1.76 Ct Burma Mines Ruby 100% Natural Gie Certified Best Quality Gorgeous Gem Pl

1.76 Ct Burma Mines Ruby 100% Natural Gie Certified Best Quality Gorgeous Gem Pl

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1.76 Ct Burma Mines Ruby 100% Natural Gie Certified Best Quality Gorgeous Gem Pl:

Astro Kapoor Combined Purchases |Shipping |Returns |Payments |Contact Us |response 1.76 CT BURMA MINES RUBY 100% Natural GIE Certified BEST Quality GORGEOUS Gem Stone ID:
Gemstone: Natural Burma Mines Ruby Color: Pinkish Red Pcs: 1 Origin: Burma(Myanmar)Weight:1.76 CT Hardness: Not Calibrated Size: 7.59x6.19x4.18mm Treatment: Unheated & Untreated Shape:Oval Mixed Cut Remarks: Best Astrological Gemstone Transparency:Translucent Certificate: Free GIE Certificate

Clarity Scale

IF: Internally Flawless VVS: Very, Very Slight Inclusions VS: Very Slight Inclusions SI: Slightly Included I1: Included

(Not Applicable to Translucent / Opaque Gems)

All picturesdisplayed areactual picturesof the gemstoneon sale.

Photography has been done through Samsung Mobile E7in the fluorescent light.

We have taken the photos of these Rubies on Yellow Paper as the real cosmic color of rubies can be seen on Yellow Papers only.

it is very difficult to take the photographs of these type of transparent Rubies so We put the lights Around the gemstone so that we can show our buyers thetransparency of the gem.if you find the gem different from the picture then please try to take picture in this wayso that you can see same gemstone as shown in our listing.

Note: These are the 100% natural Burmese ruby gemstone, there are some black dots on the surface and the backside of the gemstone which indicates the naturality of this ruby, no neutral or negative will be accepted against these natural black spots and return shipping cost will be wore by buyer in case buyer would like to initiate return.

Note: This is a Natural Burmese Myanmar Mines Ruby Gemstone's for astrological purpose and energized by our Panditas for best astrological effects.

Energization of Gemstones:As we are astrologicalorganizationso all the gemstone aredispatchedafter Vedic Energization | POOJA | Healing. You can connect us through system for any additional special Vedic POOJA of gemstones if required.

Free Services for Astrological Consultation & Gem Recommendation:can contact us before buying the gemstones if you would like to have proper Vedic gemstone recommendation or astrological consultation from our panel Astrologers.

Note for Gemstone Dealers:We have our own manufacturing for almost all kind of gemstones, please send us a mail if you are looking for any specific gemstones in particular MM Sizes also as we can try our best tofulfillyour order.

Benefits Of Natural BURMEES Ruby

Ruby Gemstone / Burmese Ruby / Manik Gemstone

Rubyis a red color gemstone. It is also found in light pink to reddish pink in color.Burmese Rubyis a brightly colored stone which is a variety of mineral corundum. Burmese Ruby is one of the precious stones together with sapphire, emerald and the diamond.
Presence of small amount of chromium in the stone imparts it a natural pink color. The cost of the Burmese Ruby is highly determined by the color. The “Pigeon Red”, color Ruby gemstone is the most expensive ones. The next feature to look for a good stone is the cut and the clarity of the surface.
Ruby is the birthstone for the month of July.It is the zodiacal stone for the Capricorn. Ruby is assigned to the planet Sun.

Identifying Burmese Ruby
Burmese Ruby can be identified by the hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale. It has vibrant red color.Natural Rubyhas inclusions on the surface; whereas lab manufactured Ruby tend to be eye clean in appearance.

Ruby; Origin and Gemstone Sources
Ruby is found mainly in Myanmar (Burma). Other sources of Ruby are Thailand, Sri Lanka and Tanzania. Australia, India, Tanzania, Nepal, Pakistan, USA and Vietnam are also important source of Ruby Gemstone.

Ruby Gemstone Benefits
Ruby Gemstoneif studded in ring/pendant gives immense beneficial result to the wearer. It removes the ill effect of the Sun. It enhances the positive effect of Sun. Both malefic and benefic Sun can get benefit by wearing this gemstone.
It is associated to the Manipura Chakra which is related to the navel chakra of the body. This stone helps to unblock the navel chakra, and brings positive energy in the body of the wearer. Thus Ruby helps to cure stomach disease, and indigestion problems.
Ruby gemstone / Manik gemstone is highly beneficial for the people who are in the engineering and any other technical profession. Ruby gemstone is also good for the people who are creative.

Astrological Benefit of Ruby/Manik
Ruby Gemstone is assigned as the King of the Gemstones due to its association with the Sun. Sun is the planet which imparts glory, happiness, name and fame to the person. Ruby stones increases creativity, responsibility, love and bring spirituality to the wearer. If a male wears a ruby, it signifies manhood and nobility. If worn by a woman indicates power and passion. One of the most important healing effects of Ruby Gemstone is it increases and cures the blood circulation.

Determining the Ruby Gemstone Value
Ruby Color –The color of the Ruby is one of the most important to determine its value. A bright red or pink color with a hint of blue is considered best gemstone.

Ruby clarity and luster
Ruby typically contains inclusions. When there are more inclusions then it minimizes the transparency. Highly valued Ruby gemstone is free from too many inclusions and appears bright to the naked eyes.

Ruby Gemstones Jewelry
Ruby has been used since ancient time for jewelry and earrings in India and China. One can get entire jewelry of Burmese Ruby Gems, which include Burma Ruby earrings, rings and pendants. The presence of brilliant shine, color has made Ruby a highly prized gem to be used in jewelry.
Care and Cleaning Ruby Gemstone
Rubies are tough and durable gemstones, so they do not require any special cleaning. To clean Burmese Ruby, simply use a soft cloth and avoid any harsh chemical.

Ruby Gemstone Mantra
After energizing the gemstone proper mantra should be recited to before wearing the Ruby Gemstone
Surya mantra
Ashwa Dwajayaa Vidhmahe, Pashaa Hasthayaa Dheemahi, Tano Surya Prachodhyat

Ruby/Manik Gemstone is available in various carats
Natural, Non Treated and Unheated Ruby Gemstone in 1 to 8 carat
Natural, Non Treated and Unheated Ruby Gemstone in 9 to 14 carat.

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Gemstone Authenticity & Certification
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2. We provide Free Gemological Certificates from reputed labs like GIA (Gemological Institute of America), IGI (International Gemological Institute), GRS (GemResearch SwissLab), AIGS (Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences), GII (Gemological Institute of India), HKD Diamond Laboratories and IGL&I, please look under the "Remarks" field in the listing which mentions which certificate is accompanying this particular gemstone. The certificate clearly mentions the carat weight, measurements, etc along with the confirmation that the gemstone is unheated / untreated / Treated.
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1.76 Ct Burma Mines Ruby 100% Natural Gie Certified Best Quality Gorgeous Gem Pl:

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