1 Vial Pendant (mini/ Glass/ Charm) • Large Tube • •

1 Vial Pendant (mini/ Glass/ Charm)  • Large Tube • •

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1 Vial Pendant (mini/ Glass/ Charm) • Large Tube • •:

1 Vial Pendant (mini/ glass/ charm) • LARGE TUBE • Click picture to enlarge


Fill this beautiful glass pendant with whatever you like. It comes withthe cap, a neoprene/rubberplugand a24" nickel plated ball chain. (Check my other sales for this same vial with a different cap.)

This tube is a bit larger than the others. It measures 1 1/4" with the cap (7/8 of the glass is visible when the cap is in place) and the opening is 6mm.

I have a new favorite glue, "Duco Cement". It's clear, and comes in a tube, and you can get it at any hardware store for $3-4. It's a bit thicker than superglue and gives you about 5 minutes to work with it before it sets. (And if it gets on your hands your fingers don't stick together!) Good stuff.

I pack well and ship quick!

Check out my store for other beautiful vials, as well as lots of 5 and 10!

Be sure to click on the images to enlarge them!

Check out my other sales for great deals on pashminawraps!

1 Vial Pendant (mini/ Glass/ Charm) • Large Tube • •:

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