1 Carat Asha Diamond Ring (asha Not "real") For Sale

This is an Asha Diamond engagement ring set, worn slightly and is still pretty much in "brand new" condition."The Asha simulated diamond is the only simulated diamond in the world that employs true lab created amorphous diamond (pure carbon diamond bonds) in its construction. We combine the craftsmanship of precision cutting and polishing, with a US Patent Pending amorphous diamond infusion process to produce an incredible simulated diamond. Because Asha contains actual diamond carbon bonds, the result is a diamond simulant that is at last able to truly mimic the light play, lustre and beauty of gem diamond but at diamond simulant pricing. The end-result: Just as cultured pearls offer you the beauty of pearls at a fraction of the natural pearl price, Asha is able to offer you the brilliance and beauty of real diamond, but at a fraction of the natural diamond price."
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