"search And Destroy" 1981 (vestron Video) Perry King Don Stroud Vietnam Vhs Rare

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"search And Destroy" 1981 (vestron Video) Perry King Don Stroud Vietnam Vhs Rare:

S-539 - NVV(C)S#6


: This is an ORIGINAL VHS video: NOT a copy! GUARANTEED!

Unlike the many bootleggers you are allowing to sell illegal copies of this movie on your website! PERRY KING, DON STROUD and GEORGE KENNEDYin...


(1981) Original VHS - Ultra-RARE, OOP! (out-of-print) [a.k.a. "Striking Back"] USED *NOTE* THIS ISONEOFONLY TWOORIGINAL VHS VIDEOS ON THE EXTREMELY RAREVESTRON VIDEO LABEL CURRENTLY UP FOR offer ("buy-it-now" style and in SP mode)ON AT THE TIME OF LISTING. ...BUT getthis one for LESS!

Very SCARCE! Grab it while you can!


Thisisa previously-viewed former video store rental. It's in acceptable condition.[Box is inFAIR to GOODcondition. (More on this later.)]Has1 video store sticker plus1 tamper-proof label residue (which caused damage to the main label after it was removed) on the cartridge. All videos are in good, used condition and play perfectly unless noted.*Flaw*There ischalky substance on the videotape spool.*Note*I have NOT viewedthis video because of the chalky substance (hence the acceptable rating) and that is also why the opening offer is so low.*Note*I am treating this as inacceptable conditionbecause ofthe chalky substance on the videotape andI cannotcompletely verify that this will play without any flaws.I make noguaranteeson this and therefore this will be soldAS IS!*Note* This is the ORIGINAL factory pre-recorded video cartridge which is black with brown flip door for authenticity. F.Y.I. please read A word about playing VHS video tapes, made in the 1970-1990 period, on a VCR with automatic tracking. At the time these tapes were made, tracking could be done manually. Therefore, on a automatic tracking VCR, during playback, you may have rollover and static lines. We offer no guarantee that you will or will not have tracking problems with this videotape. Attention: On older vhs videos (pre-1990) very few were re-mastered for sound quality. The ground loop signal was recorded in the source material during dubbing or mastering. Thus possibly creating some pops and hissing. **PLEASE NOTE** Now that you are fully aware that this video may have these flaws (but is watchable) it will be sold AS IS! Questions? You may contact us through: ’s message system (contact

It is not digitally remastered, and how it looks will depend on your VCR and TV. Remember, this is a video tape with 250 lines of resolution compared to today's DVDs, which are digital and 480 lines, and Blu-rays which are 1080 lines, so no matter what TV you play it on, it isn't going to look as crisp as a DVD or Blu-ray.


Contains violence and language.Incompliance with 's policy on any "or " videos ... ; NO pornographic or sexually explicit material is contained in this item. All subject matter may be bought and viewed by minors as in an (under 17 w/adult), , , , or rated movies.

RUNNING TIME:Box says93 minutes...BUT...actually runs 88 minutes 56 seconds/ Color / SP mode (the BEST quality!) / NTSC /Mono(If you are not in the U.S. or Canada please make sure that you will be able to play this NTSC movie. This is not compatible on PAL/SECAM systems. You will need a universal or multi-standard player system to accomodate NTSC videos.)

VIDEO COMPANY LABEL:(WAY long gone)Vestron Video©1983(original small cardboard box) <<Vestron Video, along with Magnetic, CultVideo, Astral, Mogul, Fotomat, Wizard, Time-Life, VCI and Midnight Video,was one of the early pioneers in releasing theatrical movies and concerts on home video. >>


VIDEO BOX CONDITION:Box is in fair to good condition. Cover has abad sticker scarplus a small roundgreenvideo store sticker ("Action Adventure"). There is edge wear plus some deep gauges on the back which run from top to bottom.If you are concerned about box condition ~PLEASE DO NOTbuy this! However, if you want to see this VERY RARE moviethen grab it while you can because this video pic below and decide for yourself) Scan is of actual original box that you would receive.

Moviemark never uses “stock photos.” The buyer will always see a picture of the actual original item for sale in our sales!

CAST: Perry King .... Kip Moore
Don Stroud .... Buddy Grant George Kennedy .... Anthony Fusqua
Tisa Farrow .... Kate Barthel Jong Soo Park .... Assassin (as Park Jong Soo)

DIRECTOR:William Fruet ("Funeral Home", "The House by the Lake", "Spasms")

PLOTLINE: Get this Ultra-RARE 80's violent action dramaflickfor your home video library!

Tagline: 'Nam made them the most highly trained killers in the world...

The members of a Vietnam veteran's old Army unit start turning up murdered. The police soon begin to suspect that he is in fact the killer. He knows he isn't, and must find the real killer in order to clear his name. He soon realizes, however, that the real killer is now hunting him.This movie is for you late night owls who remembers seeing this on Home Box Office back in the 1980's but has been RARELY seen since!In addition, check out myother RARE out-of-printCULT CLASSICvideos currently up for offer. Many are out-of-print and not available on DVD. Win a bunch and have a RARE MOVIE marathon!

TRIVIA:This was one of the first "post Vietnam vet" movies about revenge and made one year before "FIRST blood" (1982) starring Sylvester Stallone as John Rambo.

Since this is long gone and out-of-print, grab it while you can!



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    "search And Destroy" 1981 (vestron Video) Perry King Don Stroud Vietnam Vhs Rare:

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