10 Pr New White Socks For Toni Shirley Sweet Sue Saucy Sasha 12-14" Dolls

10 Pr New White Socks For Toni Shirley Sweet Sue Saucy Sasha 12-14

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10 Pr New White Socks For Toni Shirley Sweet Sue Saucy Sasha 12-14" Dolls:




This listing is for ten pair of crisp whitenylonsocks fordolls such asToni, Shirley Temple, Sweet Sue and Saucy Walker or12 to 14inch dolls. (Photos show other colors also)

The socks are made ofnylon5 inches long, by3/4 inch wide.

The socks can also be trimmed if necessary.

The normal price for this package is $14.99 but this special sale listing is only $10.99.

These same socksare available insmall size forGinny, Muffie, Riley Kish, or dolls 7 to 10 inches tall.

Be sure to check out my store for other packages available asI have added some new colors to matchyour dolls wardrobe.

Thanks for looking

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I am glad to combine shipping if you use my cart. Otherwise, I cannot refund after your purchase. Any problem with the cart, please email me through and I can send you an invoice that way.

My shipping charges are as reasonable as possible. I use clean new packaging, including plastic bags headers and envelopes. I shipUSPSfirst class with delivery confirmation tracking. This allows both my customer and myself to track the package. I as a seller, have to make sure you receive the package or I have to replace it with the cost out of my own expense. I do not ship any other way and please do not ask me to ship otherwise. I have had good luck over all with USPS and will continue to use them even with international shipping. Please keep this in mind when using my services.

*****************Recent comments from some of my favorite people******************

Hello, Shirley- Your package arrived yesterday afternoon. Thanks for the speedy shipment and the bonus package of socks. I already applied one of the wigs to a doll last night. It was so easy to do and looks terrific! Recently, I purchased two bargain basement Ginny dolls at an antique mall, primarily for their tagged original clothing. I did not intend to restore the dolls, as they were a mess. Now that I have the wigs and bodies, they are on the way to being saved. I will leave positive response for you today. -Lynna
Hi- got my wig yesterday and it looks so cute - i will keep you in mind for Ginny items. Thanks, Laura
Hi Shirley, Received my pkg. with doll stands today. Thank you so very much for the darling socks!!!! That was very nice of you. The doll stands are perfect. Thank you again for the quick communication and for all the updates. is wonderful if the behind it are honest and responsible such as you......Will watch for further items that you might list, I wouldn't hesitate to order from you again. Thank you, I appreciate your cooperation. Best Wishes, Carol
Hi there and greetings from Wisconsin: wanted to let you know wig arrived in yesterday's mail in perfect condition - exactly what i needed for my ginny. will glue down this weekend - directions very helpful, although i have applied many wigs to many dolls. thanks so much for high quality item. barbara
Your wigs on my dolls make me smile. Diane
Hi, just had to drop you a line & tell you how wonderful these wigs are. I have two vintage Ginny-types wearing them and people always ask where I got them. I need at least three more right away. Amazingly easy to put on. Also these little dolls don't look so overwhelmed by a big mohair wig. Thanks and please keep making these great wigs!
I love the wig and so does Ginny. She has gone from the corner spot in the doll cabinet to the middle of a Valentine display with two other Ginny's. I am happy to say she has a sassy new attitude and I love her new look and personality, lol Thanks again, for your quick shipping and wonderful product. ps: It was very easy to apply to Ginny's head also. sky
I just had to tell you. You are so cool! Just what Ginny needs to come into the 21st century. I think she is going to love this new hair do. Big Fan of your wigs, Carla The little wig arrived today and is adorable.My little Muffie looks so cute.I have to get more for her bald little cousins.Thanks so much, Karen
Shirley, The socks arrived in the mail today. They look like they will suit my needs perfectly. My dolls, mostly Mary Hoyers and a Betsy McCall change their clothes with this seasons and holidays, so the socks are very
usable colors. Thanks for making them available. Norma
I absolutely LOVE your wigs hon!!! I'll send a better pic once I have it glued onto my ooak I made..... Hope you have an awesome weekend too and I will be back for another wig soon...!!! Nancy
I just received the wig for my Ginny doll it is just great. Can't wait to put it on her. Thanks for the instructions I am sure they will be of big help. Cindy
OMG! i just purchased one of her curly wigs you may forward her my email add if she is a friend of yours!
Hi Shirley,
The Ginny wig arrived yesterday, and with your good directions I managed to put it on with no difficulty. Ginny (or to be accurate, she is a Ginger) looks very cute indeed. She is no longer a sad thrift store waif. Now she needs some clothes...maybe a poodle skirt? I need to get busy! Thank you, Mary
Socks are great, great colors, very pleased. Will be back. Kylie
I have to say - the wigs I bought are the cutest ever. My bald headed dolls have gone to the front of the line in the beauty department. I could never sell a doll that has one of these wigs. They are too too cute and easy to put on. Thanks C.
Thanks. I can see why you have had such a good response. They are absolutely darling! Wendy
I got the blonde wig on my old Ginny and she looks so cute!!! It was sooo easy to put on and the workmanship is beautiful. Thank you so much, Bonnie
Hi! Just wanted to let you know that the wigs arrived yesterday. They are really cute! And the purple (ok raspberry) one is just perfect for my costume which is accented with the same color. And thank you so much for the stockings!!! Wow! They just make the whole thing pulled together. That was so nice of you to send me a little extra something in my "stocking." Thanks again, Marie
Shirley, the two wigs arrived safely today, thank you. Nothing else got done until I had the two wigs on, the dolls dressed and their pictures taken. Shirley, we really like our new wigs! Thank you from Ginny.
If you only knew how difficult it has been over the years to find something to do with those poor bald headed vogue ginny dolls, but nothing was ever available. I could never understand how with as many Ginny collectors as there were, no one could ever develop something. My compliments to you. Thanks Pat
I have to tell you that if the wigs are as great as the pictures - they are beautiful and I have collected for years and outside of the original replacements Vogue sold, I have never seen anything as terrific as these. O
Thank *you* --- the wig is adorable. And I must confess that it was only with great restraint that I didn't ask if you were willing to sell your darling Ginny as well (I know you're not). But she is just too, too cute for words. Juliette
Hi, Love the Ginny Wigs, Ginny looks so cute with her new hair. Thanks so much, Kay
Hi, just wanted to let you know the Ginny doll arrived today. She is even cuter in person! And you did a fabulous job with her wig.
Hi Shirley, I just put the wig I won on a Muffie, and she looks so cute! I love it, and it was very easy to apply. Do you make other colors of this style? I would love a reddish or dark brown, these are much cuter than the poodle cut wigs I think. If you do make other colors let me know, I would buy one or more from you. Muffie wants to be a fairy...so now I'm going to make some clothes for her. Just wanted to let you know, and thanks again, Linn
ABSOLUTELY a wonderful seller. highly recommend! many thanks. A+++++++++will be back
It was such a great idea to post the rave reviews for your wigs! It helped me make up my mind to get one RIGHT WOW!! LOL! Gini

10 Pr New White Socks For Toni Shirley Sweet Sue Saucy Sasha 12-14" Dolls:

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