1 Tumbled Stone Pendant In Spiral Cage W/cord & Bail- Polished Natural Gemstones

1 Tumbled Stone Pendant In Spiral Cage W/cord & Bail- Polished Natural Gemstones

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1 Tumbled Stone Pendant In Spiral Cage W/cord & Bail- Polished Natural Gemstones:


One natural stonependant necklace, suspended from a fancy silvertoned pendant bail,with a simple2mm rubber "endless loop" cord. Each pendant is made by slipping a smalltumbled stone inside of a spiral shape bead cage. Thestones will usually be about18mm in length (about 3/4 of an inch), though some may be a little bit longer. I select stones that are longer than they are wide for these pendants, but you should expect a lot of variation in the size, shapes, colors, patterns, and other details.

The bead cages are made of resilientspring steel wire with a bright silvertone finish.Thestone is held in place by thenaturaltension of the springywire, so the stone is still pristine -there is no glue involved, and the stones have not been drilled.

The bails are made of a zinc based metal alloy that is commonly called "Tibetan silver". (In spite of the name, they are not made in Tibet, and the metal alloy contains no precious silver.) "Tibetan Silver"is rust resistant,and can take high detail, but it is a base metal. The cords are simple loops of 2mm black jeweler's rubber tubing, long enough to slip over the head. The ends of the cords are secured almost invisibly by a little piece of plastic that fits tightly insideof the hollowtips of the cord.

The stones come from all over the world, but the pendant necklaces are made right here in sunny Arizona, using stonesthat I have been collectingforthe last25 years. Don't let the low price fool you! These pendants are priced for wholesale buyers, but the stones are ever so nice, and come from a loving home.

Details about the stones:

Tiger eye: Tigereye, usually from Africa,is a fascinatingquartz relativewith naturally occuringfibers that create a chatoyant, or shimmering effect.The commonest color is a rich golden brown, but it also comes in a brick red color, and a deep blue tone that can be so dark that it appears to be a black stone with luminous bands.Right now, I have all three colors of tiger eye available- golden, red, and blue/black. However, the colors are not homogenous, so I classify the stone according tothe dominant color.You may find streaks of blue or red in a golden stone, streaks of gold in a blue/black stone, etc.

Obsidian: Obsidian is natural volcanic glass, and comes in a wide range of colors. I have two types: Snowflake Obsidian is an opaqueblack stone, with light coloredlacy patches, caused by radially clustered crystals of cristobalite. The "snowflakes" are not just on the surface; they extend deep into the stone. (My snowflake obsidian comes from Utah.) Apache Tear Obsidian looks black in most light, but is a little bit translucent ifheld up to a strong light. The apache tears are found in small droplet shapes, and are associated with the Southwestern United States, particularly Arizona,where a hauntinglegenddeveloped about their magical origin.

Clear Quartz:My tumbled clear quartz stonescome from Brazil, and are some of the clearest quartz stones I have ever seen. I bought them about 25 years ago atone of thebig rock and mineral shows in Quartzsite, Arizona,when the Brazilian stone market was inits heyday.

Rose Quartz:Rose quartz, often called "the love stone", is a pinkish variety of quartz that gets its natural color from manganese, titanium, or iron. Most natural rose quartz (as opposed to dyed rose quartz)is a rather soft or pale pink.

Citrine: Citrine isa form of yellowish or golden quartz that is closelyrelated toamethyst. (Most citrinesstarted out asamethysts,which have been heat treated tobring outthe yellow-gold color.)Most of my tumbled citrines are quite pale, running from whitish toclear in most parts, with a bit of pale yellow visible in some parts of the stone. Moonstone gets its name from an old Roman myth, which stated that the stone was formed of solidified moonbeams. Like the moon, the color ofthis stonecan range fromshimmery white to silvery gray, toa slightly orangish tint like arising harvest moon. Moonstone's natural shimmer comes fromthe interaction of alternating layers of two different types offeldspar. When light falls between thesethin, flat layer, it scatters in many directions, creating a unique chatoyancyknown as adularescence. (These are natural moonstones, not the opalescent glass that is sometimes sold as moonstone.)

Black Agate: I am not sure if these velvety black stones from Indiaare agate or jasper, but they are solidblack, andcompletely opaque.

Amethyst: Amethyst is a variety of quartz, with trace elements that give it a more complex crystalline structure, and apurple color. The purple color can run from the palest lavender to a purple so dark that it is almost black. Most of my small tumbledamethyst stones are lavender to medium purple, and the intensity of the color often shades from very pale at one end to a darker purple at the other end. (Some people consider amethyst to be a very spiritual stone, andone of the best stones for reducing stress and promoting calmness.) Chevron Amethyst showscontrasting bands of lighter and darker colors, ranging from clear or white to a medium purple is a form of quartz, with a sparkly look known as aventurescence. Aventurine come in a wide range of colors.

Labradorite: Labradorite isa dark variety of feldspar, that sometimes displays an iridescent play of colors known as labradorescence, a rainbow effect caused by light diffraction within thin layers of separate materials. Gem quality labradorite, sometimes called spectrolite, will show splashes of colored "fire" similar to the fire seen in gem quality opals.I amusing somevery small,slender pieces of tumbled labradorite thatmay not be gem quality, butI have selected stones that each show at least one flash of fire. (To see the fire, you need to rotate the caged stone slowly between yourfingers, while closely watching the play of light across the surface.At some point,youshould see a fiery flashof reflected light. Sometimes the fire is on thefaceof thestone, sometimes itshowsonlyon a narrow edge, and sometimes there will be a bright shimmery spot on the tip of known asAmazon Stone,amazonite is a greenish blue or green variety of microcline feldspar. The stone tendsto haveastriped, mottled, or textured look, due to the naturally layering associated with feldspars.

Hematite: Hematite is a very heavy, metallic stone, with a very high iron content.These are small Brazilianstones,with a bright, highly polished appearance.

Dongling Jade- Sold as "Dongling Jade" and "Sinkiang Jade", this lovely green stone is a bit of a mystery to me. I know that it can't be either of the two forms of ancient Chinese imperial jade (nephrite and jadeite), because imperial jade is extremely expensive. However, I have no clue whatstone familyit belongs to. Is it a brightly colored serpentine, a very fine grained form of aventurine, a smooth green chalcedony? I don't know, but in Chinese, jade simplymeans "beautiful stone", which this certainly is.

Lepidolite: Lepidoliteis a mineral thatis primarily composed ofmica and lithium. Lepidolite can come in several colors, but the lepidolite I have mostly shows muted purplish tones. The stones have a satiny, low-sheen appearance.

Blue Lace Agate- Blue lace agate is avolcanic stonewith a delicate pale color. It issometimes banded withveins of slightly lighter and darker stone, giving a patterned or lacy appearance.

Botswana Agate is characterized by dramatic patterns. Some Botswana agates come in shades of gray, but these agates show various patterns ofwarm colors, such as pink, peach, rust, etc.

VariegatedJasper, also known as poppy jasper orbrecciated jasper, has mixed colors of jasper. The different colors of jasper sometimes present as swirling veins of color, and other times will look like diverse pieces of jasper held together in a matrix of clear or white quartz.

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1 Tumbled Stone Pendant In Spiral Cage W/cord & Bail- Polished Natural Gemstones:

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