"vintage Huge Bakelite Lot" Dice Die Darner Airplane Dominoes Rings 081320tggzac

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"vintage Huge Bakelite Lot" Dice Die Darner Airplane Dominoes Rings 081320tggzac:

It seems like you really like this item and you are worried it will be gone before you get a chance at it.

How are you going to handle this?


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It seems like you have been stopping in to my shop regularly and I am so honored to be able to see you and wish for this for years to come.


Serve as most of my description. Often, any issues found on items are circled and viewable on the pictures. Otherwise, the top part of the description should have problem information about the item unless it is utterly obvious in the pictures.


I can combine items into one listing to CUT the GLOBAL SHIPPING COST if you let me know all of the item numbers BEFORE you pay for the items.


Make sure the item fits you and ask any questions about size specifications BEFORE offerding or purchasing. "BUYER'S REMORSE" returns, I follow 's allowable refund policy to the fullest to protect my time spent on providing you the item. BANKING INSTITTION'S NON-REFUNDABLE 3% TRANSACTION FEE WILL BE DEDUCTED FROM EVERY BUYER'S REMORSE RETURN REFUND.


When "I" make a mistake on a purchase, I never hunt for reasons to return them. I turn around and resell them and diffuse the situation DAMAGE?

Just please send pictures quickly so a case can be filed and please keep the package and pieces in case if the post office needs to see it for the claim.


Item props (coins,rocks,displays), back drops, batteries or boxes are NEVER included except for the item itself.


Buyer is 100% responsible upon receipt. Can be dangerous to ANYONE. Never safe to eat or drink from. Carcinogens may exist in the parts.

"vintage Huge Bakelite Lot" Dice Die Darner Airplane Dominoes Rings 081320tggzac:

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