purchasers expressly acknowledge, understand and agree that they take, select & purchase any part from R1 Concepts and its affiliates, distributors, and agents “As is” and “With all Faults.” The entire risk as to the quality and performance of any parts is with the purchasers. Should the parts prove defective following the purchase, purchase assume the entire cost for all necessary servicing, repair, replacement of any resulting liability. R1 Concepts makes no warranties whatsoever, express, or implied, oral or written, to purchasers or any user of these parts. R1 Concepts express disclaims any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, including fitness of any parts of racing.
Is there warranty agains rust? • There is no warranty against rust. Rust can develop anywhere over time on iron cast rotors. Is there warranty against brake noise? • There is no warranty against brake noise. Modern brakes pads are formulated to minimize noise but due to its nature, there is never any guarantee against "squealing." Even if you use the same pads on two identical vehicles, one can experience squeaking and the other may not. Brake pad noise does not mean the pads are bad or defective. There are many variables when it comes to noise with brake pads and its occurrence can be completely random. Why did my items come in unmark boxes (packaging) not like the photos? •

Actual packaging may vary from image. In order to pass the savings and shipping on to you, we follow an OEM factory standard and ship items in unmarked packaging.

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[rear] Gold Edition Cross-drilled Brake Rotors & Ceramic Brake Pads Rgx.6106802:

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